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"Gatekeeper" (2005)

1. The Passion
2. Without Fear
3. Dysuria
4. The Price of Salvation
5. Dragon Nostril
6. Cleansed
7. Sea of Lies
8. The Most Beautiful Work of Art
9. Coptopsy
10. Wormtongue
11. Coathanger
12. Sentenced

1. The Passion

torture, murder, infanticide, genocide, hatred, war, suffering
your apocalypse
the childís eyes have been defiled
exposed by those controlling hands
locked away from the world yet set before the cross
beaten until fantasy becomes reality
the fear sets in, the cycle continues.....

the most violent stories one can read
the horrid visions one can see
feeding your sick passion for death and adultery
not seen as creations but reality
no proof, no truth, just passion for violence
your sickness cannot be healed
your emptiness can never be filled
you get away with whatever you want
the sheep all flock to see

it gets worse and worse
blood has stained those young frail minds
you're destroying life and nobody sees the reason why
taught to feel below
to bow to live in fear
controlled they swarm to their murder and to their wars

taught love and compassion
"kill them all and let god sort them out"
says it all your ways, your stubbornness to co-existence
growing to hate peace, we all love war
An endless ocean of bodies
you soak it up
the only time you act, its to late

Your ignorance breeds like a plague on mankind
serving masters plan to control us all

what have you learned?
What have you gained?
Nothing but passion, a passion for violence.
The cycle continues....

2. Without Fear

Fear is your god
with threats you live in scare
what you cannot overcome
will make you unaware

to live without god. to live without fear
to live now. to live here

ov your power
so weak you run like a coward from yourself
bow down what you will always do
put ourselves below we must not
live as god, fear Iíve overcom
as one I exist. To none I bow
do not dis-harmonize but never back down

youíve grown to learn their lies and teach them as your own
on your knees as a slave or youíll die and burn
"do as I say or suffer you will"
"yes master its you I serve"
there is no proof. your mind was fooled

yet no reason still no light
just in case, you waste your life
inside yourself is the power you need
as are all the answers you seek
bullshit master rewards as you obey
nothings brought forth day after day
realize you were looking the wrong way
still you wallow in your fear

you do all the deeds they need to survive
cant you see, you are your own god

to live for afterlife
in hope in fear
fear is your god. god is your fear
to live without god. to live without fear
to live now. to live here

3. Dysuria

4. The Price of Salvation

5. Dragon Nostril

6. Cleansed

hypocrites gather as one to their knees
fear of the truth, fear to be free
wasted years and years washing up weak minds
creating wars to join them or die
infernal flames shall bless your empty flesh
heal the world of your ways through eternal rest
inside my soul can you see what youíve lost
free mind to think and live things you cannot

you are told how to live, you are told how to die
born and raised blind ,by blinded eyes
you kill in their name, earning your way
slowing down the world, make them pay

fire to their lies
crosses through their eyes

their blood is feeds the earth
she shall swallow them whole
gathered in chambers and fed the truth
of bullets their god created for their foolish use

their hands for too long have murdered helpless ones
holocaust of stupidity, fix all their wrongs
tongues nailed to their idols that grace their wall
set aflame at one with them to witness their fall

only in- death will your freedom come
to foolish too- accept difference of belief
difference- of born ways
hypocrite- meet your end of days

one by one we hunt you down
axes through your skull of crowns
no fucking kings we are as one
die mother fucker your time has come
.every empty body cleansed of its life
now we have no worries to be ourselves
all our minds are open, all your caskets closed
washing in your blood cleanses our soul

(repeat chours)

now your dead in a world that is free
had to block our path with your belief
we tried and tried but you couldnít see
only in death would you let us be
hypocrite holocaust
free to live will be the cost

7. Sea of Lies

bring fourth my child
I give him to you
wash away the dirt
cleanse him of earthly desire.
of human desire. like you do best

baptized holy father makes everything all better
the fire the flames they burn inside

when all the goodness- Dies
when all the- Demons Rise
can you look into my- Eyes
and keep eating- My lies

as I take your child high
bringing him down beneath
into the shadows of the holy water
he is mine forever
as life begins to flow from his flesh
laughter runs in my head

as flames invade this bathing
can you forgive yourself
trusting a stranger couldnít get any stranger

when all the goodness- Dies
when all the- Demons Rise
you will look into my- Eyes
and see- The lunacy

now your love belongs to satan
my father my master
the ruler of christianity

holy water cleanse my child of life.
let him drown inside your sea of lies. Baptized...

8. The Most Beautiful Work of Art

judge the last time you will.

your ignorance- has gone to far for return
you will be- removed from my path by the most necessary means
you will feel- the pain that you deserve
tried over and over, again and again

you just cannot accept or understand
your fear and envy Iím more than youíll ever comprehend

your mind- was molded from clay by the hands
of the- self betrayed, you see what youíve
never had- for that, you continue you campaign
to make- others feel bad

no more will it go on

the wrong place, the wrong time.
The wrong one. For you to degrade

my decision youíve made
rid the earth of your filthy way
bring whatever weapons you may
my claws will tear your soul from your flesh

crushing the life that you waste in mine
no strikes delivered by you will stop me
consume the ground beneath your feet
in the dirt at my mercy

none will be shown
as my claws tear through your flesh
gasping for breath as they engulf your neck
pounding into your empty skull
limited mind, blinded eyes
in my hands at their demise
beaten until your healed of your sickly life
torn by the hands of a true GOD

the creator, the destroyer

created- the most beautiful work of art
a good deed- The pleasing sight Iíve ever seen.

by my work

destroyed- a mindless savage nothing better
in life- then to speak stupidity anybody different
was below- mistake fear for respect
harming those- who cannot defend themselves

no forward only moving us backward
no good to any existence, not even your own

stopping others from living

you deserve to die and now you lie. beaten to death

9. Coptopsy

10. Wormtongue

source of wicked seeds planted in the minds of the weak
they feed on those in need of help and fool them with their promises
they whisper in your ear and tell you how to live
with hopes of better-ness that will never come
they live for the lifeless and swear it swear its ok
hide them from the truth
they keep you in the dark and say your being helped.
wont let you find your inner-self

their deeds like poison, venom in your veins
must be intelegent to who they are, they are everywhere

promising strength, creating weakness
promising freedom, creating slavery
promising love, creating hatred
promising peace, creating war

must look to the most honest source when in need
fix all you problems with ones you never see

their lies believed as truths, forced onto you
thieves of our time, robbing us of life
before you know its too late

vampires feeding for themselves
leeches wanting your strength
without it they are weak

it is our fault they still exist
must stop feeding them to end their shit.
when desperate their colors will show.
before they know its too late.
In their weakness they will perish

11. Coathanger

12. Sentenced

Followers of fiction
believers in contradiction
think youíll go to heaven
cause youíre a frequent buyer
of bullshit and guilt from the god of liars
thou shall not judge
you judge me every day

its making me fucking tired
on the roof on Sunday
Iíll set your church
on fire

thou shall not kill
natives blood was spilt
childrenís blood was shed
a pure culture dead

thou shall not steal so weíll steal you
change your name and your belief
make slaves of you

tie you to a cross and beat you til you bleed
in the head of your children
we plant our fearsome seed

one day itíll come back and youíll get what you deserve
one day your church will fucking burn

your history your church they both make me sick
mankind should step back and realize what you did
foundation built on the blood of millions
an entire planet afraid of the fairytale Satan
we must quit swallowing and look at what they feed
for disagreeing we burn and we bleed

unite as a race and not as a faith
realize as men we forge our own fate
return to them the fear that they sell
sentence them to their own hell

the church
the church of Christ
is on fire
we donít need your Jesus

let the
mother fucker burn
burn with all his lies
of hell and heaven
when we die


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