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the Power

"the Power's Breaking Loose" (2003 Demo)

1. Sunset
2. When The Day Has Come
3. Seeking The Truth
4. The Power's Breaking Loose
5. Hurricane
6. Desire To Fly

1. Sunset

2. When The Day Has Come

Now the day has come to fly - touch the rainbow in the sky
Look into your dreams and find the way
Here I�m to hear your call, you are standing not alone
All who want to stop us - they will pay

Walls are falling down - new age has begun
And the falling rain - washes pain away

All the friends are standing still
Do not think about the fear
That�s the way how we have to live our life
In the darkness we�re the light and the sun
That�s shining bright
In fray for life the rock must stay alive

When the day has come to go
When all of your fears have gone
Keep the fire burn in your heart
The fray for life has just begun

Someone wants to steal your soul
To take you to the deepest hole
Where is now the light, where is the faith
Chaos shakes the frozen ground
That�s the home what you found
Your faith must be now stronger then the hate

3. Seeking The Truth

You've built your world, your empire's completed now
Founded on mistakes and lies
Your smiling mask - shelter covers and protects you
But there's something you cannot hide

We know all your masters called treason and money
Devilish contempt and the crime
Seasons can change, but we�re all the same
We fight never hide till we die

We searching for light
The light, shining bright

We are seeking the thruth
We run through all evil
Seeking the thruth
We swear by the sky
Seeking the thruth
Through eternal light
We will see the candlelight

The devil is waiting, it�s looking for weak ones
There�s left no place, nowhere to run
The predator�s hunting the innocent victims
Remorseless fight has begun
The gates to the dark side are open in front of you
Showing the way you must go

Vultures are watching the dead ones above
But you know once they will lay below

4. The Power's Breaking Loose

I'm standing on the hilltop when the hours go passing by
I'm staring at a point where all the mountains meet the sky
The sun is shining high above but fear is all around
Something makes me restless and my heart begins to pound

Black cloud gather, silent wind blows, but it makes no sound
I see the storm is getting closer, something shakes the ground
The silence's dead now, it is gone, there's left no place to hide
The power's breaking loose and I can't stop loosing my mind

The power's breaking loose - Lightnings through the air
The power's breaking loose - Thunder' everywhere
The power's breaking loose - Fear in the twilight
The power's breaking loose - I'm witness of the mighty forces fight

Raindrops - just like million nails - are piercing through the air
The wind is taking everything leaving only despair
The raging chaos discreates, it's running through the land
I'm running for my life I'm just a fistful of sand

The devil's flying on on wings of death
Taking our last breath
We're small creatures, we cannot fight
The nature' got the might

5. Hurricane

Riding on roaring winds, facing the future
The bone - breaking power leads to the other side
The pure metal gives us the strenght to this life
Won't give up till the music unites

Time is a lightning, it' running so fast
But we are free now, let's ride through the universe
We take the chance that's the way, so it's right
This is our real life what we have to find

After all bad things I want to find my way
When all of my dreams seems slowly fading away
I follow the sign and I know there is no return
Now it is time to start when my heart begins to burn

Like a mighty hurricane
Rising as high as we can
It's the path we want to run
We don't want to change our life
Keep together to survive
All our fears seems to be gone

Time is a lightning, it's runnung so fast
But we are free now let's ride through the universe
The pure metal gives us the strenght to this life
Won't give up till the music unites

6. Desire To Fly

Have you ever felt
The sky is so far
And weekdays press you
Deep into the tar

There's nothing left to stay
Your dreams are far away
There's no more reason
For you to stay - no way

Leave the earth behind
The long day's killing grind

Spread your wings and show
For all the world to know
We can reach up to the sky
Desire to fly

Have you ever heard
The call of the stars
Have you ever seen them
Through the clouds

Feel the power inside
And never hide
And you'll see we'll free
Again tonight


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