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Through Dead Forests to Ghastrah Proxiima

"Through Dead Forests to Ghastrah Proxiima" (2004 Demo)

1. Inspired to Display Loathsomeness and Bizarre Anger
2. Indecipherable Colours
3. Sewn With Awkward Angles
4. Bitter Loss and Forgotten Triumph

1. Inspired to Display Loathsomeness and Bizarre Anger

Music: All Lyrics: Garr

Inspired by strange sounds
Rinsing our skin with sonic chaos...sonic hatred
Endure the inconsistencies of which we throw up
Emptying bowels in the cut-open wombs of whores

Lousy bodies and corrupt unities
What is corruption then? Anything against one's guidelines
Another weapon, go kill some more, you're not done
Smile angrily and show the hell that's been handed to you.

We reside at the threshold of black and white
The olden supremacy of rage is back and alive

Throw your fury among the commiserates
Accessing blood that smelt a venom
My dark inspirations unleash relentless pain
Among the worlds who strike me with swords, the vain

I loathe you, collapse before my endearing eyes
Searing noises through your torso and whole
Battle fast combatants, only if you fear the hatred
But the acquitted will freeze, Death is inevitable

Viciously, I take your limbs one by one
Slowly rip them off your aching hinges
Mercy's no longer a word, as I rape your existence.

2. Indecipherable Colours

Music: All Lyrics: Garr

We're indecipherable and compatible
Justy our fuel's recognition
Ignite at all costs considers; it's expensive
To say that you will meet your maker is a vehement omen

I will protect your interests
I am looking after your interests
But you must adhere to my bruised position
Prone to obsessive imagery, you succeed

Take a close look into my stare
Step by step, you race for colours
Unheard of, misunderstood, thought-provoking
Like shadows fading, eyes wander about

Raw grace, soundly sleeping in red
Darkness is what lies ahead
Fucking all up with protrusions
From blistering heatwaves of colours

3. Sewn With Awkward Angles

Music: All Lyrics: Garr

Tangles of insides become outside
Free frailties of the skin supplies
...Our vicious viscosity to ring sores

Clandestine mockery, Alarm misery
Left to recite the eulogies of thine
Contradictions speed up the rest of mine
Somber believers, lay your head to fire

All accomodations run through the angles
Incinerating the thread, adopting death
Calloused rhymes lift, be my guest
Mauled by the claws of my nest

Quench your worst thirst first
To see which path is suitable
And to think the essence of oddity
Is sewn with awkward angles

4. Bitter Loss and Forgotten Triumph

Music: Only Garr and Peroth played this song

No real lyrics


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