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The Destruction Of Knowledge

"The Destruction Of Knowledge" (2005 EP)

1. Landscape Of Destruction
2. Abusing The Child
3. Summoning Beyond Imagination
4. Rivers Of Eternity
5. The Mask Of Satan
6. Burning The Witches

1. Landscape Of Destruction

After the nuclear assault
Earth is changing under dead corpses
Nothing's the same in this world
Humanity at the end of its turn

Magma is flowing under
Explosions of fire burn its nature
Cities now seem like bones
Skeletons of a forgotten world

Landscape of destruction
Landscape of destruction

People leave to the space
Looking down consequences of blind hate
Hope will never die
But thirsty of power soon will arise

Conquered another place
Killing machines start to destroy a race
The law is to live or to die
No peace or war but humanity must survive

2. Abusing The Child

Abashed for the violence he was forced to suffer
Molesting his body and soul
Smouldering with pain, a feeling to conquer
An endless abuse of his mind

Dragging away from reality
In hi thoughts only darkness creates
A prayer to his enemy only to save
His destroyed life, forever deranged

Forward in his dreams
Prophecies of what he will be
The essence of existence
Is only the grimness he sees

The hand that hurts with insanity
Embody your cries in the deep of your heart
Behind the black mirror, beyond the black skies
Look at yourself, at the horrors of life

3. Summoning Beyond Imagination

Nestle between my arms
Endless beauty of my dreams
Virgin of sadness
Ending in a corrupted heart

Wasting your life
Closing yourself inside your soul
Wasting your mind
Choosing the worst you will die

Stare beyond what is real
Forsake your stupid lies
Rely on me
Sleep down by my side

Looking at the misfortune of fate
Summoning an elder power
Blighted I walk in the rapture
And you forever lost and gone

Hold my hand
Defend me from depression sour
You deserve what I feel
Experience my feeble cries

4. Rivers Of Eternity

Flowing through the dark and the madness
We are closed into our cryptic thoughts
The fall of the last sun is no more for us
Emerging from the eternal rivers, lost

A little rise of evil
In our perfect, false existence
A dark realm in my soul
To the complaint of an eternal god

Drifting alone in an empty land
In the dark side, to find the meaning of my life
Drifting alone in another dimension
To rise myself from my obsession

5. The Mask Of Satan

6. Burning The Witches

Ignorance, fear about the unknown
Intolerance, screaming aloud from your soul
Massacre, destruction of evil from the earth
Masquerade, hiding yourself behind your faith

Burning the witches
Destroy their soul and their flesh
Burning the devil inside
Women sacrifice

Prepare the pyre for the daughter of madness
Despair, flame tha burns deep in your illness
Carnage, use your black arts straight to kill
Savage, is your hate the god you seek


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