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"UTD" (2007)

1. A Life About My Sabbath
2. Demonic Order In The Eternal Fascist's Hall
3. Beneath The Wings Of The Black Vomit Above
4. The Deeds That Grasp To The Candle's Shade
5. Mandragora Officinarum
6. Goatbreath
7. Deep In The Pot Of Fresh Antipodal Weave
8. Djerve Djevel

1. A Life About My Sabbath

(Lyrics: Summer/Autumn 2000)

I gently whiztle the receip of blood no-one knows
I reap a fiction of memories leaving cold brainmass
I chant a more direct transition of souls rather than one every second
I conclude my corners of eternal time now and then
I lean towards the smell of rotten testicles whilst balancing some 9 planets
I concrete a leather if I scythe any Gold here - beyond
I dish an ocean of blood beside the sun cooking it's god's favorite pancake
I warn you about life and come back later
I behold to open (the most perfect result of your life's ritual)


2. Demonic Order In The Eternal Fascist's Hall

(Lyrics: April 2003)

The Demon with a Way to dwell
Haunting, final and tear appart on an Unnoticed wealth
Flamelife insect, ghastly walks on souls
Pens write and Lick in the airtouch

Darkness in gore-like stench
Incarnated for a Hatemission and for a Madness
Sharing around in the garden of this planet
Shadowcast; the very hat of it

To Torture Them Beyond Death Is The Heaven They Deserve
Shadowstench, Deathpace; we're on course!
On the behalf of Eternal Pride; I shadowcast the Very Map of it

3. Beneath The Wings Of The Black Vomit Above

(Lyrics: Summer 2004)

No 1 Asks at the Known End's Edge it's clearest answer
No 2 Temporarily controls No 1's fear of No 3
No 3 Strays out away from all relations
No 1 Names No 2 "HALF-ETERNITY"
No 2 (don't) reply to that
No 3 Will sometime be pure

No 1 Must think of No 1 as No 1 in action and end
No 2 May have replyed but also eventually made that question...
No 3 Is the Only one at last; No 1 and No 2 blindly related

They blindly related, for some (knew)...
For Black is the holy this the call for existence
Stimulating the unrelated Woe. Sold as one as Everything.

4. The Deeds That Grasp To The Candle's Shade

(Lyrics: 1st of May 2003)

Great Black Witch in Cruel
yet in graveclothes
She decided to take contact -
with a twilight
I, I figured out I'd better not rest here -
She had faculty in all Candles inside

Advanced I railwayed this was a jesuittspirit
to crush
The deeds that grasp to the candle's
wealth of time

Pulsating trees shiver at the trance
Necrotic orgies (in) cook(ing) the thin(ner) leaves
Pot swallows and beyond her; Shadow Room -
She extracts a new idea having another one
Can we feel we are born we feel the true already -
It's Here!!! - and for moments
When Woe is no longer the possession of The Reaper

5. Mandragora Officinarum

6. Goatbreath

(Lyrics: October 1997)

the eye of my sorrow
will clearly belong to a land of it's own
but continues to grasp for new air
to see

My destiny in a piece of work
on the road
to settle in a sorrowland
or on the road

Miles later what will I've learnt?
Look back and remember each sight and vision
All that striked me
Runs through my land
Soon I'll meet another river in the front
Before gaining speed a goal must be sat
The tunes in my head must burn
Those who betray I will possess into fire as well
Not ignoring a thing but what's nothing
Even ashes are Gold in my pocket

7. Deep In The Pot Of Fresh Antipodal Weave

(Lyrics: April 2004 - shortened version)

On course, my pentagram
Describing the course
The direction enforce -
Sharp and Dark

Starface Enlightened

Love the Vibe
Cold untold
Pen is grasped
Blood unmasked

the upper left, the horn of reflection
thought down in dark subconscious

Daemonium furtherings
Swimming letters, runic headshores
The upper right, the horn for throwing reflection
Precise at goal here in the dark

For a clear thought is born!
which is down left
crossing to the quantum of receivings
- and where thereof

There when (you) know when
There when (it is) now (the) fully encircled
It Is Here Again

8. Djerve Djevel

(Lyrics: Summer 2000 rewritten October 2004)

Det er Han - Djevelen av Hans moral
Som Taler - ("vitterlig og vagt")
Er der ved - med blodpennen i stormen

igjennom de djerve dogn
og i havn av mannsfrykt
igjennom kostende blikk

der er Djevelen

Vervarlig Grimgeit
Visler de donninger
igjennom kostende blikk

Det er Det

Det er Djevelen
Som Taler
er der ved

-Tilbake i Helvete

Djerve Djevel for å inneha
for å stå opp i det egentlig udefinerte
HATE med klarsinn
selv i minimalistisk kvote

margsus i, men uten selvforakt
Knoklene inne, men knyttet neve
kristus skjult rundt omkring, vi vil se dem daue;
F.O.T.U. - Det er Djevelsk å finne intervallene inne


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