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"Apocryphal" (1998 Demo)

1. Celestial Battles (Part I)
2. Scarlet Hell
3. Mirace Of Creation
4. Celestial Battles (Part II)
5. Closed Gates

1. Celestial Battles (Part I)

This deep eyes quickly turn red...
The holy rain that pulverized Cosmos
With their gloomy brightness
Bleed the heart of ancient angels

Beging for god's forgiveness...
For ages he rules the souls...

Hordes of angels learning his godspell
'Til the day of the new vision
The beat of the drums echoes in the skies
Announcing that glorious battle!!!

Blades shreding fresh flesh and immortal bodies
Laying in the ground...
Death has arrived!!!

Princes of evil, black angels...

Angels waiting to be gods
Were sentenced to hell
From darkness
Came the lords!!!

Princes of evil, black angels...

Stain the firmament
With their coal wings...
A black shadow, cross the sky...

Leaving a filthy smell... of death!!!

2. Scarlet Hell

Greetings common mortals
This is an ancient tale
About god, angels and other immortals
About a quest of glory

Master... Master... Lucifer...

"The first falling angel
Becomes the only master
That rules the kingdom of hell"

"I am angel Lucifer
God's favourite
And since that horrible war
I was sent to travel
To the unpromissed land
That leads right to hell"

Hell !!!
Is not a firing lake
Is being apart from the godspell
I'm burning in hell!!!

God, talk to me!!!

"I can't take to be aparted from you
I only want to be near of thee"

Master... Master... Lucifer...

Forgive me god, forgive me

"My mind was confused
Now I know I was wrong
I'm lonely singing this song
Waiting to be again with you"

Lord... Oh!!! Lord... I'm burning in hell!!!

3. Mirace Of Creation

Sad of troubling angels
God followed a comet
To an unconquered planet
When he started to create mankind

He gave them heart, soul and mind
And spread... his spell
- The beginning of the countdown to apocalypse -

On the first day, he created light
Second day - the sky and the clouds
Third day - the seas and the land
On the fourth the moon, the stars and the sun
Fifth day - he created life on water and air
Sixth day - the land animals... and men
On the seventh day... he took a rest...

Away from heaven
God made his second home...

Started a relationship with humanity
With astonishing results...

Angel's pride blind their minds...
The second heaven war begun...

4. Celestial Battles (Part II)

Souls given to talking monkeys?
You should be crazy!!!

Why don't you give them the keys
Of your kingdom?
Are us the only ones that see
The things that will come?
Brothers against brothers
Angels against god

Impaled angels all around
Disemboweled angels on the ground
Blood flows through the holy floor
Victims of an unholy war

Holy heaven was a victim of circumstance
The angels were the minister of change
Fighting with each other in a continuous dance
Against the godspell they wanted to rearrange

Our wings are stained with blood
We are just sold killers for god
Every time a man lays on the mud
Are we who hangs the sword
To kill him... for his sins

5. Closed Gates

I hear the screams of many...
I am the souls of many!!!
We were hanged on solid land...

None of us can understand,
Why can't we fly to heaven,
As we've done since man is man

Some of us hardly tried
To fly up into the sky

To find out the cold truth
Heaven is closed!!!

One day we've talked to some rebels...
They told us they were angels
But god abandon them!!!

He never talk to them...
They told us the truth:
Heaven is closed!!!

Until that war goes on
No soul will get holy rest
- Not even the best -

We were condemned to hang on
In this land
Waiting to go to holy land...
Waiting that heaven open his doors again!!!

'Til then... heaven is closed!!!


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