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Demonstration of Silence

"Demonstration of Silence" (2007)

1. Amidst the endless Shadows of Silence
2. The Haunted
3. The Return
4. In his Sign
5. Battlecry
6. In the Light of your Throne
7. Protected by Blood

1. Amidst the endless Shadows of Silence

2. The Haunted

From the land of endless shadows
I came unto this place
Tortured by the darkness.
See the pain unto my face

Hear my cry!
See my eyes filled with fear!

Try to run from the wicked
from this everlasting fight
But someone is right behind me.
Pulls me back into the night

Behold my soul
this scars made me bleed

Since the day I was born
I stand inside this war
But I'm searching for
freedom and peace
Please take me by your hand
help me out of this land
to a place where my
dark soul can heal

My blood has slowly vanished.
My veins are ripped apart.
By the love I never found.
I'm inspired inside your heart

Hear my scream!
This Silence is killing me!

Won't you see in my eyes,
can you not realize
That these demons
have conquered my soul
In my dreams in the night
I'm condemned by their might
What must I do
to be saved from this pain

Oh I have seen your veins
and your dark soul in chains
How I pray that your
healing my come
Soon the day will be here,
demons tremble in fear
For the mighty one reaches
his hand.

3. The Return

In the darkness of the night
I can hear the storm
In the silence of my mind
I can hear his call

The lion he will return

In the chaos of my heart
I can feel his touch
In the echo of my soul
I can hear his roar

The lion he will return

In day of old we were told
Of the lions return
The cold snow
Freezes our souls
Please redeem us now

The winter's end
It is at hand
The sun will shine again
The lions might
Brought us the light
The creator clames his own

4. In his Sign

silence cold as night
No sign of the spirit inside
A dark soul, apart from the light
She cries

A world of despair and demise
This darkness that we all despise
In majestic victory we'll rise
Warriors unite

Unite - See our world
enslaved in everlasting night
Stand our ground and
be prepared to feel the might
In his sign we await his holy light

Arise - For those
who are bleeding the lies
will soon all be
judged by the skythe
In torment their fate will arise

The knights
through fields of destruction they ride.
Their banner waves
throughout the skies
Behold the bravery in their eyes
They ride

The tide
will wash away hatred and pride
Will reveal what now is disguised
On earth will dwell his right
his holy right

Christ - his kingdom soon will arise
hope and justice will crush
in the night
The demons are trembling in fright

5. Battlecry

A war is raging
to challenge the might
between forces of darkness
and forces of light
but soon the lamb will break the spell
and curse all the demons back into hell

Into the fire
crying out loud
the blood of the lamb
gained us the ground
hordes of warriors awaiting command
the final judgement - the final stand

the forces face their final fall
stand up in the power of his call
repent of sin and wicked ways
let your banner rise
in the end of days

6. In the Light of your Throne

With a heart burdened
by stones inside of me
In the midst if this forest
I pray to you to set me free
And as Sorrow drenches
my eyes in a lake of tears
I'm struck to the ground
surrender to my fears

All my life I tried to find
your pleasent way to go
now on this crossroad
surrounded by the snow
I fall down in confusion
can't see nothing anymore
All my wishes and desires
have ended at a closed door

Oh my master,
all the darkness will
flee in the light of your throne
Soon all evil will be destroyed
by the return of your holy son

Evil now reigning
but the day of his
victorious coming is near
creation is waiting
for a kingdom without
any darkness or hatred and fear
And through our sorrow
shines the light of his glorious
son who will soon take us home
If now we will suffer
by his holy blood we will
soon overcome.

7. Protected by Blood

When darkness falls in the night
When I feel there's raging a fight
When I hear the demon's talk
I will take my sword and stalk

When I hear your thunder roar
When I cannot find the door
You won't seperate me
from my god

For I am proteced by blood

When we see the
dragon falling down
We give all praise
to the eternal crown
The horns made his blood
run for all our sin
protection and power,
authority lies within

Though I walk through
the shadows of fear
I fear no evil cause he is near
I will call upon his holy name
I will find relief from this pain

So when I find myself in this fight
That threatens my power, my might
I will rise with fire in my eyes
And spit on the dragon's lies!

In realms of darkness forces grow
But in the end they will bow
Bloodvictory gained by the one
Accuser's fallen from the throne


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