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Lust for Torture

"Lust for Torture" (2004)

1. Intro
2. Progression In Decay
3. Clinical Wasteform
4. Ornaments of Mutilation
5. Sickening Surgery
6. Voracious Prophylaxis
7. Anxious Aberration In Pregnancy
8. Gorefucked
9. Denial of Existence (Brutal Truth cover)
10. Progression In Decay (demo version)
11. Sickening Surgery (demo version)

1. Intro


2. Progression In Decay

Endless loss of the vital functions,
collapse and inner occlusion.
Dissection - reactive process of pathogenic nucleus.
Entrails got sickened - surgical abomination.
Jugular veins sliced, cranial tissue in decay.
Morbid state caused by infective germs,
abnormal incision of the veins’ wall.
Mucous lesion,
critical dysfunction and gargling disease.
Intestinal paralysis,
necrotic parasitic forms infect.
Unicellular micro-organisms secretes blood,
progression in decay.
Contraction - regurgitation of the muscular tissues,
neuro system collapsed.
Bacteriological manifestation,
decrepit anomaly… damage done.

3. Clinical Wasteform

Laparoscopic hysterectomy,
surgery to remove diseased gallbladders… including culdoscopy.
Exanimate the internal female pelvic organs.
Aspiration of fluids,
puncture of vaginal vault,
uterosacral ligaments
transabdominal incision into peritoneal cavity.
Vaginal fornix, in acception of hysterectomy
to operate into ventromedialis nucleus,
of inner hypothalamus.
The acidification of ovoid groups cavity formed artificially,
as result of infected pathologic process,
vaginal creamy endotopical application arises,
the pustule’s cells damage to increase ph value.
Culdoscopy, culdocentesis,
purulent virulency in the clitoris region.

4. Ornaments of Mutilation

Split wide open infected body parts,
fresh faecalia echoes, sickening your brain.
Penetrating stench of rectal odours,
morbid intestinal body painting art.
Stiff covered by dumping smeared shit,
start sadonecrocoitus...
That’s the way I wanna cum...
through your ears,
in your nose.
Make your brain a pup of sperm,
intrude the eyes,
blindness comes.
Don’t have to see...just feel the pee!
Morbid coitus fills the orifices,
bloody sperm boils,
coming out from the mouth,
testicles pump the juices of life,
as you kiss the lifeless,
mangled head innards.
Chop the head...psychosadomaso intervention.
Razor blade ornaments, of the hardened nipples,
chewing the offals,
in the opened abdomen.
Shave the pussy...peel its skin,
wide the legs,
to practice transrectal throat.
Fist onanism.
Chop the limbs...psychosado intervention.
Pillaging the intestines and consume everything you find.
Psychosexual infection of morbid erection,
post mortal faecalia dissection.

5. Sickening Surgery

An induction to sexual disorders,
Cold premeditate sickening surgery
Altered brain cells inception, tools of abuse
Endematic seeds grow… to the core.
Discordant pathologies,
sharpened rusty razor caresses the intestinal areas, then cut them violently… deeply.
Internal corruption,
Overloaded excess of hepatic treatment.
Mutilation - rip and cut.
Decortication - surgically slain.
Exsanguinating - straight from the heart’s veins.
Lethal injections,
Carved to the bone,
Guts come filled with rot and disarray.
Skin tissues proceed to the dislimbing process,
consumed and inhumed.

6. Voracious Prophylaxis

Malicious mobiluncus operates in bacterial vaginosis,
performing the aggressive advance of suppurating lactobacillus.
Malodorous innards,
pelvic inflammation,
necrotic infection of Fallopian tubes.
Morbid treatment,
drench in pus,
sadistic sodomy in cadaveric hyper nutrition.
Refluxes the abhorrence of the fucked intestine’s mass,
as smearing the lady’s lips with purulent faecalia.
Exhaling bacteria,
from oral defecation,
dead body’s mastication,
in oral sex excretion.
The pulsating penis,
devoured by herpes zoster,
after ejaculation it receives the wave of regurgitated excrements.
The spongy tissues get full of shit to reduce penis,
to boiling tumefacted,
necrofaecalic reproductive virulent organ.

7. Anxious Aberration In Pregnancy

Abhorrent self-made abortion,
grabs the little one’s desires,
and denies the coming to the light...
Sperm running through the veins,
infect the umbilical chord,
feeding the little baby.
The new born feels the pulsating penis,
starts to consume it.
The spongy tissue, full of blood, explodes in his faces.
Uterine bloody-bath the result...
Increasing childish violent necrophilic excitation.
Consumed the male’s organ of reproduction,
now it’s time to devour mummy’s innards.
Necrotic koitus.
Ovaries, vaginal, intestinal mixture prepared by the little one that doesn’t come to the light,
before feasting the flavours and scents of horrifying ano-genital enjoyment.
Nothing remains of the poor pregnant mother…
Disembowelled, emptied, fucked, rejected.
Through bloody-sperm flowing madness,
soaks and floats the baby.
Ejaculation - vomit.
Feed the life of the anxious compulsive childish spoiled generation.

8. Gorefucked

Carving penis, bursting foreskin
consuming the downy pube,
down in the polluting irritants colony.
I love to watch those insects
suck blood from that spongy tissue.
I love to bite your putrid genitals
to taste rotten morbid perversion.
Sadistic sense of beauty,
soaked pussy in mooriatic acid.
I love to watch change its colour,
I love to lick boiling skin
I love to smell the reek of acidification
rotten morbid perversion.
Sadistic coitus compulsion
Genital pulse during the torture,
excretion exhale stench of discomposure.
Rotten morbid perversion - sadistic coitus compulsion.

9. Denial of Existence (Brutal Truth cover)

Copyright by Brutal Truth & Earache Records

10. Progression In Decay (demo version)

See lyrics of track nr.2

11. Sickening Surgery (demo version)

See lyrics of track nr.5


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