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Sodomize the Goat

"Sodomize the Goat" (1988 Demo)

1. Voodoo Mass
2. Blood Monk
3. Chicken Dance
4. Twilight Rem
5. Underground Church
6. Distorted Birth
7. Acid Orgy
8. [ instrumental ]
9. Unholy Black Slut
10. The Fog
11. Possessed Soldiers of War
12. Sacrifice

1. Voodoo Mass

Far Away, beyond the black sea
A temple of the accursed
Hordes they come, in an endless ride
Called by a distant whisper

A Place so vile
Was hidden in a mist far away
In a valley so vast and deep
Only unholiest cretures were beckoned there

Now they've reached the sacred shrine
They're paying to a Pagan god
Rubing lamb's blood on their chests
They float around a distant fire

A ritual so evil, the bloodiest orgy
That involved the speading of a curse
Vile than mankind know

Waiting in the jungle for the next crucifixion
Bangin skulls from vines in the fermented growth
Voodoo mass a tnight, mordid rituals fullfilled

Voodoo mass,Voodoo mass
Voodoo mass,Voodoo mass

2. Blood Monk

Blood monk come to my throne
Evil possessd your inner mind
Lives filled with pagan worship
Vultures circle aroung the Black Pool
Dancing in the ritual
Spilling the sweet blood of a lamb
Forgetting the lies of Jesus Christ
Your soul is turning black

Black shrine is hidden
in a cave of stinking moss
Blood monk is kneeling
At the black altar
He lights the kindling fire
And chants silently to himself
Whispers bestial rites

Now the unholy deeds are done
Return to your rotten master
Blood monk, your soul will forever burn
In the flames of Sodom

3. Chicken Dance

4. Twilight Rem

Crawling bugs pour out of your eyes
Sickening preacher, vomit on his collar
Inverted cross floats above your head
Forever night, will you come back

Twilight rem
Twilight rem

Deadly dram seems so real
Smells bad, I'm lying in blood
This religion, necrovore's lust
God please tell me I'm not dead

(repeat chorus)

You wake up ina sweat
But you're lying in a casket
Death is so painless
Come and taste sweet death
You thought that you had seen god's light
But instead you're locked in a realm
Never again will life be the same
Writhing, screaming in an endless nightmare

(repeat chorus)

5. Underground Church

Torches light the sky, as the doom bell tolls
The gathering of an unholying coven for ritual
All shall be told, nothing sacred
The Underground church
Behind the sacred wall is hidden lust
The bloodstained steps lead to the shrine
The chanting is louder, their priest floats
The underground Church
Light the candleabra
Incoke the sacred names in which you pray to
Open the forgotten passage
You found the underground church
Messiah of damned stands bedore his coven
Offerings of blood and carnage are brought to Him
Tonite the candles were lit in his name

The Sacrifice done, Bloodstained altar
The vows of chaos have been recitedThe godlets are passed in praise of their Lord
The Underground Chruch

6. Distorted Birth

Distorbed Birt, Incestual Lust
Carnal sin, brought forth ghoul
Hidden chapel, where he dwells
Pagan rites shall be known
Candles lit for his black mass
In the barn his ritual is fulfilled
Smearing goat's blood on his genitals
Eyes are insane, lust for the dead

Distorbed Birth,Distorbed Birth
Distorbed Birth,Distorbed Birth

In his mind something's wrong
Swellng lump, cause him pain
Perverted ghoul, sees one thing
Women's blood clots his beard

Corpses in mounds behing the barn
Maggots feeding on his offerings

(repeat chorus)

His sicening rituals, Satanic rites
Brain's deformed
Worshipping Satan, his lust is uncontrolled
Vomiting blood, unholy ritual now deceased

Distorted birth, perverted ghoul
Satanic rites, Bloody orgy

now his deeds are fulfilled
Throbbing tumour disappears
It is time for him to rest
Forever in a darkened alliance

7. Acid Orgy

Forget the night of revelation
Now it's time, sweet sensation
Indulge in this wild libido
LSD had flooded your veins

Acid orgy
Acid orgy
Acid orgy
Join the acid orgy

Inner thoughts of sexual lust
A trip beyond all reality
Interwined throbbing mass
Swating flesh coes together

(repeat chorus)

Intravenous, pollution of blood
Hallucinations flood your vision
Voyeur in you has come toward
Drink the blood of your partner

8. [ instrumental ]

9. Unholy Black Slut

She drinks the cum of the dead
Trails of slime where her cunt has bled
Black eyes filled with fucking lust
Slowly you flesh turns into crust

Fucking black, she lives for lust
Stripping flesh from your bones
Fucking black, want you death
Suckng life from your veins
Turning black, takes you soul
Slave to this rotting corpse
Forever back, dwell in Hell
Lick the maggots from her slit

Face is covered with a veil of black
Don't open it, you'�� see your death
Foul stench from her toothless mouth
Goat semen spawned this Whore

(repeat chorus)

Beelsebub's possessed whore
Saliva drippng from her tongue
Warts cover her pale flesh
The necromancers bastard spawn

10. The Fog

The thirteenht of november
Full moon lights the sky
Ghouls are gather to chant
they summon the fog
The lamb's throat is slt
Blood floods the coffin
Their spehred is here

The fog
The fog
Black, stinking fog

Now the dead will rise
Floating throught the fog
Clutch on crucifix
The gates begin to open
Finally time has come

The shepherd leads his flock
Into the valley of fog
The will wait for you

(repeat chorus)

11. Possessed Soldiers of War

Coming from earth's core
Death is on a wing
Blackened arise church taking with it
Soldiers revenge from the grave
Possessed soldiers of war
Trying to get free
Master enslaves innocent victims of war
Now not what they were, tormented souls
Darkness their only remorse
Possessed soldiers of war

Possessed Soldiers of war
Hauning a blackened sky
Back from a lost grave
Forever in limbo at night

Soldiers coming from their graves
Back to take your life
You made them suffer so
You wil pay in time

12. Sacrifice

Lie on the altar
Black Prince stands near
Smell the rotting stench
Feel the trembling fear

Sacrifice of Virgins
Sacrifice of preachers
Sacrifice of children
Sacrifice of all

Unholy voice brought in here
To feast on holy flesh
Seven virgins open wide
Await their final breaths

(repeat chorus)

Bible thron into Abyss
God exists no more
Staked to cross in glowing Hell
Virgings crying, Virgings weeping
There is no more religion

(repeat chorus)

Time has come for the rest of you
To join your rotting Hell
All that remains of your soul
Is a putrid smell


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