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The End of All Songs

"The End of All Songs" (1994 Demo)

1. The Sea
2. Frost
3. Bird
4. Never...
5. Within The Rain

1. The Sea

I'll walk to the distance again
There were sun sets
I'll touch you
Tired out by shores

I'll descend into your depths
And will fly round the world
We'll rise to the sky
And we'll fall into depth once more together

Spaces are calling me
There, where time forms to nothing
Driven by winds
Clouds will scatter tears

Of stony waves
Stony sentinels bow
And stiffed ages
To a fluttering star will open

There where sorrow
Is given by handfuls
Disappointmed souls
In coffins of disappointed bodies

To reach to the sky
And to fall into depth again
For blood melting in handful
Will give meaningless life again

2. Frost

Can you see the frost?
And on the road to the sky
Eyes of shadows
When ray of darkness
Will bring tranquility and sorrow to the sun...

There faces printed in ice
And tired wings
Never to raise again
Not would fall after leaving light there
To the frost world

Angels, got crazy in sorrow
Disappointed in promised love
Are flowing along rivers of tears
To the land of the tired
To valm the starry dreams

I forgot
I felt my pain fogotten
Remaining within death
By my shining tears
Like stars, I will wash the eternity

3. Bird

Souls of trees within wings of birds
I'm so free within my dependence
My eager in distance of universe
Space's eyes watch this...

I came from nowhere and to nowhere will go
Falling sky beneath your feet
Halo of dreams in abyss of pain
We will meet in death...

Cores of soul oppress me
They hold my thoughts
I wnat to feel space with you
But you're bird
I love bird

Nails of time tear heart
Why everything ends so quickly
Why there aren't you...
Why I'm alone... I'll wait...

Your eyes in dunes of stars
A tear streamed down from nothing
Falling into colorless future
Pain rolling down the palm

I forgot life
I remember death
The hope that is gone long time ago
Tell me to wait...

4. Never...

Black rose of winds
Remained in land of dreams
I'm tired in the road of life
Dead bird becomes a man

The one who left the sun
When the sky was tired to fly
Fell in quietness arms
To lose wings there

Black rose of pain
Passerby of disappointed
Stony sentinel of my empty soul
Emptiness of desires in distance of darkness

When the sun sinks there
Wind in valleys burns
Worlds of dead hopes
Rise on angel's wings

Black rose will wait for me
People are not worth of waiting
To heal wounds of soul
I won't return...

5. Within The Rain

I'm going into rain
Where hundreds of suns there
To wash my eyes
I'm going into rain

Like depth of sandy
Thoughts will shine in the distance
Your freedom's hope
Beginning of my pain

As I fly into distance
Along paths of orhids
Cores of trees within heart
Will drink some drops of rain

Grey shadow of sky
On your soul's eyes
Do you remember this
How I laugh, how I cry

I forgot what happened
I remember that will never be
You'll fell me, you'll see me
I'm rain...


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