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"Tragedies" (1995)

1. Taarene
2. Under Ebony Shades
3. Demise
4. When Nightfall Clasps
5. Moment in Black

1. Taarene

Omkranset av blomster
som paa en himmelsk eng
sa dvele ved det
er som kjaerlighet for meg.
alle de aarene
fyllte du mitt hjerte,
med en aande av vaar.

Men gjennom taarer
ser ikke oeynene
i tomhet synker vi
som skyggefulle blomster
pa solloese klipper

Jeg graater evig ved din grav
maatte det herde mitt hjerte,
og sende min klagesang
til de himmelske riker

Et ensomt sorgfullt skrik
- av bunnloes tragedie

Visnende kjaere, inn til hvile gaa
deg i evigheten vil jeg faa
en stoerre glede enn din lyst
var aa ligge ved ditt bryst

Vis meg ditt hjertes innerste begjaer
- dine aar vil aldri ende

Lik en brennende gloed
ville du aldri aldri skukke
aa lide alles doed
skulle du utelukke
mitt lengtende hjerte er evig forlatt

Og imens livet svinner
fylles sjelen med evige minner.
Og griner tomt og oede
Som hos de andre doede.

2. Under Ebony Shades

Abased by my grief,
the troubled mind I bear,
drags me down the abyss of
endless loneliness.

Enlight the reek in which you dwell.
You re the weak your soul has fell.
-Hear the prayer of a lost soul.

Even though the greatest of my wishes
is being stoic, God has made me
one of many stooges.

Trusting only thou
who is alike myself.
I merge with the darkness
that embraces me for who I am.

Emaciated by their faulter moves,
they hide under the cloak of blasphemy.
Desperately yearning for love,
finding only misery Avount

Now I loath the presence of God,
whom I had such trust in.
Only to be abandoned,
my hardest of times.

Pierce the mind see what is not.
Try to sense the spirit rot.

3. Demise

Behold the truth of our demise.
Out of ruin we ll arise.
We ll rise from darkness,
from burden - to light with joy.

Oh beautiful valiant, take us from night,
from dark the mighty king
- unfolds as light.
Malevolent death toll, oh so sweet sounding.

We sing in our despair,
for hope, then rot in peace.
Embalmed with rosescented fumes.

As the shades of evening draws
the trees calmly whistles...
unending reprisal of hope, of hope

Farvel nikker blomstene,
mildt hvisker vinden.

Soulbells play in gardens of stone.
Everlasting monuments, petrified by grief.
The remains of loved ones,
now withering into dust and soil.
Again turning the wheel of life,
from dust man arise to dust man

4. When Nightfall Clasps

When nightfall class the earth,
shadeless flowers sleep.
Mankind lies in emptiness,
all the mourners weep (in silence).

We stride towards sick winds,
rain fills our lungs,
God s tears inside?

So grim yet beautiful (in your soul).
Are you too of this awe?
Then hope you have (doomed one).

When nightfall clasps the earth,
man humbles himself.
Becomes obedient to death and

We will all die.
We will receive.
The goal of our faith.

When nightfall clasps the earth
angels sing their praises...
Have patience dying faces

5. Moment in Black

She lays there dressed in silk.
So pale, so cold.

Your door has opened for all to see.
The pitiness that we suffer.
Guided (to) where no man returns
or ever will, (it is) eternity.

A spokesman of God
gives the beauty away.

You door has been opened for all to see.
The pitiness that we suffer.
Guided (to) where no man returns,
or ever will, (it is) eternity.

A brief moment in black,
is that all?


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