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Broken Dream

"Broken Dream" (2000 Demo)

1. Broken Dream
2. In The End
3. Will This Ever Happen Again

1. Broken Dream

Walking on the edge of the broken dream. Will I fall to insanity? I just don't care.
Once I had it all and now I've lost it. I have lost it all and I know I can't find it no more.
Praying for the gods to show me the way. The way to survive, 'cos my reason to live is fainting.
I'm simply losing it, but perhaps thru death I won't be such a bad man.
Once I'm in this road, this road to madness. I found the gateway, the gateway to my hell.
I feel both the pleasure and the pain, as my sanity races somewhere beyond my reach.
Like a glassdoor shut too hard my illusions fell apart. Now I'm screaming for a justice, 'cos nothing seems fare.
Praying the gods to end my pain.

Walking on the edge of the broken dream. Wondering could it just be my imagination.
But no, this is reality... and these bloody memories. Oh, curse the pain of my memories.

2. In The End

Just another sleepless night. I lay awake thinking of my life. Am I really the one I wanted to be?
All this knowledge they share. It has taken me nowhere. I am still the one I've always been.
Another day has passed by. Another evening turns into night and again I'm thinking: Was it wrong or was it right?
Why I'm destined to lose every time I have to choose? The way I live my life. Why I fail it every time?
In the end, do I fail again? In the end. Between heaven and hell.

They say I got to go on. One day fortune will knock on my door.
But after all things I've seen, I just can't believe it.
Again on a sleepless night, I sit awake, crying the tears I once hide,
and I realize I'm the one I was afraid to be.

3. Will This Ever Happen Again

I saw you once, you were just another girl. I saw you again, but you didn't see me.
I had this feeling I can't describe. It filled me with joy, but I didn't tell you.
I thought there is time for me to understand. For you to know just how I feel about you.
It's too late now, 'cos I have lost you and still you don't know just how I feel.

...And I fear this won't happen again. ...And I fear I won't find another you.

And thou I were there and tried to do everything right, you never saw me, you never knew.
Now I know, I finally understand just what I did wrong, but it's too late now.


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