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Eternal Redemption

"Eternal Redemption" (2003 Demo)

1. Eternal Redemption
2. Rise of Belial
3. Severing Mortal Coil

1. Eternal Redemption

Long ago in a time of death bestowed a mass disgrace
Severe and corrupt like a tainted lust
Bitter as blissful faith
Regain thine glimpse of a severed god's head
As his corpse is scorched and burn
To believe his word decieving and absurd
We realize we might as well suffer

Burn the cross and see thy face
Slay the nazarine and regain thy place
Help defeat the king of heaven
And move on to new form of life

Rise ablaze for the desecration of your christ
Shall triumph so cold in this desolate sight
Tortured by death's love for us
Forever sakened by the power of Satan's trust

Forever my heart and soul to be Hell awaits for those eternally redeemed

2. Rise of Belial

Horrors, conquests, putrid success
Denying they had no fucking chance

See us linger through the cracks of hell
A promise must be kept
We'll turn all this holyness into pure blasphemy
Turn the churches into ash
Force christians into cement for stone
Our beloved Belial arise to reclaim his throne
Thee earth will never again see the light
Darkness will cover the skies
The way it was always meant to be
See through the fear of death
Realize this evil is all thats left
It is the way it was always meant to be
I am the hell commander
Chief assassin its time to fight
Its the only thing to do with your whole fucking life

Far away from the christian concept
Far away from its fucking bullshit
God can't help you now
You can only help yourself.

3. Severing Mortal Coil

For we had killed those ignorant ones
Us creatures who burn by the light of the sun
The last mortal this beautiful girl
Bowed down from loss of light
By the pleasuring of thy tongue
For their was evil in our eyes
For seeing darkness as the sweet
Coldness in her heart that throbs
And her orifice which every fullmoon bleeds
Our love so pale rippling like the moonlight
Come with me infernal one into the eternal night

I now commence thee to the mark of the beast 666
As you taste the dark blood from thy immortal kiss

Enriched with thy immortal gift, thy luscious countess

For we are so evilish finding our own grace
Slaughtering our enemy, laying to waste
Those worthless fools

Savagry, unholy matrimony we will arise as fellow pests
Ripping apart celestial gloss and enslaving all the rest

Seeking to destroy what is blessed

My cold countess of the night
Burning veins blackened
From the lambs of the light
She's giving me her soul's energy delight
Severing her mortal coil from within
The pain of loss, the coming of vanity, and the creation of blackened stems


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