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"Gravehead" (1999)

1. The Time Spool
2. Down Under Dome Of Heaven
3. Conversing The Dolt
4. King's Ebony Blade
5. Predominant Nature
6. The Riddle Of Steel
7. Alone In The Dark
8. Salt Of Mayhem
9. Mystery

1. The Time Spool

Down and round and down and round
Fervor blends with minds
Keen-set mood, resurgent hopes
Spirit's striving higher

Shut up in the grave
Malice, gall, dismay
Store equilibrium in sinister confidence

Look about, portal under lock
Shades flitting by lotus-eater
Signs on the wall, dim candlelights
Cloaks, hardly seen meager faces
Time lingers long
Dust, pallid must
A will to receive comprehension
Mist, heart of stone, dark, I'm alone
Task, gird yourself - croaking whisper

The Sun is chasing folks on Earth
Subterranean shelter
Hermits learn to apprehend reconnaissance stupor

Hands feeding them
Thoughts stuffing them
Guards are watching over humble valets
Knell is revealed, sooth is concealed
Deft and adroit or deception
Haul flashing me, soul pleading me
Blood is waking me - pulsive instincts
I'd go away road and depraved
Niche of some hope, consolation

Posthumous reflections of life
Resistance of nothing to die

Tempter fate reverted disasters
Ventured passions of tremulous prologue
Utmost veto, waiting scaffold
The twinge of coma, vanishing moan
Spinning rolling bloody spool
Time is fraudulent
We are carried to the point running through the debts of bliss
Leave the payment - your body and soul

2. Down Under Dome Of Heaven

Down under dome of heaven
Feathering of shaft
Is flying like a common warder into owned mark
Serenade of thickened epoch is gravely reaching virgin soil
Vanished rays within the tower are taking all abandoned space

Time is again breaking lose with ungodly full strength
And the arrow like a wasp is vanishing over crowns

Fly away! Clatter, hooves!
Wanderer, clear the way, ah

Stable walls under heavens open to seven winds
Walls of the heart of this world are taking their final rest

The end of the path - ruby hall

The figure of human creatures hardened in some concentration
And confidence found them with all malice and spite
Down under fouled heavens worthless rubbish gnawed the land
They stepped into a vicious circle to cease the falling of sand

Endowing themselves

Even mighty lose the might
While they strain flows of time

3. Conversing The Dolt

"Ain't you are the ardent revolting cannon foe!"
Craned suspended greasy slug necks
Loud howling judges of the ecclesiastical court
An elder faced to justice, coarse cloth
Faintly hall-smiling replying minting words
"Tricking out the evil could be a sin confront to Lord
Or dare you claiming that thou tormenting folks lesser sinner art?"

"Ah poor wretch, could you argue faithful servants
Bring self to book, you were doing something there
At the black school, in the precincts of the devil
Free will attendance is already a proof of blame"

"Twice dolt you are, proof of blame, ha-ha-ha
The place where 've been I doesn't show how I act
No blasphemy pushed me there, you don't care
A gasp for a drink of some knowledge made me try

What is power? What makes folks turn into savageness and shame?
Different issues troubled my mates and whoever else could respond -

Tempter! We did a horrible treaty
15 years spent in dark citadel
Getting all we wished
Answers developed right outta walls
Once fiery image
Brought us main answer through the yawning split

"Power all belongs to a personality
Strength of mind and body makes right"
The schooling was all over, flung over open gates
Everyone could go , not me
Such a die had been cast
But did I block my will?
Turning shade to double I slipped…
Getting a true story as true as it can be
Do you still reiterate false charge?

Vast dirty limbs grasped reflection and set me free
I kept my knowledge lost my shade paying scores"

"Weight words, Deuce
We confess tour guilt so clear"
Smiled the sage
Gales were hidden in his sleeves

"Ooh Antichrist !" squealed the priest like a swine
"Knowledge I say" was the reply of great spit
Into the face of the butcher oldman vanished
The nippers for torture on the floor blasted echo

4. King's Ebony Blade

Calmness of stable stones
Tight veins ain't sore no more
Brilliant open skies
Smoke-screen has melted alright
An ancient castle, smooth of a pond
Hopes of peoples - the sleeping sword

While the fields are visited by winds
Playing off the trees the leaf -fall whirls
Getting back to youthfulness outta beasty circle

Where your back is slashed and sabred
Where baseness lashes like a river
Step into the gateway into the oldest crumbling house

King's ebony blade
The power in the lines of steel
It bears forever everlasting peoples' freedom
All power of thunder, of lightning
All elements subdued
The riot of violence of blows of persistent alloy
Ebony King's Steel

Disaster! Awake, get sober, withstand meanness and treachery
The deep wound is trickling thick blood

The steed be flying
A broken flag
Herald cantos
Echoes gnash

Memory is back through the wallstack

Gloved my arm is searching for the haft
Just again to win
Folks are ready, notice every sign
No return the blade 's forever sunk

5. Predominant Nature

6. The Riddle Of Steel

The riddle oughtest remain a riddle
Unraveled so far

Flames and winds make from the sky
From unearthly gods
While thine God is an earthly God
Thou wilt reverence

Once the giants dwelt in the gardenworld
Thro the gulf of chaos fooled the earthly God

Subject thievery was done with unholy whoop
Rattled CROMM to return the riddle of steel

Flames and spiry winds reached the vain giants
Threw them into waters laving raging hate

Fighting down left the God what He should have kept
We, just men by fortune found the riddle of steel

No one you ever trust, not males, not beasts
The sword you trust, its caress
The Steel and Flesh quest

Ashes trampled down
Blood was sinking slow
In a trice appeared merciless assassins

No one knows why they came
Armored to the teeth
Steel or Murder was their aim or there was no aim

Their leader rode south
Kids were driven North
The threnody is leaving mouths
All the tribe is lain

Makes us stronger that which kills
The source from which we flow
Honeyed glory!
The sweetest flame heaps upon our names

7. Alone In The Dark

I'm alone in the dark
Cast and lost off the track
Left to be strong
How much I loan
With the heaviest heart
The thick unfaltering pall
Is hiding out my call
No one to find over a tide
In the languor and fall

Ugly feelings, be my own
A certain kneeling, I'm alone
Take my fever, lap down moans
The flesh of sorrow - endless roams

The trap for keepers of pride
Rigid spirits to bind
Fusing to shame
Ma glistering fame
The shroud you're gonna twine
I'm alone in the storm
All alone when it comes
Shrewd as it is
Twisters and hiss
Are overriding the mourn

Gods of anger smash high hopes
Thus encumber full response
Skies above are jaildome
Nightmares are leaving me alone
In the dark…

8. Salt Of Mayhem

Stare into the aisle
Left along behind
Startled by constraint
Ghoulish inner daze
Pestilent disgrace
Demagogy casemate
Fasten the snooty eye
Outbreak hostile
Falsify the rank of fusion
Gadget trim
Countless precise
The doctrine that inspires
Jingoism effusion

Salt of mayhem
Fading lights
Timeless foreground
Arms detrained
Forlorn fortune
Spurning chase
Crafty reckoning is tumbled down

Tumbling down all succession
Abrogating false convention
Disarranging reproduction
Abnegating common senses
Casualties or expenses
Woebegone manifestations
Panicstricken population
A downtrodden womb

Reinforced demise
Harrowing incuse
Coventrizing native space
Picturesque deploy
Broad patterns
The pointless offensive starts again
Cholera embrace
Wet in their capes
Splashing muddy rut
Troops parade
Freshly-shattered flint
A sniper's gauge
Coup de main
That rotten crack

Stiffen plateaus are left behind
Thus the future sets the Right

Scanty dolor
Conferred fame
Skirmish line

Wounds extended revelation
Not solace or consolation
Blown grit of separation
Cringing creed of devastation
Flash and roar, white obscure
The slide of breath, swung open human
Dartled limbs, mature gestures

Defilate resort
Presuppose concern
Supplemate deflection with misuse
Turpitude revise
Congregate ferocity
Notifying hear the bell
Final belt
Soldering reflex
Questioning perplexed
Easy when possessed by dejection
Infiltrate upside
Slither, petrify
Adjusting screw, maimed in Salt

9. Mystery


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