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Human Race Deserves To Die

"Human Race Deserves To Die" (2005)

1. Dreadful Stories From the Past
2. An Unknown Killer Amongst the Homeless Ones
3. Unmoral Behaving With a Headless Child
4. ...The Dark Comes Out...
5. Manifestation of Concealed Hate
6. A Momentary Evaporating Vision
7. 9 Men, A Woman And the Poor Little Boy
8. Demonstrate the Insensibility
9. Defilement of a Married Life

1. Dreadful Stories From the Past

""These stories are about me and a part of my priesthood
These events happened to me, somewhere in the distant past,
At three different places and times
A shrink got them out of me, because I couldn't take the burden inside anymore!
The first story takes place in the 18 hundreds, somewhere In Europe.
I was celebrating a mass in a small town. Many came to the mass
Believing in God and his Son
The most came to the Sunday Mass. This is where I met this little boy,
Who made me do what nobody had before...
I liked his smile and his innocence shinning out of him
At night I could only think of him.
There was no night without thinking of him - these were erotic dreams, the most brutal kind
One morning I couldn't take it any longer, I grabbed my stiff penis
It was hard every morning, but that time it was somewhat more urging
I started slowly pulling at it, while thinking about this little boy
Beautiful eyes, soft lips, virgin with a tight anus.
I imagined him touching my penis with his mouth, and the slowly sitting on it.
I thought he liked it too, so I imagined him with a smiling face.
At this moment my sperm squirts on any stomach ruining my fantasies.
Suddenly everything fades into darkness.
The next day I learned they moved away to another village
Never seen him ever since.
I kept masturbating till the end of my life
Then I was caught by my priestmates and they beat me to death right away...

2. An Unknown Killer Amongst the Homeless Ones

Ordinary silence and insane thoughts
Mistdries treath Inside of hiding places
You can't find rest amongst the homeless ones
They scared of death it comes tonight
Compressed teeth trembling parts of body
An unknown shape disappears in the dark
Total manifestation of human strength
Dreadful screams through the night
Amusement or simple insanity one knows
Common man kills homeless pnes
Tight rope on weak wrist and ankle
There is no chance to survive
Professional anatomy on unprotected ones.
It is a meaning of life someone
Pierced skin by scalpel and knife
If you wanna avoid your nightmares
Don't make friend with the sleep bririger
To kill someone who has not anything
Bigger cancer than fuckin christianity
View of turned inside out bowels
Satisfaction that no one can stop
intestines all around the ground
The killer was the winner of this fight.

3. Unmoral Behaving With a Headless Child

Happiness - this we live in
Emptiness - without your presence
We need - your whole body
This part of your life will make you happy
What kind of sexuality makes you
It depends how crazy you are
It is not easy to separate
My wife ask me - to do
To do something special
She said - she needs more
Than her own husband
She wanted the 3rd person
To be a younger male one
Our neighborhood was found
A thirteen old virgin boy was found
And locked up in our bedroom for several days
He could not believe what happen to himself
Once my wife could no take it any longer
Let's real sexuality begins
She screamed loudly
He was hungry, tired and bound
She put something into his mouth
No one could not hear his scream
I followed them to our basement
Final destination of my wife dreams
Bonesaw in hear hand
Everything is perfect
For unique sexuality
His head lying on the ground
I was just standing there and starring at her
She was very excited a dream will come true soon
She thought a lot about it later
So I tried to do my best as a real good partner
I saw she enjoyed it
I got closer and waiting besides her
Fuck me - she screamed loudly
I grabbed my wife and fucked her hardly
It was not enough to her - please fuck his head for me
Oral sex with his severed dead head made her totally satisfied
Mankind tumed into something
Some kind of destroyer of all human emotions
Unmoral behaving with a headless child

4. ...The Dark Comes Out...

Sacred infernal will
Carries since time immemorial
Fallen from the line of infinity
Altering material mass
From the hive of endless ways
Strined like an encoded cliche
Turns to the pressure of instinct
To the last wicked judgment inside
Hidden from the light into the vacuum of faith
Switch the threads of consciousness
Your confusion is a projection through false lenses
Oh the mirror of recognition
Here is the certainty of damnation
Kills the day of the beginning
Fed oh childish belief
Thirsts for poisoned knowledge
The ruin is measured in drops
Steals the strength of the spirit
And the ruling energy
Abuses the dimensions of existence
The cells of torment carried into existence
From the walls of the everlasting
Running ruddy pain
Bums out guts
Snaring troops tremble
To the last station
Feelers of sin brutally
Choking with the storm of fire
We have no rest anymore
The power of freedom is far away
Without any precision this passion
Bears constant desire
Stifling vomit of bursting
To the infernal passages of the universe
Grasps deafening storms
Screaming daemons fallen into pieces
The energy is weeping streams of blood
Wasting the time
The state is drawing
Euphoria is raised to the white heat
Dark comes out of the mother's womb
Pure chaos shows beautiful things

5. Manifestation of Concealed Hate

Family - intimate nest of calmness
Father - mother and the children
Parental care by alcohol and drugs
Father never gives a fuck about raising
He is an alcoholic important
Molesting individual thoughts
Every night is a possibility
To violence, drade, kill
The children are in an agony of fear
But never violate the regulation
Drunken father by the table
Calls for the children
It was his last act
Intuitive reactions against rules
Rapid movements, tortured body
Deadly intentions
Concealed hate strikes again and again
Father preaches no more
But his relatives free than never before

6. A Momentary Evaporating Vision

I saw god's face in my dream last night
It was covered with wounds and scars,
He said he had long ago given up his hopeless fight
His body and soul given up
He lost everything over the years
His followers have long abandoned him
Or they never existed
I never believe in his existence
It is just an illusion - momentary vision
For many - many centuries
Human race became a scum of the earth
Somebody fools us through TV
Others try to keep the faith with free meals
Catholics, jews and other lousy religions
Attack the other, don't help each other
There isn't a sane man on this planet
According to my vision God
It's a vast soul prison
We don't need your food
You son of a bitch hare krishna
I cut his arms off, tear his heart out
He quickly throws his never existed life
Kill the god living inside you
And you realize this roll belongs to you

7. 9 Men, A Woman And the Poor Little Boy

Come in, my little friend -don't shy
It's high time to meet your destiny
My place is full of interesting things
You'll be impressed than never before
Feel yourself homelike - don't be afraid
Your body won't be untouched
These men adore your maidenly body
And this night you'll get everything that your body needs
When I say everything | mean EVERYTHING!
Now you're a part of a sexual revelation
And will become a well - known boy everywhere
Let's kiss my friends' penis - tasty isn't?
Look into this camera and smiling
It will turn into crying, in any case
Don't disagree with the facts
You can't realize: this is right
Now the tight anus is penetrated
Showy through my video camera
Let me see your violated, depraved body
I can't wait to see the finished stuff, I've recorded
An unconscious state rules your body now
But my friends can't be stopped
Your unmoved body makes them higher
Utilization of a young, virgin soul
It can't be rest until its last breath
- splash some water unto his face!
Slowly awakening, awful realization
-how long will it take?
Few minutes and the body will give up
Black eye-balls, deadly silence
Nine men and the woman
Standing above him
They knew, they could do it
A young body paid for their fucked up minds!

8. Demonstrate the Insensibility

The world locked me out, you along with me
If I think about you, all I feel is disgust - I don't need you!
It hurts when you touch me, though I used to love you
I will never forget it, but I don't need you anymore
Kind words turned into fights, loving touches became bloody
Broken bones, crushed skin
Is what you gave me over the years
I fear thinking of you, and even the sex hurts
But I had to spend a quite a few nights with you
When, before the Lord, I said: through thick and thin
What I got was always the thinnest
I wanted to run away but you found me
Law is still on your side, nobody believes me, because I got no money
Makes no sense to fight - I have to give you my child

9. Defilement of a Married Life

I've had a fight with my husband
He gave me a lifelong experience
He got home in the middle of the night
He was intoxicated - totally drunk
I was talking to him about our future
When I got hits on my face
Total lack of morality
Living inside stupidity
An animal instinct lived behind his eyes
Which was forced on me through his arms
Why have I married you?
I asked myself lying on the ground
Then I passed out, my body collapsed
Next scene in my mind:
His voice calling my name
Facing down in the anteroom
My arms nailed to the floor
He was standing by me, holding something huge
You're gonna die tonight!
The disillusion was more than pain inside me
All my dream were shattered away
Blood on my hands, tears in my eyes
Empty thoughts in his head
How could I escape from this nightmare
Why does he enjoy it? Thinking... and then
Terrible pain strikes my backbones
He attacks me with a rolling pin
He is disgusting, hate him, hate myself
I've chosen this man, I can't believe it!
He went tired, I passed a out again
Waking in the hospital - a real nightmare begins
Now I'm just lying here
This bed will be my prison - forever
He took my life, my future
Everything that once I had


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