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Presence With War

"Presence With War" (2004)

1. Mercenary Fields
2. Sex Optica
3. The Choice Of Flesh
4. The Last Bullet Magic
5. Crash Crash Crash
6. Clonetwigs
7. Sheitan
8. Communist Skinhead
9. A Farewell To Arms

1. Mercenary Fields

Piercing Razors inside Me Captivate Mentality
Bits and Pieces outside Me Interfere With Sanity
Running Fires around Here Entertain Anxiety
Sparkling Traces of Anger Segregate My Vanity

Heavy Parcels besides Me Indicate Locality
Silent Trenches behind Me Incarnate Fatality
Cartridge-Cases along Them Demonstrate Proficiency
Rotten Mascots in Caskets Animate Lethality

I'm Going Home
I'm On My Bones
I'm On the Rolls
I Need a Rest
I'm Turning Hoarse
Losing My Throat
I'm On My Toes

Solemn Phrases Upset Us, Weigh upon Our Self-Respect
Towered Targets Below Us Leave No Time to Controvert
Fearsome Victims between Us Follow Hard On Our Heels
Current Symptoms of Stupor Aggravate In Our Thrills

I'm Going Home
I'm Feeling Stoned
I'm Falling Prone
I'm Getting Cold
I Quit the Show
Losing My Hope

I'm Going Home
I'm Ill Bestead
My Star Has Set
Stuck In the Ooze
I'm Slowing Down
A Long Way Round
I'm Going Dead

2. Sex Optica

A Somber Contestant, a Host in Himself
He Hates Everyone Out Of His Hidden Shell
Emerges to Score and To Skip off The Mesh
He Is a Mere Shadow of His Former Flesh

Against The World's Irreversible Fate
There's Hardly a Matter worth Altering Rates
He Has His Own Way Which Is Straight and Shrill
Relieving the Strain in the Heat of the Field

An Ironside
All Magnetized
About To Fight
Remains Precise
Downleft Downright
A Careful Sight
A Rifle Shot
Never Misses Sexual Targets

From Smoke into Smother He Raises a Bout
Flies into the Face of the Boisterous Rout
His Clouds Are Enough to Distinguish the Sun
Within A Strong Clincher He Snatches the Gun

Beyond Reclaim
Intensive Pains
Still On the Trail
Appear To Fail
So Hard At Hand
Restless and Damned
Off The Land
He Crimps Himself to the Ecstatic Service

3. The Choice Of Flesh

The Choice of Flesh
Infamous Deeds
Incessant Lies
Tightened Ties
Subversive Greed

The Pick of Breath
Impending Staves
Converging Rays
Distorted Plugs
Enormous Trucks

Human Flesh Is Fairly Paroling Me
Aggravating Me Up To the Neck
Nasty Blood Is Warmly Exposing Me
Staining Bits of the Annular Fleck
Savage Content Is Firmly Controlling Me
Overwhelming My Opening Chest
Pangs of Fury Are Coldly Absolving Me
Chain Reaction Is Mending the Burst

The Break of Thread
Uncherished Sense
Primeval Guides
Annoying Lights

The Rest of Quest
The Story Is Short
By All Accounts
Razed To the Ground
With No Response

Human Flesh Is Making Integrity
Scraping a Living and Paying Debts
Gruesome Habits Are Nicely Inherited
Treated Under Several Heads
Self-Destruction Is Fiercely Correcting Me
Giving Rise to Malicious Intents
Dirty Slogans Are Densely Advanced By Me
Troublesome Idioms, Directive Offence

4. The Last Bullet Magic

Let My Story Be Your Story
The Consummation of the Deal
Even If You Take Objections
Retribution Will Begin
When One's Heart is In the Wrong Place
With No Care for a Straw
Contradiction Run Together
To Unleash Eternal Wars

Widowed Hamlets, Breathless Bodies
Underrated Butcher's Bills
Obsolescence of Ideas
Propaganda Torrents Rill
Helpless Recruits, Slaughtered Looters
Heroes Drilled Ok To Die
Epidemical Infections
Let Me Offer My True Mite

Activate My Fire, C'mon
An Unexpected Virus, I Go
Rattlesnake Desires
Are Smoldering
Dissipate Your Trying, C'mon
Creep Away, Retire, Oh Yeah
Sheltered In the Mire
I Soak Through the Mill

Let Your Glory Be My Glory
Flavored Hunger, Screamy Tints
More than Hatred Meets Repulsion
Less than Thinking, Unconcern
Turn the Tables on Your Rivals
Make a Score off Your Own Bat
Take Revenge for Your Misfortunes
Use Your Magic to Impact

The Last Bullet
No Difference

5. Crash Crash Crash

Under Pressure in Disguise
Vividly Alerted
Meanwhile Failure Alibis
Are Hopefully Diverted
Apprehend the Danger Rush
Transcendental Donors
Implement the Bloody Slash
Together With Unholy Morons

Generate Colossal Wastes
Victimized By Silence
Ain't Healthy Ain't Chaste
Sweltering In Irons
Parricidal Harmony
Sinful Detestation
Idiotic Hammering
Vigorous Temptations

Keep Knocking Them into the Face, We Do It
Keep Routing Them
Crash Crash Crash
Keep Scratching the Enemy Dust, We Love It
Quite Ready to Turn Up Toes
Feel Easy To Violate, We Need It
More Efforts to Crash Crash Crash
So Eager To Overstep the Limits
Hardly Leaving a Piece on the Earth

Try To Paint the Town Red
Blow Your Brains, Fume and Fret
Hails Of Fire, a Truce to Pains
Toss Aside Devout Tales
Counterworks, Outlined Profiles
Handy Weapons Are Devised
Wreck Your Morals in Excitement
Sentiments Should Be Despiteful

Heads Are Broken
Bums Are Woken
That's My Token
That's My Sign
Lives Are Taken
What a Shakedown
With My Armies
I'm Alright
Ruination, Devastation
Waving Hatred Is Beastly White
Profanation, Dislocation, Condemnation
I Get High

Jumbled Recklings Are Drawn Up
Disciplined, Embittered
Eyes Are Glassy, Moths Are Shut
Everyone's conceited
Brimstone Smoke, Causticity
Whacking Execration
Savage Fighting Tooth and Nail
Together With Unholy Morons

6. Clonetwigs

Decipherment of Human Genes
A Forbidden Bite Is Taken
Units of Flesh like Mirror Reflections
Replica Motherfuckers
Reconstruction without Much Trouble
Material Revolution
Raving out Machinery
Invulnerable Mutineers

And So We Make Good Resolves
Polite and Sympathetic
To Heave a Sigh of Relief
And So Distribute Ourselves
Macabre Arithmetic
Is Praising Us with A Wreathe

The Guide to Action From Above
Has Set the World on Fire
No Usual Run to Fight a War
Rotten Luck Creators
Perfect Species Take Advantage
Of The Inherent Knowledge
Selective Rates Corroborates
The Doctrine of Evolution

Well, They Appear To Kill
Defiant and Ill-Affected
To Strike a Crushing Assault
And One Can Hardly Believe
Obsessed and Unreflecting
An Inexcusable Fault
We've got to draw up Our Will
Effete and Retrospective
An Unforgettable End
There's No another Way Out
Obedient and Defective
'Cause After All We Are Dead

7. Sheitan

Sheitan Sheitan Sheitan
Into This World we're Ground
And After All we're crowned
A Necessary Carnage
Jihad Jihad Jihad
A Million Dead at One Slap
And Millions Wait Their Turn
Everyone Is Condemned

Rip These Joints
Gain the Points
Set the Toils
Burn Away
Pray and Slay

Sheitan Sheitan Sheitan
The Day of Judgment Has Come
We Leave No Stone Untouched
With A Heavy Hand
Rejoice Rejoice Rejoice
We're At the Top of Our Voice
We Have Taken the Choice
We Won't Hesitate

Sacred Wars
Come To Blows
A Lethal Dose
The Drowning Sea
Gives No Quarter
Around The Bend

And So, Endeavor

8. Communist Skinhead

Derelict Landscapes, a Hurricane Neigh
Abstract Conceptions Are Brought In the Mire
Republican Orders Jackhammer My Weight
Daily Newsprints for Loathsome Clients

Merit Practicians Fall into Decay
Humble Requests Are Consigned Into Absence
Sleepy Conjectures Reform the Blackmail
Out of Measures, Obvious Lapses
Lips Won't Be Sealed With a Generous Prate
Poverty Screams To Extinguish the Hunger
Harden the Neck to Alter This State
I Have Had Enough of Patience

Hardly Below the Gain
Your Life Is On the Wane
Turning Upside the Scale
A Communist Skinhead

Civil Addiction, the Hell of a Thing
Manifestations of Saturday Choir
Full Speed Ahead to Blow off The Steam
I Drain Myself and Unchain the Ire
Broken Windscreens, Spontaneous Fights
Vomiting Zeal and Choking With Anger
Gratification, My Exercised Rights
I'm To Attack, Just Give Me a Handle

Cruel Pursuits Maintain
Hysterical Tunes Convey
Penalties Are Obtained
A Communist Sheepshead
Is Vigorously Acclaimed
Furious and Insane
Nothing Is Gonna Change
A Pulverized Skinhead

Portents of War Are Out Of Date
We Demonstrate Diabolical Powers
Chain Reactions Come Into the Play
Spare No Pains, Be the Food for the Powder
Trouble the Lambs with a Kill for a Thrill
Burn Their Streets, Castigate Their Splendor
Maim the Weak, Let Them Go the Mill
It's My Bloody World or the One I Have Rendered

9. A Farewell To Arms


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