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Spawn Of Hatred

"Spawn Of Hatred" (2000 Demo)

1. Divine Sucide
2. Servant Of Apocalypse
3. Rebelion
4. War For Domination
5. Land Of Suffering
6. Church Of Impurity

1. Divine Sucide

The crown full of thorns
Your body slashed with a lash
Come in to the underworld
Hellfire will burn your flesh
You've been betrayed by god
Waiting for the eternal dream
The scoffs and laughter from skies
Die on the wooden sign

Divine suicide
Look Christ that's cross for you
It's great mystification
Too strange to be the truth
Bloodthirsty rabble decided
Christ must be put to death
Where's father from great heaven
Swollen you're dying in pains

Awake you're still
Suffering the torment
Your skin is punctured
Your tendons are strained
Pungency of pain
Pulsation in temples
Your time has gone
Last breath no life

He's gory and dead
And surrounded by worms
He's rotting in grave
For what did you want that
His suppurated lungs
Tongue stiffened and dried up
Not worth your sacrifice

Your eyes full of hate
Your extremities nailed to the cross
Come in to the underworld
Because heaven has never been
Because god has forgotten you
Tormented on Golgotha
Before you could decide
Stay alive or die

Divine suicide...

Dithering cold night lethargy or dream
To late to stop time of agony
Last spasm no help last vociferation
Divine suicide CHRIST DIED

2. Servant Of Apocalypse

Time of hate
Of endless damnation
Empty womb stained
The child is dead
Livid skin
Body forsaken

He was called
From star infinities
Lands of madness
Realms of perversion
Born from gloom
Hellish spawn

Death supremacy
Foetus expired
Decay of thousands
Waves of destruction
Holy prediction

United in blood
From ripped veins
Scattered limbs
Smell of guts
Welcome to
Of nocturnal slaughter

Legions of souls
Crowded at the gates
Screams of suffering
Malicious voices
They�ll never return
Eternal wandering
Posthumous congregation
Of the faceless ones

Servant of apocalypse
Called from beyond underworld
Demon of star vastness
Immortal emperor of blasphemy


He was called...

The leper ones
Sons of disease
Dead children
Gutted cherubim
More like little
Naked hideous
Shrunk devils

Useless flesh
Skinned remains
Total carnage
Hope is lost
No salvation
The beginning
Of extinction

Mournful dirge
Reinforces spells
Voices fill
The catacombs
Wings of death
Over their souls

Death supremacy...


When world cremate
And every life is dead
He comes to reap the flesh
Piece by piece
The only conqueror
Master of victory
Strides the battlefield
Delighting in the human end

Every found tissue
Every found shit
Collects to create
Next children to kill


3. Rebelion

Lord! The burning water is flowing out
From under the throne
Blaze! The unholy light
Will lighten my hands forever
Stay, eternal in space
Your time will never end
Burn cowardly fools staring at Jesus
In church of the liar
Settle the fight, thrust with a knife
Brightness of fire raping the night
Christ over turned, remember right
Never forgive, eye for an eye

Let's begin rebellion
Spawn of hatred, spawn of death
Let's sow terror
Bloody tears of despair
Dethroned, bastard son
Wooden cross, burning cross
Look at your maimed skin
He's coming again

God the Fire
Dirge of the scalded ones
Lament of sires
Betrayers, burn them
God the Fire
I summon the Fire
In your burning temple
Victims are suffering
Rebellion in heaven
Rebellion in the skies
Rain of dead sanctities
Purge them from their lies
Rebellion in Eden
Kingdom pulled down
Golden drops and pearls
Becoming caustic shit

The sick like naked, carbonized trees
Inhale black smoke
Cross has deceived humankind
Pushed to genocide
Herds of the bastards kill to survive
But they have to die
Look at their children they will not die
(rebels children)

4. War For Domination

Eternal pain, disease in eyes of deity
His sorrowful face, so pale but full of love
Deadly foe formerly as a servant
I'm not your slave; I'm not your sacrifice

I am lord by myself
Born beyond the house of god
You're shackled in church
I despise your faith
Dying I attain nothingness

War for nothing
War for domination
War for humankind
This world will die but out of me

Clear conscience but hands in blood
The pack of dogs fighting for flesh
"Help us, our god!" It's their morbid prayer
"Wealth for us and blood for you"

I am lord...

War for nothing
War for domination
War for humankind
"I fail to understand" Jesus wept

Malediction, other worlds mist
Of unbelief I don't resist
Potential might inside of me
No trust in god I'm atheist


I am lord...

I hate this world
Full of emptiness
Devout liars, priests, sacred whores
Pages of holy bible contain this, it's shit
I don't believe, desecrated Christ, blasphemy

Savior felt faint
Our last day
Mere accident
Christ dies again
Look at his lambs
Burning in hell
The heartless bells
Deride god's death

5. Land Of Suffering

Anguish, damned souls, desert
No life, remains, dust
Extinct, hollowed runes
Empty land's demise

Disoriented, standing in caustic sand
Environment saturated scalding air
You fear of the creatures sucking rotting veins
Haunted, plodding on the ground of barren land

Spewing out the scum
Entrails fulfilled with the blood
Rotting in the Sun
Thoughts drowning in shredded brain
Your last destiny
wait all the eternity
Lost grains of your life
Mutilated after death

More than as alive

Disbelief in your mind
Never ending hate
Merciful god denied
Shit on heaven's gate

Howling, swarming vermin
Only scattered shards
Wasteland, hopeless land
Where everything's died


Wasted humankind
Your damned soul upon remains
Sleep of rotten mind
Fallen down the bloodred rain
Killed or crucified
Desecrated flesh and blood
Savior won't save you
There's no doubt; it's the truth


6. Church Of Impurity

Buried alive shadows of past
Deep down in temple under the floor
Darkness complete I hear the screams
From realm of chaos, from realm of bones

Hurricane of fire among cracked pillars
Passage to hell, from bottomless well
Rain of molten steel, solemnized obscenity
In church of impurity

Ethereal aroma of sodomy
Solicitation with voluptuous words
Fouled altars in shit
Silent whispers and morbid insanity

In the temple of ancient goddess
Forgotten in times of Acheron
Take up a cover of stone chest
Find the eternal pleasure

The fog at midnight - fear
Blood of the innocent one - sin
The spotted skin - sick
Church of impurity

When rivers overflow and sink the temple
People rebuild their sacred house of god
They'll think: "Good god, thank for your providence"
But unholy church will exist forever

Ethereal aroma of sodomy...

In the morbid temple...

Fear it haunts you
Panic possess you
Go mad unless you



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