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Heart of Chaos

"Heart of Chaos" (2004 Demo)

1. Heart of Chaos
2. Hate
3. Suprema Inferna (live)
4. Kill for Satan (Tsjuder cover, rehearsal)
5. Mutilation
6. Decay of My Soul (rehearsal)

1. Heart of Chaos

Listen! Time for us has come!
Battle for the Glory of Hell,
give your souls to Satan,
in the name of Victory!

Black Storms born by the Earth,
shedding human blood,
filling all by poison,
blaze by the Flames of Hell.

Showing revolt of uncountable Legions,
showing destruction of life of god-fearing slaves,
showing performance of the Prime Target,
showing the full and irrevocable Victory!

From the heights of dying heavens
the god sends a horde
of helpless slavish corpses,
but his efforts are fruitless.

Hour of his death has come,
his disappearance per
Nonexistence has come,
Hour of Attack at heavens has come,
Hour of Victory has come!

In the name of Hell,
in the name of Victory,
in the name of Satan,
in the name of Chasm!

Oh, Greatest! Your children will win!

2. Hate

As the worms in the world's dirt
are crawling by the Night's edge.
As the useless creature
is filling pieces of filth.

Hate will kill the creature,
Hate will spill the liquid fire,
Hate will smash the life by
throwing itself on the altar.

As the sharp thorn
pierces directly into the heart.
As the bloodred sun
sets above the horizon.

Hate will blast the soul,
Hate will drive in as a wedge,
Hate will be fed by ourselves,
Hate will crack and strangle.

As the endless feeling
of Death that's always near.
As the imperial grandeur
there beyond the Gates of Hell.

Hate keeps waiting in the corner,
Hate is signing the verdict,
Hate can watch and know,
Hate will open the ways of Evil.

3. Suprema Inferna (live)

Suprema Nova in flammis ignis,
Saliva sanguinea de Domini canum oribus.
Suprema Nova - veniam vel dubium
non habent.

Require! Immodicum multum illis
recedenda sunt in ventos aeternum.
Veritas triumphat - hereticus palpitat,
purgates flammes spectatus.

Officium est. Labor sordidus est,
sed quidam debet quisquiliae removere.
Require, rumpe, scinde,
extorqui confessionem de fauce.

Surussecsid atcirts atcnuc
surutnev tse xeduj odnauq
surutuf tse romert sitnauq.

Allibis muc divad etset
allivaf ni mulceas tevlos
alli seid eari seid.

Hostem prosecuti sumus,
odio suffocati sumus.
Feri sumus faces in oribus
faces mundum inflammi.

Feri sumus flammam purgatricem de qua
solum illi excedant qui casti fideles,
proximique sunt, et vermis nullus
hic restat.

Suprema Nova in flammis ignis,
Saliva sanguinea de Domini canum oribus.
Suprema Nova - veniam vel dubium
non habent.

4. Kill for Satan (Tsjuder cover, rehearsal)

5. Mutilation

We're here for mutilation,
we're blade, we're razor
dissecting laws of holy flesh.

We're here for devastation,
we're blackened wind
dissolving your innocent spirit.

We're here for your ashes,
we're blaze, we're flame
burning your agonizing lies.

We're here to desecrate you,
for Horned One we'll sacrifice
your devoted lambs.

We're here to poison your creatures,
we're venom, we're serpent
bringing Chaos with sardonic laughs.

We're here for infinite agony,
we're dying, we're dead
existing on the wounding edge.

We're here stripping us from faint life,
we're falling down, we're sturming sky
discovering path of the Dark.

We're here for decay comes true,
we're sick, we're insane
hailing plague and pestilence.

We're here for burning in our own fire,
we're cursed, we're damned
following Obscurity within.

We're here for world's funeral,
we're neverending procession
under the march of total war.

We're here for call of Satan,
we're Darkness, we're Eternal Night,
Whose victory is near you.

6. Decay of My Soul (rehearsal)

I have died... The shell is broken off.
My soul does not belong to me now.
I breathe an ice cold,
I'm simply a phantom on Earth.

My life on Earth has finished.
Ravens suit a feast in my honour.
Shouts above wasteland resound,
ravens eat up flesh from my bones.

Black clouds run above the dead ground,
the nature mourns over my funeral.
Only ravens know that I am alive,
only they know the truth.

I have died... But I am alive.
In the Hell. For my Lord.
I have risen under His banners.
To battle for the Chasm.

To battle to the very uttermost.
For the Victory of Hell.
For the accession of Chaos.
For the death of all divine!


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