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Midgets Gone Mad

"Midgets Gone Mad" (2005)

1. Sniper's Playground
2. The Urn Collector
3. Ritualistic Dismemberment
4. Live Embalming
5. Possessed By Ghouls
6. Crazed Elk
7. Midgets Gone Mad
8. Tank Tread Bloodbath
9. Ginsu Knife Amputation

1. Sniper's Playground

Sniper’s Playground
Music: Christhunter Lyrics: Christhunter

This arctic wilderness
The perfect retreat
Where the rifle is the law
Sharp inclines and majestic spires
Mangled corpses meet an ice cold funeral
Bodies preserved by frigid winds
Dotting the landscape
And he sits perched
Patient, inhuman
Waiting out survivors
Poised for the kill
Evergreens sway in the icy air
Silence unmatched at this End of the Earth
A glacial gleam in the light of a rising moon
Scarlet streaks in pure white snow
And imposing stones
where hides those remaining
They’ve been hiding for hours
And night approaches
The sub-zero grip of death is tightening
One moves
One shot
One kill
A barrage of echoes
A new frozen corpse
to populate the wasteland
Under a sky gray as a gravestone

2. The Urn Collector

The Urn Collector
Music: Corpse Lyrics: Christhunter

A broken mind
Ready to set things right
To set them alight
He loves the smell of burning flesh
So he stalks his prey
People he knows
Studying their movements
Preparing perfect conditions
To spring the trap of his true disgust
To make empty lives into
flickering works of art
And kiss their skin with the singe of fire
During the day he blends
A flawless chameleon
By night he pours the holy water
And kneels before his god of devastation
This holy conflagration
His soul burns with hatred
Their bodies burn with hatred
He circles targets in a ring of flames
Savoring the look of panic
Closing his eyes while
he takes in the screams
He inhales the vapors
And the evidence is reduced to ash
The inferno is a fitting death
And the urn a proper gravestone
His well-deserved prize
Bestowed unto him by the fire

3. Ritualistic Dismemberment

Ritualistic Dismemberment
Music: Corpse Lyrics: Christhunter

Caught in the jungle
This buxom wench has no escape
She’s surrounded by the tribe
They tackle her and rip her clothes
A hundred faces encircle her form
She’s carried off like a trophy
Nude body held high above their heads
Into the darkest corner of the wilds
Snakes dangle from branches
animals scream
The human prey screams
Around her they dance a war dance
a death dance
Wretched masks, paint, and feathers
They tie her to a stake while drums beat
The moon glows on this ghastly ritual
With sharp stones she is beaten
clubbed so brutally
The shaman calls his ancestors
as limbs are cut free
An arm is passed around, toted like a prize
Blood runs freely
Legs come next, leaving a lifeless heap
A sagging bloody mess is all that’s left
Finally the head comes off, grabbed by the hair
The tribe drinks from it, dancing fiercely
Until the sun rises

4. Live Embalming

Live Embalming
Music: Corpse Lyrics: Corpse

Awakened from a deep sleep
A man in a white coat
puts on rubber gloves
You are tied down
you try to scream
Your mouth
has been fastened shut
A small incision is made
on your lower neck
One tube is connected
to your carotid artery
Another is connected
to your jugular vein
The embalming fluid
pump flows through
While blood is
slowly pumped out
Soon only a
formaldehyde based fluid
Will flow through your veins

5. Possessed By Ghouls

Possessed by Ghouls
Music: Corpse Lyrics: Christhunter

A dark fist closes
An icy cold grip
Perfect hold on a living soul
A pale corpse will commit murder
Already it fantasizes
Ripping soft throats
Slicing out the eyes
Eternally mutilating
It must obey the possession
And spread death
Demonic poison like
ice water in the veins
This departed body kills
And holds a heart in hateful fingers
It knifes twisted bodies
Interminable bloodletting
Screams rise in
never-ending nights of death
Screams cut short
by a knife in the chest
Skulls crushed to bloody chunks
Twitching bodies in the
wake of unpredictable executions
Precious life is destroyed
Throughout centuries

6. Crazed Elk

Crazed Elk
Music: Christhunter Lurics: Christhunter

A thousand fucking pounds and now it’s pissed off
A powder keg with antlers bigger than people
On a peaceful vacation day when the park was still
Half a ton of infuriated elk was unleashed
An inhuman sound rattles the landscape
Mid-aged man moves but it spears him like a fish
And he squirms while it scrambles his guts
Attempts to scream only bring blood
Deep red vomit that makes the ground sticky
The half-ton behemoth throws him 20 feet
And a chorus of screams ensues
Tourists run like rabbits
but the murder-beast tramples
Hooves are crushing skulls and brains spill out
A passerby’s hand gets caught in the horns
And he’ll never make a fist again
Park rangers mass together and fire at will
But bullets can’t stop this raging mammal
Cars in the parking lot make it feel trapped
So it smashes its enemies
Glass and steel bend to its will
And it kicks a driver in the head
Gasoline spreads on the pavement
And a bullet ignites the flame
that makes the elk a torch
A flaming harbinger of death scalds its final victim
On a day in the park

7. Midgets Gone Mad

Midgets Gone Mad
Music: Corpse, Christhunter Lyrics: Christhunter

The circus is in town
But they’ve got submachine guns
Motley jester hats and switchblades
They’re killing parents and killing kids
They stabbed someone’s uncle in the face
High-pitched laughter
A stolen jeep
These little killers are going 90 miles per hour
With blood on the tires
They ransacked a produce tent and shot 20 people
They hid in the vents at the fitness center
Then toppled weights on perfectly sculpted jocks
And the receptionist got raped by four-foot madmen
Before they forcefed her a heaping pile of health pills
Pedestrians were found tied to poles
With their intestines dragged to the middle of the road
The schoolyard wasn’t safe from machine gun fire
And children screamed when the grenade went off
Crucified corpses and burned bodies
have purple spraypaint
A signature left by midgets gone mad

8. Tank Tread Bloodbath

Tank Tread Bloodbath
Music: Corpse Lyrics: Christhunter

Backed in a corner, nothing they can do
This tired bunker is their last stand
They tried to harass enemy forces
But a tank saw them
Now these specialists are prey
In the grasslands it chased them like dogs
The lieutenant was killed
by its frantic machine gun
Fighting back was in vain
With bullets like spitwads bouncing off the hide
They hid in the forest but it mowed down the trees
And the main gun turned Private Lawton to paste
Bullet streaks and scorched earth fueled their retreat
But it trailed them like a black hound of hell
Hungry for blood
Rifles in the hull got Carson’s blood
Swivel machine gun ripped out his throat
They stepped on mines when they ran
And left their best friends screaming with no legs
Destined to die in a forsaken field
Now they cower in the dark
And it rolls over the hill, still approaching
Out of ammo but relentless to the core
They shoot every gun and throw their grenades
But it bursts through the wall like a stampede of rhinos
A bloodthirsty triceratops crunching their spines
The fetid stench of oil and grease, the insistent squeaking
Always following, nipping at the heels
Compressing ribs to mulch
Grinding nerves to slithering trails
Tracking blood is all in a day’s work

9. Ginsu Knife Amputation

Ginsu Knife Amputation
Music: Corpse Lyrics: Christhunter

No feelings, no regrets
A collection of limbs
wrapped in wax paper
The ultimate achievement
A cold room and a cold killer
No fancy ways
no sparkling methods
Only the gleam
of a honed Ginsu knife
Silencing the voices
with razor sharp butchery
It’s worth all the effort
to make them not speak
These horrid creatures
They must be made quiet
And bloody
The first stab is superlative
That first break in the skin
The satisfying crunch
of a blade through the bone
Up against the wall
throwing up arms for defense
There’s no defense
Only the splendid gurgling sound
of blood in the lungs
And strangled pleas for mercy
Dragging the corpse
is the finest moment
Admiring the handiwork
The body’s last chance to be whole


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