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Way of the Sorcerer

"Way of the Sorcerer" (1995 Demo)

1. Way Of The Sorcerer
2. Enigma

1. Way Of The Sorcerer

I walk the path of sorcery and power not for cowards
Nothing is as it used to be, for I've seen the light, the ancient might
The colours of the life I used to live faded to grey, my soul flew away
All those fools ruined by their grief, I left them behind, paralyzed and blind

Once when I was born my life was forlorn
Lost in the Tonal might, the Nagual slept inside
Not see did I but interpret, a floating world that is never set
But so it was in my mind and so it is in all mankind

But I lived off the stride, only death was on my side
I learnt to live in ecstasy, not superficial harmony
One day I realized the impotence of Christ
And found only two aims left for me - death or sorcery

"Schlimmer als tausend Tode ist der Tod im Leben.
Dem Werk Gottes willenlos ausgeliefert zu sein,
ohne den eigenen göttlichen Funken zu entfachen.
Nur wer sich selbst vergißt und sich von der Hölle der Gestalt befreit,
kann auf den Schwingen der Wahrnehmung
durch die Unsterblichkeit reisen"

Amongst the sea of eternity, not as the drop I used to be
I conquered kingdoms deep inside, always willing for my energy to fight

For universe is rapacious, everywhere lurks misery and loss
Slave of a spirit with every breath is a state much worse than death

2. Enigma

Once our life was an enigma, now we always think to be in charge
Once struggle against the elements, now endless sleep in ignorance

Yet the enigma will remain, we try to unveil it in vain!

Instinct, not reason is the clue, they act not think, those who are true!
He who knows the least is the most satisfied
For he feels the enigma of the might


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