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Non omnis moriar

"Non omnis moriar" (2004 Demo)

1. Hidden Truth
2. Eerie
3. Betraying Father-Form
4. Horror
5. Body, Soul and Spirit
6. The Cycle of Birth and Death
7. Against Christianity
8. We Summon Satan and God
9. Secrets from the Graveyard and the Glosing Gate
10. Combined Power

1. Hidden Truth

The door of the Highest Truth has opened
You can feel the goodness in your soul
The door of the deepest evil has opened
You can feel the demons trying to get your soul

Find the Truth! Itís beyond everything
Read it from the lips of a dying man

ďIíll be hereÖ Iíll be waiting hereÖ Iíll be waitingÖ for youÖ soÖ
If you come hereÖ Youíll find me. I promise.
Iíll be hereÖ Iíll be waiting here. Iíll be waitingÖ for youÖ soÖ
If you come hereÖ Youíll find me. Youíll find the Truth.Ē

2. Eerie

A human being full of secrets, which she even doesnít know about.
A child leaved to loneliness by two sinful people who concept and gave birth to her
She is liable to fascinating evil,
A victim for a devilís altar
The world has been painted in black for her,
The goodness has been told to live in hell


Eerie, an example of all of us
Born to sin, living in sin
Eerie, our own continuous eerie nightmare
Going to hell by her own will
Eerie, open your eyes! Own your soul!


An un-careful, lost, empty-looked creature,
which is too weak to protect herself from the face of the unknown
So far from reality living in her disastrous illusions
She is afraid of the final death,
Afraid of total vanishing
Her mind is a battle-arena of good and evil,
But who shall win? Who shall lose?

3. Betraying Father-Form

Do you hear that Satan is calling you? Do you hear he is screaming your name?
Do you see his face in your dreams? Do you see your name above Satan?
Like father he is trying to find youÖ
Like mother he wants to take care of youÖ
Trying to find you to kill you
Wants to take care of you as Christians
Do you hear when betraying father-form is speaking to you?
Do you understand his complex language?

Come and kill with satanic power! Whip with a rosary! Strike with a bible!
Liah cinatas rewop! Emoc! Evol eht snomed!

Dance with the death. Find the loveless hell
Sacrifice Jesus to Satan! He is the eventual, perfect victim
Dig a grave for him, for a Godís son
Are we Godís children? Is Hitler our brother?
Drink wine! Itís Jesusí blood
Eat bread! Itís Jesusí body
Drink blood! Itís from your wounds
Eat flesh! Taste your lips

Come and kill with strength of Satan! Carry a sparkling torch to the Devil!
The victory is ours when you crucify your goodness so love your fears,
feel anger and hate, be master of evil!
Liah cinatas rewop! Emoc! Evol eht snomed!

4. Horror

Horror, a feeling that at first made you to scare
Horror, a feeling that now on you will love

You weak little girl! Afraid of everything and everyone
You see white angels and screaming you run in to the shadows


You weak, little girl! Afraid of everything and everyone
You see black angels and screaming you run in to the light
There isnít a place where you could feel something else but horror

The shadows tuck you to sleep
In the middle of cold death
The light gives to you a fleeting heat,
So fiery as stabbed with a dagger

You dream is full of fear, anxiety and horror,
But still you get an immense pleasure from it


Your weakness is your strength now,
From darkness and light you get your might
The most killing suffering is from blindness of believers,
Darkness and light love you together

You live a life that is going to be a legend
Blood will mark you when you dreams come true
You are now a one of few who knows the Truth
Fantasy is now reality to you

Mysteries are on the clouds and below the ground
The fear of horror is just a key to endless agony


5. Body, Soul and Spirit

My body is my soulís curtain
Itíll descent when I die. When I dieÖ
My inside- world is like a poem of my senses
It ends when I die. When I dieÖ

So die! Let the demons nail your wrists and ankles
They can make your gravestone glow like you were a saint or a martyr
To them your soul is a reason to spit on your dead body
They will give your rotten flesh to the godís of Satanís empire

The first thing I ever read were the names on the gravestones
An empty swing was swinging. The invisible creature was speaking. It was the Devil
As a child I was playing with the spirits, laughing at the death
The articles were moving without my touch. It was the Devil

Die! 666 beast are guarding the gates of the Underworld
Die! Come to the death, we are waiting for you to come.
Die! In hell will the black sun shine and warm you like fire
Die! The darkness is the last reality. There will be no light

The death surrounds us in the middle of the life
Believe in your body, soul and spirit
All trinity is perfect
Media vita in morte sumus
Corpus, anima, spiritus
Omne trium perfectum

6. The Cycle of Birth and Death

Do you see your death-road to the life?
Because the life is the death and the death is the life
Donít believe a child of the Earth!
Honour the two kings of heaven and hell

She is an angel, an understanding beauty, a heart of the soul and a part of the immense
She walked trough the cycle of birth and death a thousands of times

She was born from nonexistent, that soul which pine away in a body
Last time on Earth she suffers before her final sleep

In her last dream she dashes through a tunnel
She sees her spiritís flight from birth to present
She sees hands reaching out for her
At last she is allowed to go in her wrapped home

You see your mother Satan, your father God,
You are daughter of beginning and end

7. Against Christianity

Christianity has distorted by humans,
itís inexact and unreal,
which contains norms for period,
that no longer exist.
As many as there are religion and sect,
there is right and wrong.
As many as there are humans,
there is religion.

Jesus is an atheist, a human,
who tries to pass over and place himself into the Godís place.
Jesus was an insurgent, who annuls worth in the existing world,
a big example of another world, where there werenít oppress and no God.

Christís proclaiming realm isnít heaven,
which by humans are comforting but itís Earthís love realm and that love is blind.
Jesus is a fighter, who wanted to put up his realm with fire and sword.
He wants to destroy us, who donít want he to be our god.

Know that Jesus is a human and he itself is the beast.
He is an enemy of the mankind and he is shadows and ashes.

Christians donít want to develop the world,
They want to obey the old values.
Let them go back with Jesus to the time of apes!
There you have your kind of animals to your parish!

We oppose Christianity through and through!
We oppose everything what it represent!
We oppose its leader, who let kiss only his feet!
We oppose its disciples, whose manipulated mouths talk shit!

8. We Summon Satan and God

Is there a night or a day, we burn candles to the triune spirit
Goodness, evil and we are together the perfect unity

We guard after our part, we summon the two other guards to come to us
We pray by folding our hands, by raising four of our fingers up to the skies

Our masters will come soon.
With the angels and demons we will escort our lords through a burning road

Dance to me, you Devilís son,
Dance to me, you Devilís prince

Show me your slit arms,
Show me your blood- stained chest.
Show me your manhood,
Give me pleasure and the seal of hell.

Dance to me, you Godís daughter,
Dance to me, you Godís princess

Show me your white skin,
Show me your night-black hair.
Show me your femininity,
Give me pleasure and the seal of heaven.

We summon Satan, Your veins pulsates death.
We undressed join You, ruler of hell.
We summon God, Your heart pulsates life.
We undressed join You, ruler of heaven.

9. Secrets from the Graveyard and the Glosing Gate

Itís time of midnight,
When the glowing grave opens and reveals secrets.

Those secrets are in a dead heart of human lying in the ark
The funerals of people are weddings of angels.

I am a living, thinking oneness, which was created in the sea of knowledge.
The human is a supernatural creature chained in an earthly body.

Suffer shows you, what are the earthly matters
It expresses, what there are hidden in you.
Pain is to a weird form wrapt blessing.
Lifeís secrecy is suffering, which is hidden behind everything.

Silence of night and forest can help soul to hear its own depth.
As deep as grief cut your essence, there can be more happiness in you.

Donít kill yourself! Itís a way to keep Christians happy
and in a dominating position, when you are dead.
Say your words to Christís children
and let them pay! Itís their turn to die!
Let them follow Jesus to the hell!

Meillä pohjolan piruilla on jokaisella oma risti, oma uhri.

Lumeen tippuu veripisaroita, elämän huuru häviää pian.
Portti sulkeutuu, olemme viestin saaneet, totuus valkenee.

Kun sodasta palaamme, on haudat valmiina, avattuina.

Multaa heitämme valheellisen elämän päälle,
annamme sen tukehtua pimeään.

Kristus on kuollut, kylmempi kuin järven jää,
kertoi hohtava hautamme.

10. Combined Power


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