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Rising Moanga

"Rising Moanga" (2002)

1. Boto (Intro)
2. Endless Sin
3. One Step Behind
4. Half Of Darkness
5. Holy Prophecies
6. When Falls The Winter
7. Sacred Ground (Intro)
8. Forest Of Remains
9. Iara
10. House Of Flutes
11. The Path Of Waters (Instrumental)

1. Boto (Intro)

2. Endless Sin

Now I wait the time to forgive my sins,
Beyond the laws of the men.
The tempest and the wind slowly trying
To take me to where I've been.

I wish I were blind'cos just can'tsee
The shine of the dawn
My spiriti's locked in this fortress tall.

Pre Chorus
The flesh turn into ashes, the body can't die, it's raised.

This might be forever, I'll face this, alone.
The words written in blood must be done, How long?
One more try, another day, I'm too blind to find my way,
There's no guiding man to lead me through
This endless life.

A thousand years, without a dream,
Taking my sanity to the edge,
Hear the whispers of the innocence's end.

Repeat Pre Chorus
Repeat Chorus

It's the morning beam
If this loneliness could ever be seen,
I would live in misery
Just to find myself again.
In this endless sin.

3. One Step Behind

(Part I - The Awakening)

Watching remains from dust,
Expecting to unhide all the signs from this thougths.
I just canít keep clear my mind,
Waiting (for) my breathe inside.

Why am I escaping, if I do not wish to wake (up)?
Thereís no way to pull me out,
I donít belong to this hell!

Faceless, my dignity,
In my world of mirrors, lie is the truth.
Destiny cannot stare me,
I shouldnít be a piece of you.

Fearless, your hands on me,
Taking away this life from me.
All the past hasnít existed,
My dreams are gone.
this isnít what I wanted it to be...

Repeat Chorus

Every moment in this place,
I just look back, and live to wait.
Hearing no words, lips are sealed,
Rime of secrets unrevealed.

Solos: Jean / Stanley

(Parte I - Final Revelation)

Iíve lost this life, now itís done,
But I still feel that thread keeping me.
How can I ease this pain, spinning in my head?

Answers coming and going all the time,
I donít have enought to waste, itís right,
And I feel so empty as I bleed.
Flashes of my days tearing my eyes,
Holding down my hands, now I canít fight,
And I pray the Lord to finish this.

I just canít go on, thereís no strenght,
Iíll learn the last dance tonight.
And once Iím ready, I canít go back,
I am just one step behind.

No matter where I am, or Iím supposed to be,
No questions to be answered, I am free.

4. Half Of Darkness

Time will not freeze, live your dreams to find
Answers for things from inside.

In the middle of nowhere
You are afraid to face your fate
Learn the lesson day by day
Untill it ends

Why do you leave our home late at night?
Why? The fear is outside.

With no fire to light your way,
Like a candlelight you feel
The wind is whispering
Even the moon is dark and dead

Why do you leave our home late at night?
Why? Maybe you should keep your sorrow
and stay here inside.

Look through the heart of your soul
See the glorious life you rised
Before you understand
The price of your mistake.

Why do you leave our home late at night?
Why? The fear is outside.

Why do you leave our home late at night?
Why? Maybe you should keep your sorrow
and stay here inside.

Repeat Chorus

5. Holy Prophecies

Truth isn't clear
Visions get lost in the haze
The darkness comes down, so near
Brave men fall, the madness waves.

As I see the children die
And the mothers that can't cry,
The fear grows on and on like fire inside me.

Sacred promisses
Words that were never heard,
Winds against the screams
The damned plague is here.

Harvesting lost lives
A sight that slowly kills the weak ones,
Smashing the believers
A piece of heaven is gone.

Ressurrection of sadistic ways to show
The weakness of our kingdom.

Holy prophecies deteriorate in time
Lost in old cold boxes out of sight.
And now we don't know how to stop.
There's no limit for the pain and suffering
Prosperity is lost in past remains.

Against our faith
The lights becomes darkness
The beauty becomes ashes
There's no sunset, there's no dawn.

Face the sky,
Pray for the angels arrival
Dead hope of wasted lives
The house of God may fall.

Repeat Prechorus
Repeat Chorus

6. When Falls The Winter

Life passes by so fast,
Just shadows of what you should really find,
Never paradise,
The path of nails thorn inside.

Limits could be reached out,
If broken down, but scared,
Youíve lost the chance
To see the world with different eyes.

Light wonít shine on you Ďtill the winter...
All the wisdow canít bring me the visions of paradise,
That lives inside me now.

No matter if you crawl
And feel not proud, this is the price,
The conquest sight
May not be just the way youíve thought.

Go on and on and feel
Like you have never existed,
Itís comming the time to leave your wishes burn alive.

Light wonít shine on you Ďtill the winter...
All the wisdow canít bring me the visions of paradise,
That lives inside me now.

Fall from sky in no oneís land,
Canít raise the eyes and face
No strenght enought to hold.
This dream drowned in faith,
Uncovering while waits,
Where secrets lie untold.

Solos: Stanley / Jean

If I still dive without fear,
From the deep sky without tears.

Repeat Chorus

7. Sacred Ground (Intro)

8. Forest Of Remains

Heart of stone,
Spirits will arise!
Forest, Forest !

Locked in this shell,
Surely you won't hear,
Nothing but a word
Of everything I'll say.

Momentary lapses of your liberty,
Try to make you blind
About what you shall see.
Once it was the home you lived,
It paints red this blue sky.
Falling down into your knees,
Pain can never make you cry.

Your proud begin to miss you,
The belief of thousand liars.
You renounce all of your gods,
In a heart that burns if fire.

Heroes without name
Shouting up my voice,
Might and magic sources
From my mind has gone.
Filling my dark blood,
And drying all the love.
Arising from the shadows,
Is coming the shaman.

Truth comes to my sight,
Showing me the damned one,
All the rage of my past life,
Makes me know I'm not alone.
Fight against the evil,
Now I'm ready for today,
I will change the story,
Moangá will show my way.

9. Iara

Through this haze is so clear to me
just like fire across the trees.
Thereís no fear in her face while,
Thereís no fear while she smile.

For a moment the pain has gone,
In her eyes, my destiny.
Hate and rage could be undone,
I'll forget my legacy.

Pre chorus
While she sings, I feel the wind...
Spirit shines in peace.
While she sings, I feel my tears
Rolling down, I know I've found.

She's the lady of the waters,
The purest heart I've ever seen.
Can this love forgive the sins,
All her people done to me?

Repeat pre chorus

The hand to lead me out this place,
Where rivers become one, so tied.
I will leave this forest of remains,
Iara will keep me alive.

Follow the light of my eyes to be free,
Our love canít fade away in the eternity.

10. House Of Flutes

Innocence, a sensless death,
Dying angel on my nest.
The purest blood touches my mouth,
Rest the peace I'll break apart tonight.

In that trail left behind,
I'll hunt all trought the night.
They will feel what burns inside
A man who's filled with hate in heart.

But I can't, I'm just alone,
This war is my last one.
I must find the home they said,
To hear the song of braves.

There's no honor or compassion,
In a battle for revenge.
There's so many in my way,
Moanga will lead me again.

A hundred days of war,
Now I have won, it's done.
Iara is calling me to meet her in the sunset.

When all the faith on me,
Seems to fall on ground.
I stand tall now I've found
The House of Flutes.

The love is lost between
Victory and pain.
I whisper the last song,
In the House of Flutes.

11. The Path Of Waters (Instrumental)


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