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Die Now!

"Die Now!" (2003 Demo)

1. Intro - From the Coldest Darkness
2. Mutilation
3. Hate
4. Die Now!
5. Rise of Hate & Death
6. Outro - Ssenkrad Tsedloc eht Morf

1. Intro - From the Coldest Darkness

2. Mutilation

- Mutilation -

We're here for mutilation,
we're blade, we're razor
dissecting laws of holy flesh.

We're here for devastation,
we're blackened wind
dissolving your innocent spirit.

We're here for your ashes,
we're blaze, we're flame
burning your agonizing lies.

We're here to desecrate you,
for Horned One we'll sacrifice
your devoted lambs.

We're here to poison your creatures,
we're venom, we're serpent
bringing Chaos with sardonic laughs.

We're here for infinite agony,
we're dying, we're dead
existing on the wounding edge.

We're here stripping us from faint life,
we're falling down, we're sturming sky
discovering path of the Dark.

We're here for decay comes true,
we're sick, we're insane
hailing plague and pestilence.

We're here for burning in our own fire,
we're cursed, we're damned
following Obscurity within.

We're here for world's funeral,
we're neverending procession
under the march of total war.

We're here for call of Satan,
we're Darkness, we're Eternal Night,
Whose victory is near you.

3. Hate

- Hate -

As the worms in the world's dirt
are crawling by the Night's edge.
As the useless creature
is filling pieces of filth.

Hate will kill the creature,
Hate will spill the liquid fire,
Hate will smash the life by
throwing itself on the altar.

As the sharp thorn
pierces directly into the heart.
As the bloodred sun
sets above the horizon.

Hate will blast the soul,
Hate will drive in as a wedge,
Hate will be fed by ourselves,
Hate will crack and strangle.

As the endless feeling
of Death that's always near.
As the imperial grandeur
there beyond the Gates of Hell.

Hate keeps waiting in the corner,
Hate is signing the verdict,
Hate can watch and know,
Hate will open the ways of Evil.

4. Die Now!

- Die Now! -

you hate mankind for 'destructive sense' it only could mean you're looking for peace
you care about flora and fauna so much you are even ready to abandon your mask
under your any next mask you show another face, probably it covers emptiness?
you believe you could leave behind the Abyss but you can't enter one river twice
your frozen boots falling through slough of commonness you can't resist your weak essence
you're a feeble rag puppet, you're hanged on strings pulled by your every blind master
you trust your enemies whose existence you never even knew, noone will take you since you're worm without backbone
this world is your beloved place, you have to overrate your human face
you think you under vortex epicenter and the earth revolves on you, when you're lost sheep walking around the field of your feeble life
you heard once Darkness exists not only in the night, you wanted Darkness to be your bride
you had not found It anywhere and you can be sure you havent It inside your fear

5. Rise of Hate & Death

- Rise of Hate and Death -

Wandering shades of the deathly world,
hurricane winds carrying life away.
Coming ages of haze absorb all living
as the last danse macabre is performing.

Time has died away with the funeral march
killing remains of hope with the venomous air.
Ray of light disappears in blazes of inevitability
surely devouring the souls of mortals.

Waves of Death overflowing the coast of despair,
mushroom cloud will ring as the last accord
in the music of our Hate.
Bones erased to dust merging with the dirt
through the danse macabre.

6. Outro - Ssenkrad Tsedloc eht Morf


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