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Embershroud Sky

"Embershroud Sky" (2007 Demo)

1. The Wasteland and the Fog
2. Embershroud Sky
3. In Defiance of Celebration
4. For All Your Sins
5. A Monument to Nothing

1. The Wasteland and the Fog

Enter a barren state of mind
Force fed illusions laced with lies
Dead trees remind of my life
The sun is shrouded by the emptiness of time

Hate What can I do to make this worse?

There was something
Now its nothing
There is no one
But the wasteland and the fog

You said that you could change my world
With fingers crossed you stole my soul
You think you left without a scratch?
Just wait until you turn your fucking back

The moon's ambient light reflects the dead forest before me. Ghosts whisper and beckon. They tell me tales of paradise. About a realm into which I do not belong.

I am hated. I am alone.

2. Embershroud Sky

Nothing remains of this desolate place
The beauty lies in the solitude of destruction
A twisted metal graveyard lined with corpses
Fills the empty blackened rivers of tar

All we once knew is gone
Caskets float on the blood red oceans
Desensitized to the smell of dead flesh
With shame we hang our heads

Across the black plains
The raven flies
Feasting on carrion
And the flesh of divine

The statues crumble
The temples collapse
Man divides
In fear

Evoke the flames
Destroy remains
And vanquish

Even the skeletons bear the guilt
Their hands clench the methods
Of destruction that lit the sky
And rid the Earth of life

3. In Defiance of Celebration

This is who I am
Beaten, broken, a soul still mourning
For the loss of nothing
I'm haunted by my pessimistic fears
My faith is shattered
I am not the man you think I am
Do yourself a favor
And just let me go

Let me
Die here

Why? Do you haunt me?
Memories of a past I thought that I forgot.
My hands begin to tremble
They've returned...
I don't want to live this life again.
I don't want to live like that again.

There's no way out...

4. For All Your Sins

You were so in love
The words are etched in stone
And feelings of guilt
Are never really washed away

I thought the end would bring
Some comfort to this dying heart
But unbeknownst to me
It only made this worse

Fall... Fall

I feel like being lost
feel this world is closing in
And there is nothing, and no one

For all your sins
Something terrible is happening
For all your sins
Something terrible, something terrible...

5. A Monument to Nothing

Before me, the graves lie dormant
Below me, a silent casket lies in doubt
I scrape away the leaves and frost
The voices weep, I can't shut them out

I'm falling
Forgiveness is a fashion
I'm fading
Only you could love me

When angels fall I close my eyes
Try to shut them out To shut them out

Autumn, raped by frigid winter chill
What's left of memories, (are) broken and betrayed
Is there forgiveness in loneliness?
Who will console the broken hearted?

What's left for me? Blank stares and blood shot eyes.
What's left for me? Roses meaning nothing.


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