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"Slavekind" (2001)

1. Shapes Of Three
2. Slavekind
3. One Thousand Pasts
4. Forsaken
5. Denying Fear
6. The Serpent´s Kiss
7. Lies
8. Of This Insanity

1. Shapes Of Three

Trapped in the dreams of a past life
Watching through the window of time
Casting my mind into the sky
Staring through my sunburnt eyes
I defy

Darkened shadows of my life
And twisting shapes of three
Gripping stare of crimson blood
Now tell me you don't believe
Don't believe

The brittle glimpse from dying eyes
Peers deeply into your soul
My last pleading touch
An oath I will return
My twisted fate as realities fight
The pain so hard to see
Life in your world I defy
Searching for my mortal relief

Parody of life, I should not have been
Only your memories are left of the three
Now brought to an end I can sleep
Life in my death I am free
I am free

2. Slavekind

Your life is fraught with twisted visions of your past
An entity of hope dies, from your pathetic indecision
Always take the safest choices a prisoner of your mind
The instincts left within you a waste of spirits fire

The demons within you start to wither and die

Wash away the lies
Wash away the lives

Somewhere in these dreams that all wash away
Torment in these seeds of your disdain
Waiting the rains to come again
Cleanse me as bitterness descends

Going through the motions of society's scheming minds
Receive the script daily through rectangular eyes
Never try to break the mould, never to be free
Dare not to take the chances to fulfill your destiny

A slave to your programmed instincts of denial

I bring a subtle genius to all of my endeavors

3. One Thousand Pasts

Mindless I await my next command no recourse from obedience absolute
Unknowingly a slave, an arcane tool every act a reflection of my masters will
Life's a list of peculiar tasks a struggle to find a way
The hidden self that lies within never will break the path

For knowledge builds within this drone, like an empty memory
Of one thousand pasts
Voices merely shadows, visions of my destiny
Of one thousand pasts

I obey therefore I serve though it's only my will that is weak
A mockery of self-worship so much safer is conformity
The secret still lies deep within buried beneath this masquerade
The veil will lift and all will be true but for now I patiently wait

4. Forsaken

Reaching out for something that you know you'll never feel
Hoping just to make something of your life before your killed
Dragging the chain you feed me everyday
I can't understand why you fuck up in everyway
Would you prefer to live in pleasure than in pain
It doesn't matter it's all the fucking same

I can help you meet your maker
Two faced, back stabbing, fucking forsaken
You won't be what you would want to
You're the one that's taking you down

Wrecked, you decide to pick up the pieces of your life
But you hide, you can't seem to get it right
Trying to run won't get you anywhere
Struggling through life you're living in despair
It just happens to be this way
It doesn't matter it's all the fucking same

Reaching out for something
Picking up the pieces
Reaching out for something

You're the one that's taking you down

It all seems so right in your mind you're fucking blind
A scheme, a dream, you can't seem to get it right
You think you will be the master of your trade
I know how fucked up you are in every way
Would you prefer to live in pleasure than in pain
It doesn't matter it's all the fucking game

5. Denying Fear

To be afraid of what you think you should be fucking knowing
To trick yourself to think you ain't afraid of what is coming
To bond with fear, an think that you're afraid of fucking nothing
Your life's denial of the fears that we were all born with

Denying fear
Your whole life is here
Living in a hole
Bonding with the fear

You've always been afraid of everything that is in your life
You'll never be what you could be, because your afraid of your true side
Why can't you sort the fear you hold, hidden deep in your sight
Because you're afraid of yourself, the secrets you hold in life

Denying fear, you fight on with the winning passion of the bravest soldier
You always win at what you begin, cause you're striving higher
You hide your fear, but your passion boils over
You trick your soul, you'll find your fear will explode

6. The Serpent´s Kiss

A burning eye, an outstretched hand
How could I've been so wrong
The serpent's kiss that lured me in
The struggle within has gone on too long

Manipulated and bent to their will
Used as a pawn in their game
Dominated, their dreams I fulfill
To have my life stripped away
Diseased, my mind standing still
Time is falling away

Eternal life, another false hope
I've been led from the truth too far
Cold hard stone darkens my life
Because I was wearing the serpent's mark

Trapped in the afterlife but still alive
Struggling and unable to break free
The bitter taste of venom in my mouth
I can't believe what they've done to me

7. Lies

What is your problem, you know no shame
What are you trying to do to this place
To hear the truth now, would be a change
I can't stand another day with you
You fucking piece of shit
Why do you always lie, at every turn
I can't see what you think you'll get in return
Your twisted lies show, on your face
Your contribution to the...

Troops of lies
Your fucking fast demise
How fucking colds your soul
You will be on your own
Troops of lies
You will hold your demise
You fucking cursed your soul
You will die all alone

How does it feel
To take the truth and twist is
You can not feel
What pain you cause to others

All alone, you'll die, you'll fucking feel the pain
Your cursed, you fuck, you'll never be the same
I will take you down to this hell you will create
You'll never be the same, you'll feel my fucking pain

What is your problem
You know no fucking shame
What are you trying to
Do to this place
Dragging us all down
As you play your game
Lying through your teeth
You are all the same

8. Of This Insanity


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