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"Necroeater" (2000)

1. Weird Tales
2. The Wintermoon
3. Beyond The Gates
4. Disenchantment
5. Lost Misery
6. At The Warend
7. 13th Disciple

1. Weird Tales

2. The Wintermoon

So cold, so gloomy, nothern land
In the depth of virgin forest
He is asleep with disgrace
He summons me by hatred heart

I ponder on the sea of chaos
And decide in solitude
My journey will be so hard
The wintermoonis looking after me

3. Beyond The Gates

The sky covered with weird clouds
The forest rustles and tells us ominous premonition
The earth splits and swallows all lives
Before the final war, every evil thing is ready

I left my land, as master told, I have no regret
Intense cold, tenacious assault, freeze with fright
Awaiting fate, prepared altar, loose my mind
Look up the sky, fill demons lust, feel Satan's breath

The sun goes down, the moon comes out, lights way to hell
The goal is nigh, my steps are light, I look back
Warriors are dead, are death in vain? No! inevitable fate
Their bodies were, buried in snow, I pause

I find the way to the unseen gate
Go through the ice floe of nordland
In the sign of evil worship
I must open the gate of doom
Summon the troop of darkness in hell
Return of master commands us
Release from eternal freeze
Beyond the gates of unknown infernal gods

Hear the laughter, of demons, yell of joy, ringing in hell
Offer a prayer, for our master, burn the sky, for our hell
Open your eyes, gaze at the gate, seal of demon, cursed mark
You'll awaken, sense of hell, sense of fate, and repent

Then I came near the first gate and resigned myself to hatred god
My body floated in the darkened sky, assimilated the power of hell
Similarly I passed through the seven gates and succeeded to the name of son of Satan
Eternal freeze have been released, the work is now complete
Wait the wartime tranquilly, we will taste the triumph of blood

4. Disenchantment

5. Lost Misery

We forget in ancient times, weakness of the human race
Progress arose us pride, long peace took out of us

God never be able to punish us, he overestimates his power, too
Pagan watches for a chance to, summon the troop of hell
Helpless god don't know, what to do for them

In the gardens of Eden, angels rest on peace
Neglect watch and, be sward with lust
No one become aware, the other race revenge
Too late to repent, it all went wrong

After days torment, silence has come
New order was formed by them
Engrave in your mind and know taste of defeat
Curse your weakness and your deadly fate

6. At The Warend

7. 13th Disciple

And perfume of whiterose shroud you
Phrase of lure wavw you slowly
You suffer from delusion and reality
Spiritual world is covered by chaos

In deluge of lust, deep meditation
Shivery ensamble resound through the cathedral
Aeonian devotion and eternal oath
Do you feel it meanless bindings?

I never blame you and pursuit you by disciples
But you should not shy away from facing up tp reality
The way you chose is so hard, so cold and so mysterious
Are you ready to risk your life? Don't you mind whatever happens?

May be fearful, painful and lifeless, oh my master
I will roam in the sea of chaos and gaze at myself
Don't fear!! Don't fear!! Don't fear!! oh my sweet disiple
I grant you my power, power of hell, power of Satan

Dark oceans you cry, writhing in the misery
Bleeding in the despair, roar with your soul
You fell away from me my love
Vanish in deaths cold mysterious


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