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"Elite" (2005)

1. A New Age
2. The Lizard Creature
3. White Deep An Embrace
4. A Pond Without Drops
5. Instrumental Intermezzo
6. The Fall Of Winter
7. Suppress My Grief
8. We Are The Elite
9. Aeons Glow In The Sun

1. A New Age

This is a new age...

A star rises from the north
With full throttle it rages down
One step closer t(w)o-zero-twelve
Destination: Armageddon - Fixation: we all
Some will never understand the true essence...

Come on... From life to death!

Fatality comes after immortality
We are all the weak flesh of our own

Thoughts divide three times nothing
They may dream of a better world
They may deny it's coming down
Yet when total annihilation is unbound
A cry for God can be heard...

Forty years this journey will last
Predicted many times before in the past
Still not believing in the self fulfilling prophecy
May this day been set as number one

This is a new beginning!
This is a new age!

2. The Lizard Creature

What kind of lies cross the border
Farther than anyone - Harder than anyone
Messed up! One line is not fair
Iron cold stakes messed up
Made the earth black

Chaos left the dry tears
Mysteries too dark to capture

Too dark...

I am the lizard - Rapes your wizard
On the ground - Stamping your wizard
On the ground - Stench is my lizard

Stronger with hate - Harder with words
Brave with pitiful promises
Larger than your hand reaches above our red sky
Bursted from desire!

With fear I hunger
I crawl to the open feast
All swords will burn
Hear the demonic laughter

Presume the last wish kills the first hand
A square - Dead and grey...

Still the same today
Still dead today!

What kind of lies cross the border
Farther than anyone - Harder than anyone
Messed up!

3. White Deep An Embrace

Still feel a desire to crawl back
to those days.
When pleasure kissed
Never cheated
It was not perfect
even not made that as a goal
A goal as an embrace

Just as fast as it fell
we know how thick our veins are
Pressure still feeds chaos
Broken beats seen as a cloud
The only one in the sky
Discover all...

Weeping shores connected
with sun reflected waves
The black light in my life
shines upon the smile of your death

Claim your word of hope in dying faces
Breathing blood right before your God
Wasting all the ways of direction
Overpowers the road of freedom

Resurrection of your dead God
A fairytale written in the books of your own
Enchant the unter with the power of white
colored hands only they can embrace
In grey...

4. A Pond Without Drops

Blast... Rise...

Roar from this day
and stop no more
Enslave them all
and finish it in full glory
The apocalypse is there
Salvation is nearby
All thoughts are bonded in just one
They project what eyes cannot see

Hollow words screaming are less than nothing
May fear be the world its travel guide
And may we all turn to dust for a while
For we are no more than just a second of eternity

All thoughts combined into one
A mass revelation gathers strength
Many are there
Yet none understands

We are all worthless slaves
Black with no single colour at all

Swimming in a pond without drops!

We are all taking way too much
Waiting for hell to come down

5. Instrumental Intermezzo

6. The Fall Of Winter

Winter, my dawn of sin
A star shines through
I can't see but notorious grief and pain

So cold - Embrace me in your arms

Winter stole my plague and torture took my life
The Ravenous and the Non Divine
Sorrow let snow fall

Winter - So cold

I see not through the dead of night
Watch this earthly paradise burn
Endless horror of death, blood and crucifixion

I am forsaken
Eternally hidden into a void

Winter - So cold
Demons, I'm far from home and still alone...

7. Suppress My Grief

On the wings of the black emperor
Made of the remnants of the grief
It fills the bitter patient desire
You can't suppress

Attack - Dead soldiers - Attack - Sons of hate
Attack - Dead soldiers - Attack - Hell is here

Shapeless thoughts cleave the heart
An empty silence - Broken tear
You've seen the rebirth of today
He has announced his comeback

Sky blows over fast
One by one see I them vanish
Points of light in a black abyss
Bitter grief is the paint on the wall
A hole, huge desire too strong to go on

Come again!

Fraternized with your spirit
Full expressions in the art
Losing one's way in a maze
One pure breathe

Years passed until we realised
No more can we do
Defend against the enemy
You were not there

Sky blows over fast
One by one see them vanish
Is the paint on the wall?
A hole, huge desire too strong to go on

8. We Are The Elite

Chaos, death and pestilence
Shall reign the future past
Drums lead the orchestra
And cry out the war chants below
Let pain and horror divide them apart
One side of them all - One side just a few
It is not about what we feel but who we are

Life is an unstoppable road to death
They are not aware of the impact
Now rape, my brothers and sisters
Slay them all with their own guilt
And may their God have mercy for their bastard sons

Count them backwards taking out
the new days we are awaiting
One day the sun will stop shining
and forever - Forever darkness will be spread
Disorder will be the language spoken

And hate will replace what they call love
Strife for the righteous and the Strong

Stand by yourself and sort out the Wrong
A chameleon of individuality is more free
than a galactic form of pure power
Be yourself without losing control
of what others may think of you

9. Aeons Glow In The Sun

Tears felt on her shoulders
take care of my breath
He is dying with colours red
shared every second
is now a glowing wind in our heart
Chaos doesn't have permission:
to break, to leave, moments

A plane could save a hidden tear
deep wrestling in my eye
They seek words
for someone somewhere
will rise

A second became an aeon
A second with the sun is, is desire
Broken heart
Until your hands bleed

Kneel down at the end of the rainbow
Where colours no more shine bright
Hate will strike us all
Down we'll go and blood will flow

Ages have passed and more have to come
In silence we await the sun
The lights are gone...
And the world will glow no more

Aeons glow in the sun

Like colours fading to grey
What kind of cloud will embrace
Deep wrestling in my eye

Our instinct goes far
Blame it to your lackness
for not bringing you
safely on your road home


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