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The Lost of Mercy

"The Lost of Mercy" (1994)

1. Alien
2. King of Darkness
3. Bestial Rites
4. Cross of Stone
5. Extreme Reality
6. Flag of Shadow Master
7. Morbid Game
8. Anthem of Vengeance
9. The Day After
10. Fight for Your World

1. Alien

Like a child you cry and yuo reach out
In your hand
And one hundred bullets you shot'coz
They want you to
You want to kill, you do it for many years
Your father, dying your soul
Death's venom possessed your mind
Treason's call devours you like grave
For your ideal
You gave up
Belief in god
You inflict blow to your soul
It is too late
You must be
Orders given
Revenge fire caught you up
You see death
Now your life is your hangman

2. King of Darkness

Night a ghastly night
Daylight died long time ago
Voice ominous roar
Wakes fear inside
Stealing sleep

You can hide no more
You'll be found even in hell
He knows your thoughts
Knows your every step
Will find you

The shine of his eyes
Is burning your face as flame
Will use power
Of his claws to have you caught

King of darkness
Ruler and king of darkness

The killing blow
Of rotting soul
The very last cry

Bring shine of the day
Nightmare is fading away
Silence taste
Before nights
Comes again
Comes again

3. Bestial Rites

Blown with echo of big words
Wars for peace of our dreams
Burning stakes in name of truths
Thousands of faiths
Ideals call
The blood spills
Spilled on the altar of life
Our days dusky altar
Human habit stone fortress
In name of truhs
Way of virue
Way of truths
There is no time for mercy
What matter's facts
So let's spill with blood
Our office term
Darkness devours
World of endless time
Our world
Bloody rituals
Sign of the time
Ritual of death
Killing scream
Of burning souls
Of stone hearts
Justice is something
That no one knows
Holy war time
For domination
No one can destroy
Greedy senses
Name of savation
Sword raised above
The name of peace
Here is bloodshed

4. Cross of Stone

Savage rumble
Tears the brain apart
Blowes of human bodies
Covered the world
Time of death
Jundgement day has come
That's the end of game
Want to scream but your voice
Among dead bodies
Turning into so
Tears turning to blood
Jungement day come
Of prayer has gone by
Hangman's sword shines
The past years' world
Has become your stake
Darkness devours your soul
Dying in mist
Lost paradise
You're raising your hand to heaven
Yo want death to come
Before you'll find yourself in hell
Today hell is on your earth
You are clenching
Cross of stone
Look up to the sky
Fiery mark
Sound of bells
Counting down your time
Death angel's sword
Strikes last blow
To your soul
You feel Pain no more
Your soul cry
Hear from far away
Time has stopped
World put in darkness
What's only left
Cross of stone

5. Extreme Reality

Yet another day
Death from skies and fire rain
Whirls of war are like dark dreams
Bringing fear and pain and tears
The fallen angel hs raised his wings
Army of living dead brings death
The sick trance
Triumph of chaos lasts
Sword of wrath
Shines from far away
Yet another time
Inflicting a killing blow
Of rotting flesh
Stake of corpses grows
Burning cities
Screaming loud
Agony shriek
Sickness sleeping inside
Extreme time came
Every day, every night, dusk of life
Treason cry, blood for evil, death strong
Sweet and lethal taste of terror
Day worshipped with angels blood
Kain's day in which
massacre began
Dark time of reality has come
Craving for extreme glows in us
It burns!

6. Flag of Shadow Master

The armed horde
In shield bright
March through world
Bringing death and fear
At fortress
Standing now
Of great battle
Long time came about
Mercy blown by wind
Orders given
Kill for ideals
Revenge taste
Sword to sword
Hand to hand
Ground is soaked
In the warriors blood
Death, fire, cry
Crack of bones
Bodies torn apart
Grimness wind
Agony time
Capitulation bitter taste
Dark days
Of revenge
The flag of glory
Flag of shadow master
Blow of first made of steel
Plunged the land in darkness
Braced in the chains of death
Desires faith dreams
And time
Heat of wrath
Time to bring
Freedom taste to dreams
Time of revenge
Enemy die
Neverending fight
Still lasts

7. Morbid Game

Black day, black night
Blood and tears, blood and death
Forest of fraves in mist
Ruins of towns
Writhing shreds of the bodies

The sinners last cry

Roar of wind
Heat of earth desperate shout
Heat of earth devours all
Burns the face

Time went by
No faith in better days
Evil his harvest
Game in which

Man lost the world
Morbid gabe
Nuclear foul

Sea of blood
In which earth ends its being
Whiffs of mist
You're left alone
Human dreams
Wind shattered forever
In few whiles
Rage reached the top
And gave death

End of game
And lies
And truths
And fucking still rubbish

Voice of earth
Lasts sifled in silence
The black rain
Covered world with ashes

Swarm of snakes
Triumph in ecstasy
Death's venom
Spits at the face
Grey days of revenge
No one left to fight revenge
No one left to fight back
Morbid game
Nuclear foul

8. Anthem of Vengeance

Pay homage
Come and greet your brothers
Blood is on their hands
Tears are on their faces
Dusky song
Rising up
Mothres mouths
Hipnotic lament
Tears of victory
Bitter cry flows by
Heat of stake can't burn today
Bodies of those
Who are dead
Where are they now
They are just there
Where ground is sinking in blood
Where black bird flies above
Dusky song
Anthem of dead souls
First of anger
Is clenching now
Fire of vengeance burns heat
You'll rise up in arms
Dusky song
Every note
Will sound once again
Call of anger
Blood for death
For death blood
Which song
Can you hear
Marching off to fight
Dusky song
To throw sword
To look back
To wipe tears
Today him
Tomorrow you
End of game
Lapse into silence
Song of vengeance

9. The Day After

That's your time came today
That time came today for you
The wall crashed
Bricks that are stained with blood
Ground into dust
Blown by winds of oblivion, time of freedom
Reality over the dreams
The nation crazy of joy
Justice, never existed never will
The words only
Are worth nothing
Raise your heads you proud and stupid
Now unleashed from chains of coma
Your houses are turned into graves
Your children are dying of hunger
That is the price of your freedom
Ground fed with blood
Is still hungry
For heads screaming in pain
For into dust
Thousands of years

10. Fight for Your World

The rotten world
The betrayed people scream
The dreams that have died out
Wrath, chaos, cry

Flame of freedom, flame
Crushes and destroys fear
Your blood's boiling
That's enough

You're sick of it
Your fist clenching
No more time

From treason storm unknown time
Sea of lies isflooding world
Your world

Day by day
I know tomorrow that comes
Bitter taste
Will continue in my dreams

Before dusk will surround you
Before time will stop forever
Dont give a fuck just be tough
Grasp your sword
Fight for your world

Until you are strong
Cos the stake here is your life


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