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King of the Sidewalk

"King of the Sidewalk" (1996)

1. Rock-n-Roll Patrol
2. Hellstorm
3. Bitch With a Bulletbelt
4. King of the Sidewalk
5. (You're the) Devil in Disguise
6. Bang Your Heads for Satan
7. Chickenrace
8. Tough Guys Don't Look Good
9. Saturdaynight Blasphemer
10. Bulldozer
11. Demolition Team

1. Rock-n-Roll Patrol

We got a call on the telephone it was a rocker who
Had problems at home
He had a message that set of the alatm
His neighboor an acoustic guitar

Hey, hey, what's that you're saying
I can't hear him, but I know he's playing!
We know your problem, just leave it to us...
We'll put him on the next hospital-bus!

And there it was, the scene of the crime
This neighboor really stepped out of line
Whe knew the one thing that we had to do
Break that guitar and the neighboor too

Knock knock we know that you're home
And we'll make sure you won't play another tone
Come and open or we'll break down the door
We're gonna spread your teeth across the floor

Remember your face, the nose you were born with
It won't look the same as it recently did
A punch on your mouth, both eyelids turns blue
The Rock'n'Roll Patrol was rearranged you

The whole apartment was silent and locked
He wouldn't answer when he knocked
We used a crowbar to get inside, under the bed we
Found him trying to hide

We pulled him out, held him down on the bed
Smashed the guitar against his head
Break his lips, break his lips
Shut the frontdoor on his fingertips

A final kick on his teeth real hard
Then we headed for our favourite bar
But we got angry, from the stage we could hear
Acoustic ballads reaching our ear!!!

That's it someone must pay!!!
With swinging crowbars we attacked the stage
We grabbed his short hair by the roots
And replaced his front-teeth with our boots

2. Hellstorm

You watching TV with your parents
The whole house starts to shake
The walls are falling the floor is crumbling
You think it's an earthquake

You should see the look on your face
When you find out what it is
The windiws are exploding
And your guts gives mom a kiss

Rushes out from hell with more violent speed than light
Legions of satanic noise comes for you tonight

The hellstorm

The hellstorm drawn across the land
And leave a trail of death
Satan syas: "Listen to metal
Or taste the hellstorm's breath!"

You try to find a metal record
You cry out in despair
At last you find one, but it's no use
Your mom has cut your hair!

Join the line of execution, sonn you'll detonate
Death by Gehennah is the false one's fate

The hellstorm

3. Bitch With a Bulletbelt

Born in the gutter, she was a filthy girl
Tough motherfucker, no mama's pearl
Criminal since the age of four
When she's around you better lock your door

She's a bitch with a bullet-belt
She's got the biggest tits you've ever felt
Can't resist her fatal charm
But if you're wimpy she'll break your arm
Bitch with a bullet-belt, she's a bitch with a bullet-belt

If you touch her tits without paying first
I've told you, fuckface, she's gonna fucking burst
So if you really wanna get laid
You'd better make sure that she gets paid

Bitch with a bullet-belt, she's a bitch with a bullet-belt

Now metal is all that she listens to
Drinking and banging is what she wants to do
She ain't nice, no, she's really rude
A cool pornoslut with an attitude

4. King of the Sidewalk

I'm the first in line, a wellknown face, a V.I.P. in everyplace
My goal's set high to feel alright, get even more drink than last night

At the fucking bar the floor I hit, don't need no chair, I'm too drunk to sit
A girl comes asking me to dance, "Of course not, whore, so kiss my ass"

The bartender refused me more to drink
So I hit him on the nose, cause his bar stinks
I try to leave but I just can't find the door
They throw me out to an all-night pen store

In to the store, proud of myself, with empty pockets and drunk as hell
I bounce between the food and stoof, convinced I'm still not drunk enough

A six-pack beer and a porno-mag is what I need in my shopping bag

The paper of a six-pack is my royal crown
I'm the one who's thron out from every bar in town
King of the Sidewalk

Back in the streetlight, stolen brew in my hand
I behave like a asshole, a horrible man
Loud and unpleasant, always the worst
A king of bad manners, proud of my thirst

Bought or homemade boose, don't really mind
Cause you're still able to drink even if you're blind
To see double or nothing is what I choose
As long as I can feel the taste of booze

Totally gone I sleep somewhere'til dawn
Don't know where I've been, I wake up on someone's lawn
I find yesterday's dinner all over my chest
On my leatherjacket and on my blue jeans-vest

5. (You're the) Devil in Disguise

[Originally written, composed and performed by Elvis Presley ]

You look like an angel
Walk like an angel
Talk like an angel
But I got wise
You're the devil in disguise
Oh yes you are
The devil in disguise
You fooled me with your kisses
You cheated and you schemed
Heaven knows how you lied to me
You're not the way you seemed

You look like an angel
Walk like an angel
Talk like an angel
But I got wise

You're the devil in disguise
Oh yes you are
The devil in disguise

I thought that I was in heaven
But I was sure surprised
Heaven help me, I didn't see
The devil in your eyes

You look like an angel
Walk like an angel
Talk like an angel

But I got wise
You're the devil in disguise
Oh yes you are
The devil in disguise

You're the devil in disguise
Oh yes you are
The devil in disguise
Oh yes you are
The devil in disguise

6. Bang Your Heads for Satan

Rock'n'roll stud
Heavy metal blood
Guts of steel, it's for real
A touch of death your feel

Killing command
Do as we demand
Soon you'll die, don't ask why
Kiss your ass goodbye

Bang your heads for satan

Come on you wings
Whores and pimps
Crash your heads against the wall
The whole world soon shall fall

Kicked in the teeth
Attacked from beneath
Bite the bullet, taste the sound
Drumk until you hit the ground

Bang your heads for satan

7. Chickenrace

Every string bent out of time, blood metal overdose
Metalheads, come bang'em wild, let's show'em who's the boss
Rule this place with iron hands like a concentration camp
Loyal to the metal life, smell the burning amps

We're banging our heads faster and faster
If someone won't do it, then throw out the bastard!

Violent fists pounding all around
There's no fucking control, only sound
Hot like death valley, rock'n'roll rally

We're speeding down the metal highway, hold on to your balls
Our hardrock-tank will race you all and run over the false
We'll go against all fucking odds, come with us, share our pride
You're with us or against us now, bang or step aside!!!

More that head and bang it hard unless you want a fight
We'll grab your neck, swing all around and kick you out of sight
Heavy metal, heavy metal, screaming in our heads
We don't complain it's here to stay until we're fucking dead

We're banging our heads 'till the death!!!

8. Tough Guys Don't Look Good

You feel your hair with hair-mousse, you fill it with shampoo
We'll crush your face with crowbar, that's what we're gonna do

You exercise and run, you wanna be in shape
But when you're outside jogging your girlfriend we will rape

Tough guys don't look good

We're long-haired and we're dirty, we're ungly and we're smell
But if you're in our way we're gonna give you hell

Tooth brush is unknowned to us, the dentist cry in fear
And instead of doing exercise we drink a lot of beer

Tough guys don't look good

We drink whiskey like water, we're drinking wine and booze
And if you wanna fight us you're gonna fuckin' lose

So if you not one of us, you're our enemy
You'll wake up in a hospital, that's where you're gonna be

Tough guys don't look good

9. Saturdaynight Blasphemer

Thrown out from a party because I was too loud
Touching tits, throwing up and falling all around
I wasn't really welcome, so I punched the host
Insulted all the other until they broke my nose

Too drunk to feel my bleeding nose I leaned against the church
I though: "the wine they store here surely would be nice to ease my thirst"
Said and done, I smashed a window by falling through the glass
Suddenly I was inside and I almost broke my ass

Saturday night, my tounge is too dry
Becoming sober now isn't normal for a men
Saturday's not over, not meant to get sober
But with some wine I can be myself again

At last I found the bottles, every inch of me screamed "Thirst"
I drank and drank until I dropped, I was about to burst
The liquid has repaired me, all injuries was cured
I'm gonna cause some damage here, let's hope they're not insured

My stomach felt explosive, I pulled my trowsers down
I laughed and shit a long one upon the priest's gown
The bible comes in handy when it's time to wipe
Then I push the shitty paper down the organ pipes, ha ha!

On the Sunday meeting, when the organist shall play
You'll cover your noses to avoid the stench and run away
And when you come to babtise your ugly little daughter
You'll find my vomits floating in the holy water, ha ha ha ha ha!!!

10. Bulldozer

100 on the rightscale
Maximum volume is a must
Don't care if we go to jail
Cause in metal we trust

We'll run you over, we'll run you over
We'll run you over like a fuckung Bulldozer

A loud fucking tone
Faster than lightning, faster than sound
A big machine of stone
Hammers you into the ground

We'll run you over, we'll tear yoou down
Like a Bulldozer we'll crush your town

We'll crush your town

11. Demolition Team

We are starting a riot tonight
Ready for some action, prepared for a fght
Asking for trouble, we want the thrill
You better stay away 'cause we're ready to kill

Demolition team, we're so fucking mean
Ain't never gonna betray our scene
No, we've no glass but we will kick your ass
If you don't join our heavy metal mass

We're getting wilder for each day
If you wanna live, then get out of our way
Won't accept no disco, won't accept no dance
We're to trendy assholes, we are heavy metal fans

D.E.M.O.L.I.T.I.O.N. T.E.A.M.


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