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God is the Enemy

"God is the Enemy" (2007 Demo)

1. Intro
2. Satan's Arrival
3. Almighty Antichrist
4. Goat Ritual 666
5. Unholy Satanic War
6. Winter
7. With Satan in me...
8. Rise of the Ancient Darkness
9. Outro

1. Intro

2. Satan's Arrival

In the name of the master Satan
Open wide the portals of hell
Summon the forces of darkness
To crush the golden gates of heaven

Mighty warriors of Satan, arise
Now is the time to feed on Christ's flesh
We must make lord Satan proud
Only then we will rule for eternity

We must serve his majesty
We must kill for Satan
We must spread Satanic wrath
And the victory will soon be here

Now, when the forces of hell are near
Total mayhem is here
Christ's blood will be spilled
Christians will be killed

Hail, Lucifer
Hail, Satan

3. Almighty Antichrist

The coming of our lord is near
He's coming to lead us in our path
He's here to reign
Rise of the Antichrist

We must sacrifice Christ's children
Only then, Devil's son will gain strenght
For his long expected journey
To lead us, us who serves

The dark age has arrived
Darkness is upon us
I watch the rise of the red moon
Waiting for his arrival

Immortality runs through his veins
That's all we ever wanted
That time has finally come
When Satan rules and God serves

New order is near!

4. Goat Ritual 666

Standing on the altar of stone
Black priest speaks
Virgin is standing naked to the altar
Waiting for the ritual to begin

Come closer to the altar
Prepare the knife, slay the goat
For fresh blood that will flow
To evoke the evil spirits

To complete my sacrificial ritual
Goat must bleed for Satan
We shall drink itís blood
And rule together with Satan

Shadows covering temple of doom
Our ancient cult is no longer hidden
Exiting the ritual chamber
The goat ritual has been done

5. Unholy Satanic War

A silence night before the fight
Against evil christianity
The unholy Satanic war is near
We are here for you, lord Satan

In the name of master Satan
I call you great deamons
Ancient times are calling
Time has come for us

Will you open the gates of chaos
And bring the dark angels into this world
Today earth will burn
Human blood will flow again

Great mighty Satan
The master of all evil
Iíve inverted the holy cross for you
To follow your way, to follow your path

6. Winter

On that cold winter night
While flying on winter wings
I was all alone, with heart so cold
Like a dark northern breeze

Through winter storms, and cold valleys
With my shining armor and my blade
I ride to face realm of darkness
To fight for my honour and my pride

Winter, embrace lands beyond me
Cold snow, cover the tracks behind me
Leave no marks of my existance
Cold winter help me in my quest

While wandering through darkest winternight
I know that the time for me has come
While spilling my own blood
I sense that I'm no longer alone

These frozen times and winter nights
Will allways be in my blood and heart
Mother winter, cover my dead body
And leave me cold forever

7. With Satan in me...

Warriors of hell, Satanís creation,
You must never rest
Until you hear the voice of Jesus Christ
Begging for his poor life

We must take what is ours
Burn the churches as a symbol of power
Rape virgins in sacrifice chambers
To bring Satan on the other side

Satan, cast your spell on me
Influence my weak soul
Bring hell through my body
With Satan in me...

8. Rise of the Ancient Darkness

Legions of Satan, legions of doom
Crush the unpure race of god
The creator of darkness will rise
To show us the true path

We will follow your command
We will serve you forever
Religion should be forgotten
As your god fails by your side

The bloody battle reached its end
The war has been won
So we reached our aim
To turn the world into darkness

9. Outro


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