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Rehearsal 2005

"Rehearsal 2005" (2005 Demo)

1. Gormaeg
2. Immortal Agony
3. Bathory
4. Reconquering the old empire
5. Deathcrush (Mayhem cover)

1. Gormaeg

paths that take
towards destruction places
drop ruling souls
tortures that tear the weak
burning angels
desecrate the sacred throne

infernal possession
impaled bodies, deep blasphemy
frighten the fallen
spreading the fake’s
undone ashes and blood
penetrating, they drop by
in the pain lava

¡¡¡hidden unholy, eyes which reveal the piercing pain!!!

it doesn’t exist the clamor
to aberration
unworthy faithful testimony
we will spread our hatred
raise your souls!
proclamation, we will hammer one thousand nails
to the ruling evil religiousness
followers of the dark reign
of the hidden power

¡¡¡unholy holocaust!!!

2. Immortal Agony

dark force
unleashed impurities
ended wars
glorious are the ones who spread illnesses
causing its rage and fear
harsh battles summoning the holocaust
provoke deadly defeats
causing the main destruction
hating the weak
we will rape
the bitches who attempt
our glory

old war banners
morbid angels
bring with them the eternal agony
which rules
over the tormented rest
of the already damned
who proclaim the false prophecy

¡¡¡ immortal agony!!
¡¡¡¡ darkness revenge

3. Bathory

destructive, prominent beauty
blood, pain, image of the alive memory
servitude and glory
young virgins condemned
to your unleashed tortures and torments

honey baths
innocents fell in your hands
remaining at the mercy of
the impalation
entrails you devoured
screaming were heard
naked you lay under the threshold
melted faced to her innocence

you preferred bleeding women
coagulum fulfilled your thirst and passion
you enjoyed her crying
their tears were drops of blood
pain they didn't feel
just love you gave them

shut in your pigsty
they left you
how much hatred and contempt you radiate
the other life called you
inert, that body remained,
full of nobility died
the consumed blood could stop her ageing,
but not her regrettable death

Bathory is dedicated to the pain I feel

4. Reconquering the old empire

immersed lies, between the fog
heart, victorious empire
tormenting old and devastated souls
and reserved opponents
we will reveal you
the staircases, where your children
have entombed
the supreme king memory
mountains of abysses
huge marshes
that one day reflected
the penetrating and sharp eyes
of your destructive fire
the brightness of ashes in the wind
absorbed by the
non-victorious army

our hatred still remains
which will unleash the chain
of the old empire
reconquering we will reign
battlefields in which
lie the buried bodies of
thousands of destroyed men

¡¡¡ no mercy!!!
reigning, proclaiming, overthrowing the weak bastard

5. Deathcrush (Mayhem cover)


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