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All Falls Apart

"All Falls Apart" (2006 Demo)

1. All Falls Apart
2. Infrangible
3. Frustration Grows
4. Paradox

1. All Falls Apart

Demons flowing through my head
Fascinated by dark and death
You can't imagine where I've been
Suicidal depression burns

Iím fucking rising from the crypt
Iím mocking with the faith I hate
Ghoulishness is what I want to hear
Can't wait to blow my head off

All falls apart
From me
Cleansing my
World of darkness

There's blood on your face
And a smile on mine
I know I'm sick
And you're my sickness

Jesus Christ with no thorns
Pain and self destruction
Knife's pinching my back
Nails scratching my face

Can't watch myself die
Always living my own lie
Am I going to fry
You're still a paranoid scab

I desperately cried with a gun near my head
I shot myself and died with my own hands

2. Infrangible

Weird indulgence cuts me up again
Can't explain the emotions I feel
Lungs collapsed but with a smile on my face
I shiver once more to find my feeding fear


Bone shilling horror

A squeaking voice is boring me all the time
Now I realize it's my own
Can't accept I screwed up
What am I trying to pull
What am I trying to do
What am I trying to prove

As I fall asleep I feel ever so glad
Because when I wake up I see the devils face
Frightening as it may be I'll never cry
No sympathy given to no one

You can't sleep as you've seen
As you've seen me
I tried to make you immortal

Starring against a wall
I can't stand tall
Regret to everything I've done
A bumb

3. Frustration Grows

Paranoid schizo
My head is slumped over

Because all stress, I'm a real dull boy
Who can't even get a grip, realizing there's something wrong
With myself, you just can't get me
I hate all your ways, you kept using me

Don't kill the things you love
Don't love the things you hate

My spiritual quest, will go on, and I will strangle
Strangle her, doom, and that's all, all there is
I, I will kill, hope you hate me
Yeah hate me, hate me
Hate me, keep away

Stay away

Can't deny what I am, I just don't like you
My frustration grows every second
I felt on my face, and I couldn't stop laughing

Slice my head in two
But you can't
I'll have to do it
by myself


4. Paradox

Felt invisible again and again
And again I thought
I'm never going to die
When I'm gone I'm going to look up
Because I'll be in hell for sure
I feel forced to confess
I think this is the last time
Don't think Iím going to cry
Now youíre really dead (to me)

I've got to clear my head again
Just can't control myself
Bad taste in my mouth
Who knows what the fuck I did

Crawl inside my brain
The brain of a madman
Look out what you're doing
Because once you're in
You'll never get out
Never get out

Again it's boiling up
I'll go till my eyes roll shut
Again it's boiling up

There pictures in my head
In which I always fed
I can't close these fences
Always there crazy scenes

Brain of
A madman
Crawls inside


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