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"NecroTerrorism" (2001 Demo)

1. Mourning Relief
2. Filthy Potion
3. Corrosion Of Future
4. Mesmerising Aphrodite

1. Mourning Relief

Beat of the heart, disloyal comrade...
(If your pulse I loose forever...)
I´m deaf or I face the worst nightmare!!!

Under some frowzy rags,
Moth-eaten and field by furious nails,
Lives a diabolical and impious being,
With a soul pale like snow,
And creased stained with bloody forms.

Black sorcerer...
Each time you guide a specter,
Your eyes sparkled with glee,
You tremble with the sound of perpetual lamentations,
You have an orgasm of putridity!!!

Slave of the fate that nature reserved for us,
I pain for those who stay, awaiting their turn,
Suffering my blindness in solitude...

You don´t deserve my compassion, fade away!!!

My blood is already boiling,
My skin is already vanishing...
My beloved carcass
Only dismissal is left to us!!!

Black sorcerer...
When my turn comes,
Grant me one last wish...
Ease my pain!!!

2. Filthy Potion

In a huge cauldron of darkened steel,
Wrapped by an immeasurable fungus scab,
Gushes a greenish liquid,
Hearing wailings from weakened souls

Let's destroy the eternal suffers!!!
Let's glorify the valiant heroes!!!

Viscera of those who didn't resist the call,
Memories of those who abased themselves,
Are browing at soft fire...
The ill-tempered blood is thrown and boiled...
'Til a stinky pulp is formed...
The bilious barm of the most rickety alligator is added...
And the surrounding swamps keep silent
'Til the face of the beast glimpses from the liquid...

The potion is ready!!!

A spoonful for those who are present
The loosers will pass away and be used in the next potion...
The brave ones will mark their front and carry on their crusade....

We don't need to pray
Evil lives with us...
Let's proceed to earthly purification!!!
Let's raise the flag of glory...
And Let's praise the eternal heroes!!!


3. Corrosion Of Future

Corrosion of future
Tortures the past
Creatures of the dark land
Come into the circle... rise!!!

What do you know about perfection?
Do you believe in dementia prophecies?
My secret thoughts, consumed in torment
Dust pencils... renealed

Now their art is hard and fast
Brutal horizons where
there are no tears and no one's last
Blow, they say, yes blow, blow all
the end is coming, it's coming, can't
you hear the call

Hear the call, it's coming the end of all
Hear the call, it's coming the end of all

Lords of perpetual disharmony
Masters of disorder and ruin
I was the system destroyer,
in a progressive disaster
Disfunction porposal... lies!!!

I exist, persist, resist in flesh
Far... near!!! Here!!!
Vicious illusion, transcendent contributions
of inteligence, knowledge and pain

Go back to the other dimension!!!
The one that you can see.
Masters of disorder and ruin
Don't fear the blind eyes of humanity

Hear the call, it's coming the end of all
Hear the call, it's coming the end of all

Now There is ecstasy for blood!!!
He is stonned waiting to die,
In a Bloody desperation, Evil emancipation,
The last page of human Mind.

4. Mesmerising Aphrodite

Hel... Mistress of darkness
Queen of the underworld
Imaculated figure
Enslave me to superstition...

Whore of lurid lust
Luscious body of perverse Taste
Bright image... My dear succubus
Rove through my wet dreams.

Bite my skin
Suck my poisoned fluids
Be mine... possess my body... forever!!!


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