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Bad Obsession

"Bad Obsession" (1993 Demo)

1. The Birth of Evil (intro)
2. Behind The Bars
3. Bad Obsession
4. Black Vision
5. Morbid Game
6. Kings of Darkness
7. Fight For Your World

1. The Birth of Evil (intro)

2. Behind The Bars

Slam of the door
You can hear behind you
Temporal world
falling to pieces
Dying in mist
Agony came
Dreams are blown by the wind

Ruthless fear
Has devoured flesh
Fist made of steel
Is profaning your face
Fist is law here
The world of exiled souls
Dreams are blown by the wind

Behind the bars
The new day is rising
Braced bodies groan
Kills steals your sleep

In dirty walls
Death is laying its snare
Nobody believes
In freedom but still wants

To escape into his dreams
To escape to last

Not count the days
Times left behind the wall
Whisper of prayers
Coming out from your mouth

Hidden in dreams
The world deprieved of bars
Is dissolving
Going away in dark shade

To escape in world of dreams
To escape to last
Though you dream of freedom

3. Bad Obsession

Groan of extinct senses
Changes to loud screaming
Kills and destroys the dreams
To last inside you

Look face in mirror
Face you don't know
Long time has gone by
But it's still coming back to you

Bad obsession

Monster of rotten thoughts
Devours your body
It sets free your anger
Aggression or fear

Breaks into dreams
Death hides everywhere around you
Forest of hands wants tear you apart
Suck your brain and drink your blood

Bad obsession

You want to end your life
To set yourself free
Close end to your senses
It still lasts and enslaves you

Destroys you
Pushing you down
Body and soul

Taste of silence relives fear
You can feel so save now
Every night every day
Becomes your hell bringing you death

It seizes you
Puts in grave
In endless abyss

Tears from eyes
Whisper of prayer from dried mouth
Deathing from dreams
Wake up from this sleep

You see light as a spell
Magic is its power
Pulls you in devours
In land of death

You'll feel here
Perace without pain
This land is your grave

4. Black Vision

Evil of
Hell that life seems to be
World in dark dreams
Brings eternal fear
Destruction and death
Pulls you in
This killing whirl

The time
To come to your senses
Got time
To fight for your life

Dim fire
Of your days is dying
Lightless time
Is still coming

No mercy
You cant count it today
Wake up man
And ring the bell

You rise and look up
Look forward where are you going

Fiery circle of human faults
Is closing there is no way back

Day of apocalypse
Is coming under your eyes
Hangman's shadow as a dark dream

The time
To come to your sense
Got time
To fight for your life

5. Morbid Game

Black day, black night
Blood and tears, blood and death
Forest of fraves in mist
Ruins of towns
Writhing shreds of the bodies

The sinners last cry

Roar of wind
Heat of earth desperate shout
Heat of earth devours all
Burns the face

Time went by
No faith in better days
Evil his harvest
Game in which

Man lost the world
Morbid gabe
Nuclear foul

Sea of blood
In which earth ends its being
Whiffs of mist
You're left alone
Human dreams
Wind shattered forever
In few whiles
Rage reached the top
And gave death

End of game
And lies
And truths
And fucking still rubbish

Voice of earth
Lasts sifled in silence
The black rain
Covered world with ashes

Swarm of snakes
Triumph in ecstasy
Death's venom
Spits at the face
Grey days of revenge
No one left to fight revenge
No one left to fight back
Morbid game
Nuclear foul

6. Kings of Darkness

Night a ghastly night
Daylight died long time ago
Voice ominous roar
Wakes fear inside
Stealing sleep

You can hide no more
You'll be found even in hell
He knows your thoughts
Knows your every step
Will find you

The shine of his eyes
Is burning your face as flame
Will use power
Of his claws to have you caught

King of darkness
Ruler and king of darkness

The killing blow
Of rotting soul
The very last cry

Bring shine of the day
Nightmare is fading away
Silence taste
Before nights
Comes again
Comes again

7. Fight For Your World

The rotten world
The betrayed people scream
The dreams that have died out
Wrath, chaos, cry

Flame of freedom, flame
Crushes and destroys fear
Your blood's boiling
That's enough

You're sick of it
Your fist clenching
No more time

From treason storm unknown time
Sea of lies isflooding world
Your world

Day by day
I know tomorrow that comes
Bitter taste
Will continue in my dreams

Before dusk will surround you
Before time will stop forever
Dont give a fuck just be tough
Grasp your sword
Fight for your world

Until you are strong
Cos the stake here is your life


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