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"Fury" (1997)

1. Bleeding Me Dry
2. Lost In An Unknown Mind
3. Innocence
4. Forever
5. Save Me
6. Final Scream
7. 1814 (Empire´s End)
8. Pay The Price

1. Bleeding Me Dry

Your eyes are closed to see the truth
You know it's all too real
It grinds me like a broken stone
So how do you think I feel?
You take my life and suck it dry
'Til there's nothing left but hate
It's bottled inside, the anger builds
Then the pressure's way too great

Bleeding me dry
You're bleeding me dry (x2)

Guest Solo: Lord Tim/McLennan

You call yourself a friend to me
But I tell you that you're wrong
You think you know, you think you care
I can't take this for too long
You helped me up to throw me down
To feel the hero each day
You bend the truth to help yourself
Just let me have my say

2. Lost In An Unknown Mind

Strapped and gagged, what's happening to me
Held against my will, just wasn't meant to be
Hate and fear seeping beneath my skin
Terrified, it begins, dragging my primal urges from within

Memories of a broken past
Seek to haunt me now
Lost in an unknown mind
I cling to life that once was my own
Sanity and humanity slipping from my failing grip
And now you've fucked with my mind
You've left me here all alone...

Breaking from my bonds, casting away your pathetic lives
Striking at your life, searching for my piece of mind
Lost and confused in a world so strange to me
Failure to see the values trapped within your society

Feeling like Jekyll and Hyde, trapped within a useless shell
Hunted by the ones who put me through this hell
Irony and melancholy are the shadows that darken my life
Savage and bestial, there's no stopping my will to survive

3. Innocence

Lurking in the shadows, looking for your prey
Searching for your victims too young to have a say
Promises and deceit - the tools of the trade
Your games of torment are ready to be played

Washing all those years away, they're nowhere to be found
(Don't forget you promised me you wouldn't make a sound)
Sanity and serenity, both are stripped away
For the insane mind it's just another day...

Innocence, obedience - you don't deserve their trust
Tragedy is all I see - as you wallow in your lust
Innocence, obedience - victims forced to adjust
Tragedy is all I see - as you leave your lasting cuts...

Now their life is gone, taken without a care
Fooled by foul deceit and lead into your lair
Down the darkened path and cast into the night
It sickens me to the core hearing of their plight

Innocence is stolen, the future is unclear
Emotions left in tatters, forever they will fear
Victims of circumstance, something's got to change
The way you live your life to me is so deranged...

Now you've left your mark, another life is stained
Despite of what you've done, nothing has been gained
If only I could find you now and show you what it means
To take those lives around you and do with what you please

Not enough is done to save them from your kind
In the darkness of your soul, depravity you will find
I grasping for a reason to justify your life
Your sweet seduction comes from a point of a knife...

4. Forever

Stalking the night as the clock strikes twelve
Into the insane my thoughts start to delve
Open creaks the gate to the cemetery lot
To find my true love as her body does rot

Can't you see my love is true
I've come all this way for you
A love like this could only be
Everlasting, throughout eternity...

Digging her up to embrace her in my arms
Stroking her dearly I remember her charms
Overwhelmed with the lust of which we once had
There's only one thing I could do to stop from going mad

Moving in closer for a tender kiss
Then I suck the maggots from her once ripe tits
Shafting hard, the flesh strips away
From her gaping wounds comes the smell of decay...

I roll her on her gut, I pull her cheeks apart
I begin to lick the rot that once was her ass
Finished with her now, she wasn't good enough for me
Before this night is over I'll embrace insanity...

5. Save Me

In an age of darkness, when evil stalks the land
Rise up holy soldiers, riding under God's command
Believing is deceiving, can you hear my lupine cry
Listen to my holy words or prepare your soul to die

Pre Chorus:
Rising up your armies
And purging the land
Striking them dead
With your healing hand

All destructive unrepentive
Ignorance is killing life
All consuming unforgiving
Someone save me from the light...

Burned at the stake, and stoned to death
Cleansing the land, 'til there's nothing left
Behead the heretic, none shall stand in our way
Killing in the name of god, for daring to have a say

6. Final Scream

Living on the edge, nothing to be said
To save me from myself
Searching through my life for a reason to survive
Hear my cry for help...

Darkness closes in
I commit the mortal sin
Wake me from this dream
Hear my final scream...

If only they could hear, those I hold so dear
I wouldn't be here now
With sanity washed away - what a price to pay
I'm praying to be found...

Blood sprays the walls as my body falls
But what has been achieved
Laying on the ground, life has faded now
If only I could have seen...

7. 1814 (Empire´s End)

Riding through the haze of smoke, your standard flying high
Gunfire echoing in your ears, you sentence men to die
Powder smell a comforting grace as you cut another one down
Sixteen years it took you, to gain your unholy crown

Names and faces unfamiliar to you
All soldiers not one you knew
All pawns in an impossible scheme
Your idea of inhuman fun

Another thousand soldiers fall for a few short feet of land
Nothing more will stop you from your conquest so grand
Generals dangling from the strings of a puppeteer insane
Thundering guns, pounding hooves, blood and blinding rain

A knife in the back, an unwritten deal, your empire begins to fall
Suddenly your soldiers choose to ignore your call
Sixteen years it took you to gain your unholy crown
And one short day it took them to bring your empire tumbling down

8. Pay The Price


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