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Return to Salem

"Return to Salem" (1988 EP)

1. Burned at the stake
2. Psycho
3. Live for metal
4. Brainchild
5. Judgement day
6. Return to salem

1. Burned at the stake

Intro (the witch trial and sentencing)

Burn her, burn her, burn herÖ.

Shattering the quiet darkness, the angry mobs gathers on the hill
The tourch lit masses, come together at this night
Shouts of rage crack the air, screams of slander growing there
As the hatred in their hearts, makes their sanity tear

Burned at the stakes
Her wicked life they must takes
Burned at the stakes
Her soul doesnít die
Its merely set free to possess you and I

Them a nameless face, shouts out where they must go
To the widows house, always dark, forever hollow
They come without warning, they come without fear
Driven by an evil, more evil than the evil they fear

Grab her she must die
She is a witch another cries
Kill her for godís sake
Then she is taken away to be burned at the stakes

Watching out her wiwodow, as the time of death draws near
They have broken her spell, they sense her fear
They are coming to crucify her, her wicked life they must take
Conjuring all her powers, cant save her from burning at the stake

2. Psycho

Out of the black night, he creeps
Lurking in the shadows, he waits
He is psycho, he is freak
Driven by an evil that the darkness awakes

Unholy night, bloody night
Take the kight, take a life

Walking by the playground in the middle of the day
Watching all the children laugh and play
You know he wants to lock them up
And take their innocence away

Thereís a sickness in his brain
Taking life in his game
He is addicted to the thrill
That he gets when he kills
He is a psychoÖ.

3. Live for metal

All your pretty boys who think you rule the stage
Blinded by illusion, trapped in your own cage
I want you all to listen all across the land
We must live for metal, its out final stand

Live for metal

I see things that can not be seen
I hear what no one hears
I speak in tongues In the dead of the night
But never will I fear
For I know the change is coming
Itís the time to call the shots
You must live for metal
And give it all you got

No one can never stop what was meant to be
No one will never know what it means to me
To bang our heads together, fighting till the end
We must die for metal, and die like men

4. Brainchild

A child of fire of demon seed
Put on this earth for an evil need
Satan himself in human form
Will grow among us without alarm
Even as a child he knows his purpose

He knows the way, he is the one
He lives among us, he is a brainchild
He has the answers, he has a plan
Heís gonna save us all, he is a brainchild

Even as he grows, he is wiser than his years
He hides his identity, we have no fears
His power grows, heís praised by those
Who blindly follow his organized plan
The world slowly notices this man whoís risen by power

Freedom is slavery, slavery is freedom
Its his way, he is a brainchild
Death to those that try and oppose
For they just donít know he is a brainchild

So now through the years, heís wiped away our tears
He is slowly taken our emotions away
The life within us no longer exists
We now lay broken down and possessed
He is a ruler with an iron fist, oh save us from this

You will feel his anger, you will taste his fear
Vengeance is upon us, he is a brain child
Nothing is sacred as his demons are unleashed
Upon our souls he feeds, he is a brainchild

5. Judgement day

Blasts of thunder, the lightning strikes
your eyes are blinded, by a brilliant light
out of the heavens, as the skies open wide
descends a band of angels, with a vengeance inside
Judgment day
Time to pay

Ripping and slashing, through the flesh of your mind
Calling up the spirit cause the flesh will surely die
Satan wishes for a place to hide
Angel of death patrols the sky

Watching all your empires fall
You had fair warning of the final call
Have mercy on your soul
As you learn to crawl

The good are saved, no more sorrow or pain
The evil perish, burning in Satanís name
Into hell the beast is cast with an iron rod
For no one will escape the wrath of god

6. Return to salem

Come with me as I take you, back through the sands of time
I will tell you the story, take my hand and I will take your mind
I will show you no mercy, for thereís no mercy in me
Forgotten pages crumble, back to Salem we journey

Return to Salem
Iím the nightmare from the past
Iím the future, Iím the ever last

Yes, Iím the ghost of witches past
Forgotten souls joined together pain
We have become one with our unity
Back from a fiery grave to reign
Over this earth our new kingdom
Reborn from our own deaths
We are alive and well
Long live the new flesh

The wrath of the witch is upon you
Only god can save you now, like a plague, we are among you
Do you think you can break free somehow?
You thought we had been killed off long ago
But being tortured and put to death
Was merely a ritual for everlasting life
And our pain we shall not forgetÖ

Return to Salem
Iím a nightmare from the past
Iím the future, Iím the everlasting one
Who will take your soul with me
Straight down to hell


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