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Beyond the Mirror

"Beyond the Mirror" (2000 Demo)

1. Grinning Ghoul
2. Grimwood Ghost
3. Hellfire's and Vempyres
4. Anger is a Gift
5. Act of Terror
6. Moon hate
7. Black Theatre for Tomorrow
8. Humanity
9. Spawn the Rage
10. Outro

1. Grinning Ghoul

Grinning Ghoul

Do not stand at my grave and cry
I am not here, I did not die
Do not stand at my grave and weep
I did not die, I do not sleep

Emptiness... we create
Unchained Demons... they will take
Chaos... will invade th' mind
Trust th' Darkness ... Trust th' Night

2. Grimwood Ghost

Grimwood Ghost

My cauldron evaporates a ghost of yore faceless at first
More angered then before
Shub Niggurath...Hecate...all those named ye Night towards ye visions am I to glide

Hexe Niggurath...come within my soulside
Decadent beauty...keep ye sun hid
towards ye spheres am I to glide
slowly strideth forth (my sidhe) over the nebular woodpath - unlit...

Hexe...Niggurath... Hexe...Niggurath...

Hear me demoness sitting in a tree
This autumn Zephyr - the very breath of Thee cleansing me
Whilst deep therein Thy body Undead
(green) Grimwoods namely facing mine altar
I standeth in that queer sphere...
...of damask lethargy

3. Hellfire's and Vempyres

Hellfire's and Vempyres


Shakuguku strengthen my cauldron - I incantate!
Thus so we might enchant ourselves further into the ever
rolling Habzu
Shakuguku - ye cauldron is the Gate - spawning the shades named ye Sidhe Elves!
Shakuguku - ye cauldron is the Gate - spawning the shades named ye Sidhe Elves!


Within the Mandal you stand your ground
Whilst the sense of scent escapes Thee
About the circle They dance 'round and 'round
Schrieking ululations - Their locomotion aimlessly aimlessly...

Wardance...wamphyre is here!...Wardance

This wardance evokes chaotic desire - Chaotic
Spells ye Shakuguku enchants me with

A dream of Hellfire's spawning Vempyres
The rite to convoke the magick named ye Sidhe
We trampled the cross of christ the liar
The mirrored gate received my gaze unlit!

(Through the corner of th' eyes)

4. Anger is a Gift

Anger is a Gift

Burst of Anger, stung by hatred...
Madness dreamer, lust for magic
Wash away my dreams of chaos...
Causing pain, dry tears of Sadness

Fear is pure
Fury is the cure
Insanity... tumbling drift
Anger is a gift

Trapped in this circular course called life
The circle keeps going when the needy will give
Pain and shadows, gray and old
Feed my sadness, stained and cold


This aggressive spiral is tumbling down,
leaving me alone in this chaos to drown
Floating in their natural dimness,
sowing seeds of mankind madness


Wandering helpless through a maze of stars,
dreaming her soul away...
In rage I try to heal my scars,
whirling there in agony

Pity the ones who will forget
The dream She once created,
the shrieks of them who disrespect
Shall fill the haunted forest...

Hate is pure
Pain is the cure
Sadness... Tumbling drift
Anger was her gift

5. Act of Terror

Act of Terror

You and tour Era have gone
Gone beyond the limits of acceptation
Not much longer will you speak this tongue
As I send this world into a vale of oblivion

You have gone too far now
I have waited too long
No one there to save you now
Total destruction I beckon

Horrific splendor...
Act of Terror
You will die
Act of Terror
No one survives

I scythe your laws down...justice!
You thought I would Obey...!
Fantasy prevails...over dismay
My powers unleashed...your world comes to an end

Face your predator...
Act of Terror
You will die
Act of Terror
No one survives

There's no salvation in showing repentance
As you beseech, the soil commences to quiver
My brutal aggression...unknown to mortals
Henceforward, this earth ceases to exist

Merciless raptor...
Act of Terror
You will die
Act of Terror

6. Moon hate

Moon hate

Anger decorates our faces, can you see it in our eyes?
Have you left the hatred staring, twisting in your mind!
Something wicked...breaths this way!
Ragelife, domain, the stare leads on

What a rush! gonna pin you down
Haterace...nails you to the ground
Nightrace...dancing ghost nightmares
Ragerace...we may be strange ye rare

Here comes the panic, to take you down under fear
You'll seek to hide, but you cannot find it here
Our blood shall seek yours, our flesh shall find
Our weapon burns inside, we leave your soul...blind...behind! gonna burn you out
Haterace...domination on the crowd
Nightrace...lunar bathed we gleam in darkness...we seem

Rageghosts haunting, dead man's dreams
In roaring chaos, resound their screams
Betray the warrior, mind your back
Slaves of paranoia, hate attack!


7. Black Theatre for Tomorrow

Black Theatre for Tomorrow

Once upon a bloodstained night
came Lillith's youngster - my heart she stole
Bathing within the bleeding Moonlight
Her nocturnal desire learned me to role
Inspire...Hellfire...all was alike the scythe
ardat Lilli smile and enstrangles my soul

A Black Theatre for tomorrow
entwined with th' sweetest sorrow
The body of canvas - body of clay
Her succubi nature took her away

Once upon a sweatstained sphere
Spellworks through canvas lying - our bondage (still) dying
yet deep herein it's ye voice I hear
from a distant past afar away...crying
to walk through desolation is what ye fear
(yea) whilst my sights become clear - ye are sighing!

Khusbi Kuru
Set aflame my stare through the Dark Gulf
Inward this Abyss named mirrored Gate
a labyrinth falls prey before the wolf
And my last sadness for Her I will devastate

(The more I wish to sin against god...
the less I wish to sin against women)

8. Humanity

9. Spawn the Rage

Spawn the Rage

Mankind burns possessed by Unlight,
and the tentacles suffocate
Planet Earth in the cryptic grasp of Madness...!

Oh Cosmic...Madness...!
Ye faceless...Madness...!
Ye cradle...of Madness...!
Rise from the Void, ye maze...!

Oh swelling...Madness...!
Grinning Ghoul...of Madness...!
called Azathoth...or Madness...?
(Chaos) crawls through a dark-ye-Morbid place...!

Mankind spawned by his morbidity,
spreading the plague through the land...
Convoke all ghoulish corpses and the Uggae comes...!

Sickened Symphonies invaded our souls,
all deformity and weirdness shall rise...!
Henceforth begins the approach of most Ancient...Evil...!

Face the phantom that stares dismal through the dark...
Behold the crippling Madness of the dreamer's unknown quest
For She stares, She stares at you...
She stares at you...

So Spawn the Rage

10. Outro


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