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Pain Provider

"Pain Provider" (2005)

1. Anti-Human
2. Hate Addiction
3. Three Sisters of Sin
4. Depopulator Supreme
5. The Trial of Mankind
6. Fear Konstruktor
7. The Abjection of Abhorrence
8. I Am The God of Anal Torture
9. Lebensraum
10. Dread My Coming
11. The Judgement
12. Family Man
13. Bunker Assault
14. Last One Standing
15. Dying Life
16. Aftermath
17. Sentenced To Oblivion

1. Anti-Human

2. Hate Addiction

Ghastly love and pitty I loathe.
Sick of life's vile creation.
Eyes sown shut for evermore.
Amongst the dead I roam.

Hope filled pigs
I trample on.
No mercy for the weak.
Strong and cold
I stand alone.

Scarred by life.
I sold my soul.
Laugh at my own demise.
And wear the marks
with pride.

Knee deep in agony.
I reject it all.
Why the fuck should I care.
Hell is where I belong.

As humanity failed.
And forged me into this beast I am.
No more hate repression.
Come and taste my wrath.

3. Three Sisters of Sin

4. Depopulator Supreme

The future belongs to me.
For I am thy future.
Your destiny as it may be.
And it is not a pretty picture.
For that I can guarantee.
Prophecies of the darker kind.
Frightful sights of days to come
Pandemonic visions of a world gone by.
Yes I am death's constructor.
A bearer of plagues, invoker of pain.
Depopulator supreme.
I strike with force and utter might.
A vengeful tyrant.
On his way to triumph.
Whom none shall defy.
One final experiment in violence.
Obliteration follows with every step I take.
Future and past now become one.
A destination of no return.
My world wide spreaded terror campaign..
Your empty planet it speaks to me.
As in awe it beholds my devastation.
Mournful words of misery.

5. The Trial of Mankind

6. Fear Konstruktor

7. The Abjection of Abhorrence

8. I Am The God of Anal Torture

Your fingers smell like my ass.
And my fist does of yours.
She says she hates me for it.
But still she comes crawling back for more.
Oh what am I to do?
Just shut up and assume the position, you're nothing more than another meat-puppet on my fist.
And in again, deeper down.
Tear your asshole inside out.
Keep on pumping, speed up the pace.
Drilling holes with my fist.
I'm pushing in my face.
Feel the rush, accept don't resist.
Over and over untill you bleed.
Another fistful of raw perversion.
Up yours, just sit on it.
Swallow it whole, consume me more.
That good old anal treatment.
A touch of rectal delight.
Getting medieval on your ass.
And taking a bite out of the shit you are.
Force-fed fist, plunged in hard.
A different kind of booty call.
Pleasure and pain walk hand in hand.
To invoke annother lacerating gushing orgasm.

9. Lebensraum

Inhaling the pure essence.
Rise above, far and beyond.
Unrevelling new dimensions of kaos.
Innovation, systematical improvement.
Erasing the flaws, genocidal art.
Deconstruction begins today.
The umtimate descent, a downwards spiral.
Never-ending, dragged into the vortex.
Eternity opens before me.
A new disease is now born.
Invoking the elemants, plague pestilence and death.
World infection, the ultimate downfall.
Stand down and step aside, I want to breathe.
Future doom descends on you.
Rise spirit and never return,
to cure us from the expendable.
Misled by genetic imperfections.
Reconstruction, human disassembly lines.
The modern man is but meat.
Empty shells of faceless beings.
Recycled, the modern man is but shit.
Unnatural extinction, aborting the stillborn race.
Disfunction torn out by the root.
Destroy or suffocate.
The victor's morals stannd thall.
Global disinfection of an excrement planet.
The solution: redemption by the megaton.

10. Dread My Coming

I am misanthropy...drag you down.
I am blasphemy...drag you down.
I am supremacy...drag you down.
I am tiranny...drag you down.

A sheer full-forced malignity.
Born of the blackest blood.
Pure hate spawned deity.
And hell follows with me.

I am demon of might and sword.
Master god retaliator.
Hossana regis domini inferi.
Behold my monarchy in all its glory.
With terror winged kaos elite.
Restore my empire from below.
Driven by holocaust winds.
To scorch the face of the earth.

I am horde...dread my coming.
I am apocalypse...dread my coming.
I am armageddon...dread my coming.
I am dominion...dread my coming.

11. The Judgement

12. Family Man

Let me tell you the story about this man called Mr. Jones. Now Mr. Jones he had it all worked out, he was a selfmade man working 9 to 5 for his wife and kids, and for a nice big car in front of a nice big house. Yes Mr. Jones he had it all, he was a well-respected man. But Mr. Jones he had this problem, that he just couldn't be happy with his life. So Mr. Jones went to this psychiatrist to talk and sort his troubles out. The doctor gave him some prescription pills to make his blues go away. Now Mr. Jones was popping pills and drinking lots of liquor, but no matter what he did, his blues they stayed. Mr. Jones kind of lost his mind, he didn't know what to do. Until the next day he called in sick and didn't go to work. Instead he went to the local hunting store to buy himself a nice big gun and put it inside of his nice big car. Later that day. It was already half past five, when he pulled up his car to his nice big house. He grabbed the gun out of the trunk and went inside of his house. There he found his wife and kids, he pulled the trigger and blew them all away. Now tragic Mr. Jones took his gun to place it under his chin. And so this story comes to an end, when the neighbours heard another bang and Mr. Jones was dead.

13. Bunker Assault

14. Last One Standing

I try so hard to don't take notice.
I try so hard to don't feel a thing.
I shut my eyes and cover my ears.
And just try to live inside of me.
I try and try again but fail.
No matter which efforts that I might make.
Until the day that I awake and realize.
That I just hate every mother fucking human piece of filth that is alove.
Overwhelmed by all these new sensations.
And all things that I never felt before.
A relevation when I open my eyes.
And what I see is was I despice.
Now that my ears can hear their mindless talk.
It feeds me anger and thoughts of genocide.
With hatred as solid as my vision is grand.
Of mass destruction 'til mankinds end.
And all creation in reverse.
To rid me of this human curse.
These thoughts trouble me.
But at least I now know why.
I just want to be,
the only thing alive.

15. Dying Life

No longer existing.
Only wandering around,
in dark forgotten places of the mind.
Locked away long time ago for most people.
No longer existing.
What is this?
Only suffering.
Only dying every day a little more.
No longer existing.
Feelings doesn't seem to matter.
Only the torture of the flesh is real.
To enable your self-consciousness.
Prolonging your existance, suffering.
What does it matter in the great scheme of your selfmade terror.
People are just empty shells in their obscure world of obtained nothingness..
Fuck your dying souls.
Fuck off dying life.
Lies were never so clear as now.
Your existence completely reduced to ashes.
Desolved to the minor pieces.
Of living filth you are.
Into the fire, it burns so hard.
So relentless, purifying.
There's no fucking mercy here.

16. Aftermath

17. Sentenced To Oblivion


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