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Visional Inertia

"Visional Inertia" (2001 Demo)

1. Cum Iam Moriendi Tempus Urgeret
2. Yearning
3. Melancholy Sadness
4. Flaming Shadows Of The Past

1. Cum Iam Moriendi Tempus Urgeret

The child of Evil and Death I am,
My mask is a frozen mortal smile,
Empty Abyss, this torturing hunger
Deep inside, killing pleasure.

Thirsting after blood to quench the beast,
The human beings are my slaves.
I will be their god instead of their god,
I destroy them alive, if I feel like it.

Humbly I stretch my blood-washed hand
To serve Him forever and stand
As a faithful Daemon by his throne
Surrounded with filth and human bone.

It was a long time ago...
When I sold my soul
For the black Lord!

Let me see your Infernal domination,
Show me the true way of purified blood!
Let me burn in your paradise,
Open the gates,
The Chaos shall arise again
From its nameless grave!

The children are screaming in pain,
There is no god to rescue them
From the merciless vengeance of Hell
He can't help and he won't.
You all deserved to suffer,
Last judgement.

2. Yearning

I can't cry,
All my tears disappeared.
The storm froze them on my face.
I'm walking on a path,
And gaze up to the blackened sky,
The stars are winking at me,
I feel the call of the Moon.
The attraction of infinity, runs in my blood
Takes me up like a black magnet.
I leave this world behind,
Yet another is waiting for me...
My dark empire, where my life is not a misery.
I see the glowing stars,
They almost blind me.
The Thousand-eyed sky merges with me.
I feel the endless universe
And the cosmic power,
I am immortal...
...just stardust and ash...

3. Melancholy Sadness

I am standing in the garden of grief
In my solitude, I sit under the tree of
Once I was a gardener
I bedded some seeds,
The seeds of hope, I cherished with my tears.
They became beautiful trees, but terrifying
And huge shadow-keepers of Edenic savageness.
Now with an empty soul
I'm sitting under the tree's shade
And yearning for...
The Autumn blaze.
I see It, hissing the song of Autumn
Trying to allure me, with her glittering eyes.
The empty-dead soul I have
Now painfully disappeared.
The dreams are my hopes
Sadness is my friend...

The Dawn of Destiny is near
I die without a hope under gray shadows...
I see a dancing angel
Who stirs the wind with her wings,
She is twisting like a serpent
And her touch is like cold spittle!
Withered Angel!
Withered Angel!
Angel! - I close my eyes...
Angel! - I sacrifice...
Angel! - I will die...
Withered Angel!!

4. Flaming Shadows Of The Past

Evil, dark Night
Thou fold thy arms over the sky
Thy claws like icicles, cold and cruel.

The wind fondles the crown of trees
As if they have an eye, in the middle
Of their rotten trunk.

Hundreds of eyes are watching me
Oh, how many haunting shadows
They have seen...

Evil, cold Night
Shadows are gliding in thy forest
Their formless bodies washed
By moonlight
I can see them...

I see those flames,
The Night stabbed me so deep with
His nails.
I feel like I'm dying again.

Mystic fire beings, you are so beautiful
Children of The Night,
I can see the hate in your eyes
Every torment lives in you,
Every sorrow dwells in you,
Where are your possessors?
Burning lonely spirits...

All in vain...
Everything dies which once beautiful was
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.
The Death has accelerated
The thorn-wheel of Time,
The fiery scythe falls down...

Flaming shadows of the sore past
In your hand the light fades away
And Today becomes...
Catafalque mist

Everything seems so hopeless,
Everything is so gloomy and sad,
The only thing I know
That the Moon is my shelter,
The Moon is my home


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