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Land of Tears (re-release)

"Land of Tears (re-release)" (2003 Demo)

1. A Goyim Prayer
2. A Nocturnal Sadness
3. Demon of the Sky
4. Lamentations
5. The Era of Black Holes
6. A Crevice of the Holy
7. The Descent of the Sun

1. A Goyim Prayer

To you, Ha-Satan,
Prince of Darkness,
I dedicate this victim;
Let him become, as carrion,
Food for a scavenging beast.

I am God, imbued with Wisdom.

Here me as I place my curse upon the Qabbalist;
Here me as Im summoning the beasts of Satan;
Here me as I desecrate the name of Yeshua;
Aid my vengeance on this night,
Accept my living sacrifice.

Satan, see Karma fulfilled.
The ones whove wronged me shall not survive.
Cause them suffering, this is my will.

Exalted by hatred, this I am;
Only to be stopped by self-destruction.
This I do in self-loathing,
For none possess a soul so foul
As the child beckoning you now.

2. A Nocturnal Sadness

By the grace of nightfall
I am relieved
The smell of winter's air does approach

But no longer can I enjoy
The frost covered ground
That once I loved so dearly

For upon my waking
I find I am alone

A venture forth into underworlds
Proves fruitless to my cause
My love is elusive

There is but one thing frozen
That I carry close to my heart
The final tear fallen before my descent.

3. Demon of the Sky

Demon of the sky
Once I bowed to you
Promised you so much, so young
But all was to be revoked.
To your nemesis,
I go.

I have destroyed you
Your angels lay dead from the curses I send
In Lucifer's name.

I have no desire for your love
My only wish is already fulfilled:
To become a Satan;
To ascend above thee.

I have eaten from the Tree of Blasphemy
Sophia burns inside my veins
I am now the key to eternity
By Lucifer's grace.

Once a stagnant soul,
Gagged and blindfolded
By some mistake, freed... or by destined fate
Sent running
To the Devil's side.

I am the saviour of the Jewish race
Come to destroy the Jewish faith.

Demon of the sky
Today you died
By the hands of
Your mistaken creations.

4. Lamentations

I imagined the whole ordeal
I imagined the noises
And the pain that I feel
The landscape was far from
What I expected
But my eyes are still black and my
Skin blood red.

I did kill myself
Numerous times
And still I am dying
A death of my own design
But this time i am surrounded
By eyes full of tears
Weeping for the pain I've given
Many throughout the years.

This is my new hell
My heartless deeds paid off.

I've lost appreciation for love
There is no God who could change that now
I've been gone for years and I'm not coming back.

No longer can I offer you
The very thing that you want the most
I want to watch you cry as I walk away.

'Cause the old heart
That once stayed inside,
The one that loved you
Has long since died.

I no longer remember
The passions of the world
I've spent a lifetime chasing
Toward a heart-shaped void.

Now in darkness I rest myself
Away from human efforts
Beneath a mask of contentedness
Where I know that I am real.

5. The Era of Black Holes

Sun swollen - Red giant
Becomes one with the Earth
The human race, long dead
Is no longer a memory
Andromeda collides with our galaxy
Throwing countless stars into the blackness of space
Stars merge - Stars die
Stars become the essence of gravity
Every star becomes a black hole
The universe ceases to be.

Swallowing itself.

The black hole inverts
Time and space
A thoughtless demon
Without a face
But even this beast - Seemingly eternal
Will meet an end
And is forgotten - Leaving
A new world of demons
To begin.

6. A Crevice of the Holy

Look into my eyes, I swear
you will not find a spark of soul.

In a crevice of the holy
But not beyond my sight.

Hide well,
Young one.
Or soon you will be
Unholy like me.

7. The Descent of the Sun


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