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Human Remains

"Human Remains" (1993 Demo)

1. Intro
2. Prisoner of the Cross
3. Live in Darkness
4. Human Remains
5. Come the Night
6. Pain of Resurrection
7. Mental Suffering
8. Tombed Minds

1. Intro

2. Prisoner of the Cross

You live in the tunnels of present-day
Possessed by fear of tomorrow
He'll come to you to take your body
To avenge his suffer on the cross

You cannot yield to his rules
And to get the handcuffs of hypocrisy
So pull yourself out and go to the darkness
Crushing slavery of the lies

You - prisoner of the cross - accused of crime which you didn't commit. Look at another side and fall down on the knees if you'll see emancipator of nations

Set free from God's jail
You're crushing the decalog
And follow your own way which is called left hand path

3. Live in Darkness

Look at your dirty life which is a pack of lies
Living in law and orders you're builder of the hypocritical goodness.

Live in darkness, foolishman have forbidden sins
Light is Christís rule and mankind's masochism

Live in freedom and donít hear crazy dictators
You're god for yourself and nobody will rule you

You know what is the best for you, so piss on the mind of other people and live in land of darkness and sins

4. Human Remains

What did leave from your life
Besides pile of putrid meat?
Unmeeting human lusts and passions
What did you leave after yourself among the living?
Beside sadness, grieves and despair?
Only remains of your existence

You desecrate self memory of your
Because your venomous hate lives
And human feelings are rotting both with your flesh in the ancient grave full of fright and oblivion

Dying slow, you think about the way of survival and you hide your poor feelings in the Sculpture of hate it is you - dripping blood and human hurt
You kill, to live, you don't know what
Does mean remorse, so you feed on human misfortune

Human remains - it's all, what did you leave after yourself

5. Come the Night

Come the night - herald of the faith
And oblivion come with bloody conflagration of the terrible and dark evening! Come for those, who groan
Bended in the thralldom of the ages!

But upright - oh - come for those who have force, which slacken the dust of wars, among the dance of deads

Come the night

For those, who mad whips in the
Torment by snakes and for those,
Which ghost of generation sucks, for us
Come, oh night, herald of liberation!

We are waiting for you with every cloud of ominous storm, with every breath of the air we are born in the sun
We - painful actors of tears, inspirations and desires, we which snatched venom of omniscience away from gods!

6. Pain of Resurrection

Damned pains of the crucified man
His torments are tons of your sins

Rising from his grave
He thinks about your death
Discovers horrible pain
For your soul and for you

Revenge of the crucified man
Resurrected from beyond his grave

7. Mental Suffering

Your soul suffers looking at surrounding you world
Eyes of your mind expresses the pain which is impossible of improvement of existence

You live to die
With hope for paradise, which you'll never see
Your subconsciousness has discovered secret of existence
Your mind suffers

Shadows of torments of your sad
Fall dawn on you, but you're not conscious of your own needs and hidden desires

You can do nothing to help your soul
Your corpse will rot
When you won't be mental suffering will finish

8. Tombed Minds

Hate gives me life
Damned by those who revived me. Iím growing up to be a force, which win with state of death
Iíll live to the term of' existence of world tormenting, those who merit it!

Lying in the grave of solitude
Worms of time eat me
Tombed by eternity
I want in the silent of night which continues and will continue to the end of universe

Tombed minds...

Thousands of eyes full of fear look at the grave of power
Iíll revive and you'll tremble
Eating your own minds

Tombed minds...


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