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"Stigmatized" (2000 EP)

1. Fallen Ones
2. Tempest Deceit
3. Stigmatised
4. Excuses

1. Fallen Ones

Cognitive prowess provides a shroud for my acts
To me it is merely a game
An alien dialect carved in stone
The sentient writings untamed
All that defies abnormality
Are the truths behind these forms
A structure so disturbingly cold
A message from the unborn

As they guide our stumble into chaos
And orchestrate our demise
Formless beings that live within
The fallen ones shall rise

To cleanse and make man repent
Is the message in the stone
But it is with pride I stand against
For I'll never stand alone
The calling strikes into our being
A fear like no other
A prophecy confused as art
That reveals pending disaster

2. Tempest Deceit

Where ashen blackness grasps the land, as a scar of man's deceit
The weeping woods are now a memory, decaying remnants at my feet

As the winds rape the fertile soil in a sweeping tide of lust
Decadence and despair are all that's left within this barren dust

Nothing changes - Corruption
Nothing hides - Deception

My eyes rake the horizon for hope of fallen grace
For it was within this land that I cultivated such disgrace

An excuse not to live your life present in every room
Hypnotic conformity invites you down towards your tapered doom

3. Stigmatised

State of social instability a cascading flow of decay
Formless void of society, it doesn't need to be this way
Branded as one, a self, though not whole, to magnify the despair
For those who bow down to the hive it doesn't get us anywhere

Stigmatised, I'm falling down
Stigmatised, victimised, traumatised, I'm falling down

Shelter that has been tormented, now a structure that will breach
Tortured life a priveledge that's been spared through this deceit

Iniquity is the pleasure here a reward for this life of tragedy
Suffering is the only victory you are able to obtain
Foretold is the paradox, to save ourselves one must die

Forsaken child within you cries, a tortured vessel all that's left
For each and every comprimise has tempered her a life bereft
Although it is to my dimay the greater good was served
For those who look down with disdain will greet the pain they deserve

4. Excuses


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