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"Hagl" (2003 Demo)

1. Intro/Hate
2. The War
3. Nuclear War
4. The Lake Of Death
5. Armageddon
6. The Crystal-Clear Night
7. I Call For You
8. Outro

1. Intro/Hate

We have not need in outcasts and unusable
Let they’ll die in the pettiness
Because they don’t feel anything
Compassion - defect for kings
Crush the cripple and weak
This is the law of strong
It is our law and pleasure of the world
I hate smelly carrion scums
That was born in this world not in that day and hour
They are vile jewish pigs
Tongues of whose need to cut off directly now!

I hate fucking scums!
I damn jewish herd!

My grey wool will light brightly in the night
Shine of canines will burn blind eyes
I’ll run on a field wide
I shall tear your flesh by canines!

2. The War

I raise this bowl for you
Oh, Master of winds of cold
Oh, Master of great darkness
Of cold, fear, death and life

You’re the master of army of Darkness
You’re our Lord, You’re our father
We fall on knees only before You
We expose swords and we follow You

Silly angels fall from gloomy heavens
Feathers become black ashes
The heated sky flares gold fire
The ground becomes covered by a bloody rain

In church icon burn from within
Candles blacken around of an altar
The Earth has broken up, has burned down completely
Fucking piggish herds are completely dead!

3. Nuclear War

The tribe will be subdued by unprecedented force
To force of hatred to alive
Only to reach this purpose...
It is necessary for each satanist

I observe farewell dance of a dawn
Before nuclear winter
The tribe will be subdued by the force of true man
Force will burn the true way to heavens for us!

4. The Lake Of Death

5. Armageddon

Herds of helpless, silly people
Have filled the world of infinite fires
They born - more and more mongrels
To the world of fantastic black fires

Silly are trying to change our world
White light shooting on black fires
Infinite nights want to stop
And to christen the babies more soon

They’re indefinitely struggle not knowing what with
Silly hoping on the aid of the jew
But he will not help, he is borrowed with another deal -
From sickly shoulders his head has fallen!

We spit on the herd of stupid sheeps
In our world grazed
We know that soon the end will come
So desired by us - the Armageddon!

6. The Crystal-Clear Night

The great Sun has disappeared in heavens
Soon the time of miracles will come
Twilight of grey drive light away
Hour of an anticipation - the Holocaust!

Crystal night!

Powerful warriors unchained!
To kill and rape bitch scums
No fucking need to tramble our land by shitly herds
The Holocaust corrects the world

7. I Call For You

I call to You who not given birth
To You who have created the ground and the sky
To You who have created night and day
To You who have created darkness and light

Oh, the spiritual sun, oh, Satan!
Rotate a wheel, my Father, Satan - the Sun
Oh, the Lord, Oh, silence
Open Your secrets to me

He is the Lord of gods
Satan - the lord of the universe
Here he is - Satan - winds are afraid of whom

8. Outro


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