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"Defiled" (2001)

1. Orgasm Trough Her Entrails
2. Total Lack of Parental Care
3. Purify By Suicide
4. Chisel in the Head of a Human Female
5. Indeterminably Depraved Soul
6. She's Dead for Six Months... But I Love Her
7. Harbinger
8. A Man Drawn Around Me
9. Slowly Bleeding Sexual Emotions
10. The Excriment Has Taken His Life

1. Orgasm Trough Her Entrails

She's walking down on the street
Her steps leads to death tonight
I'll be there when stench of hell has arrived
And the unknown calls her name
I've got an axe, knife and many more tools
My perverse instinct growing stronger
Following her with attention from my roof
And preparing for encounter
We've never met before
But now the time has comes
My hate wait no longer
Approaching, rage, insanity!
I grab her head, knock her down
Body beings sweat like a pig
So cold her body and twitches

Grasping for air, screaming
Open up the torso, bleeding
Tear up the cranium, I cum

The heart stops pumping, I crush it
Expressionless eyeball in my fingers

I throw both of them away
Legs and arms are scattered

Her bile is flowing over and over
I lick the injuries that cut into her
Bodily alteration is my only goal
I will fuck the wounds of her torso
My cock filled with blood
Push and pull again and again

Orgasm through her disemboweled body
She's lay dead on the ground
Side of her I wait for the dawn

2. Total Lack of Parental Care

I woke up the morning, by the early sunbeams
It ain't special cause, I do it every single day
But there's something in the air today
I don't know what but a really smell
My opened eyes make the awakening perfect
Horrible pictures in my sight
The evening ended with murder
My young little sister's lying named in her bed
I howl for my parents but its too late
Now the massacre come back to my mind

Brutal murder in the family-room
Parts of body deep in blood

The evil
Ghost who possessed me last night
It's called the lack of parental care

3. Purify By Suicide

I'm so cold and empty, growing in me a non-existent life
I can't take this anymore - I'll kill myself today
Jesus has possessed me 10 years ago
Don't let me free
I'm trying to get rid of him
But stronger that me
Encircled me
Torture me
The destiny
Power of the cross
I've never felt-holy bible
Don't exist
How could I reach the end
There is no answer with crucifix in my hand
He took my life away
His history enchain me defiled and put me in... cut me to pieces
I' will kill myself and he will die too
I'm going insane
Getting weaker
Kneeling in my room
From the first cut to the last drop of blood
Pain I'm enjoying the tortured moan of agony
My heart is barely pumping
I can get all I want to be
My arms are bleeding
Eyes are turning to empty sockets
As I leave my body behind
I'm out of my own body
Dead white-face starting at me
I know that was me grabbing
The knife-end is near on my chest
Bloody words are flowing
Speardind my arms
Reading Jesus is dead

4. Chisel in the Head of a Human Female

When I realized that your body was given to someone else
My human thinking mind got totally gone
When we met I had all tools near me
I could feel the smell of someone else
If I could see the face of it in you
You have been him
In that very moment
Spoiled thoughts ran around in my mind
I knew I would kill you
But did not know how
But when I saw the chisel
I had no complain anymore
It reached you faster than I thought
I could clearly see how brain splashed
Not only my brain but my face got full of blood
I tasted and realized how much I love you
If you loved me
You would not have done this
And I would not know what a chisel can do
I do this with anyone that lies to me
But you have been the one that created on me

5. Indeterminably Depraved Soul

6. She's Dead for Six Months... But I Love Her

I'm lying in my bed my mother by side of me
She'd dead and motionless just starting at me
Dead for six months and even she loves me
Guiding me through the hard times
The smell in my house is unbearable
My mother's body is half eaten by worms
Rancing through my mind a strange illusion
I whish she comes a little closer now
Smell of her rotting body makes me insane
I want to fuck her this mournful day
Her severed body takes my pain away
Her legs spread open then I stuck my cock
Rotting pus on my standing,, bloody cock
I feel the paradise when I milk off

7. Harbinger

8. A Man Drawn Around Me

A sexual feeling came into their mind
But the standing penis didn't show a love index
Smelling mouths wake me up - living creatures
I've never seen them before and I can't get what
Could be so good in killing a child
What started the communication - one of them began to
Tell the story - interrupt the speech - others have sex with
Corpses it was better for them then a child's smashed
All of them knew the story 'bout the case that said one
Of their mates is a victim, knows nothing about life
As I look around the 2 leggeds are quiet another
Rotten-mouth family is planning murder
End the life of their same-blood brothers
Gets home to his relatives and let the hunt begin
Some around me are laughing loudly they don't clean
The shit up but live in it
Once one of them begin to cry

"People. We arrived at factory let life beginning!!!"

I figured that people were standing around me
They treat their rudest things a funny way
Am I like them? Such crazy, rude creature - if yes, the
Mankind is the rudest creature on earth
We adore the woman who gives a fuck about us
I'm this kinda man, too but don't follow this bad mind

9. Slowly Bleeding Sexual Emotions

Was the best day of my life
When I saw her
My happiness my suffering
Never could she understand
Why I want her with so much and feeling
I wanna draw near to the girl
But I'm chained in my bed
Can't move can't move
My backbone is rotten
I'm just fucking motionless
Mass of flash and bone
Who wants to milk off one day
I saw her approaching in the morning
Felt the heat taking over me
She swamped me with all her emotions
And took a knife out
No-one has never felt this way
I said please don't 'cause I love you
But she didn't stop and engraved a symbol on my face
She started sucking my flowing blood on my neck
With burning tongue like fire
And fear has overrun my body
I'm afraid, pain will destroy me
And now I fell the knife
Sliding across my skin
Her tongue is buried in the long deep scar
I fell clicking along meand it hurts
But the sexual pleasure gets down below
My penis is overrun with a feeling felt long ago
Through her mouth I felt I was alive
Covered my body like a thousand-year-old poison
She bites me, it hurts again
I look into her eyes and my penis is not mine
I'm lying here and pain is what I feel
But when the sun goes down

10. The Excriment Has Taken His Life

There are Saturday's morning
My son and I are playing in the garden
I watch his all motions
To evade any troubles
I give him everything
He is my one's eyesight
He's been learning how to walk
His run means the freedom
Suddenly everything he is change
Before my eyes
My son disappeared in the house and garden
I'm looking for nowhere to be found
All at once I get arrived
At cesspool
My son upon the top of the filth
He's writhing and struggling for life
The sockets where is eyes should be filled with purulent
Discharge, meaningless motions in the shit
I'm not able to move my legs and stretch my one's arm
Be impossible to get hold of him
He want to scream but the shit devoured his body
Windpipe filled with urine
Stomach start to decay
I have no change to save him from excrement
Our own shit took his life away


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