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"Black Metal" (2002 Demo)

1. Prelude To A Black Metal
2. Anthem Of A Black Rose
3. Bizarre Full Moon
4. Nightmare (Sarcofago Cover)

1. Prelude To A Black Metal

Close your eyes in a mystical dreams
And see the way to the into at the gates
Slave are those souls
Your screams...
Your cries...
And hate!
In anthem from hell
Black Metal !
The satan´ song

2. Anthem Of A Black Rose

I know its desires
I see the shades of the death walking
in the horizon on its eyes
and the hammer in my hands
that you are the beautiful rose
I feel smell of the death
the black rose being born
in a light breeze the death
hugs me for the victory as a dream!
sunrise lost in the hell

of the blood! slaughter!
hatred! fire!
and pain!

come of the battle for revenge
in the war with satan... with satan!
in a mistic way in the search of the brave
it searchs of the victory.
I latch my eyes
for you lord of all desires

the more fine anthem...
the song for my end...
song for my death!!!
wickedness and malediction
is not a dream!!!
now is a nightmare of the black rose
anthem of the black rose

3. Bizarre Full Moon

Semblace to day with all
Visible for any place this night
My nocturnal lucidity
By four corners that i look
I feel your speel about my heads
This winds of dawn
Frost and rain of sorrows
A sensitive emotion
Haunted by the moon
The lady of magic
A rainbow in the shadows
I attend the wasting of my desires
My black desires...

The man understand thatís the image of god
When understand that god
Is the idea with do himself
Railing until the infinity

Oh! Fucking god
By the evil that i wait...
The fine fullmoon of madness
This smell of mould, blood and death
And come the devils of my dreams
Celebrate to the eternal darkness
Down of fullmoon
Bizarre fullmoon is my bewich
Horizon a far away ... oh Satan!!!

4. Nightmare (Sarcofago Cover)


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