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"Demo '97" (1997 Demo)

1. Wrapped All in Woe
2. The Swansong of My Heart
3. Snowcrowned
4. To Mourn is a Virtue
5. Your Pain is Mine

1. Wrapped All in Woe

Tearful against empty heavens
I again bow to this soil and weep
As a mute mess of clouds crumbles the light
Roses of blood, come and dwindle

These watery eyes from where the tears do fall
The wounds which no tool can erase
Minutes long for hours
Hours yearn for days
But this night everything is forgotten

Give me your hand, and my heart is in that hand
Like yearning did tremble a dream of affection I bear

O heart be filled with this trembling desire
All these wounds collected during years in despair

Give me your hand, and my heart is in that hand
This infinite gnawing pain
I have yet to survive

2. The Swansong of My Heart

The fragrant rose sweet scented no more
Life, answer my yearning
Please grasp my life, beautiful one
And I'll be yours forever

Like weeping, the heart is mute
Sorrowfilled, and dead
The red pain in my swan-song
Made it harder than life

Do not close your eyes for me
I see the serpent lurk

Heart and soul is ripe to harvest
Please lead it to the hidden land

Lift my veil, bring forth the sinking sun
I composed my swansong
Come dusk and night and make my days pass
Don't make me wait for long

All nights are black and stars still
Sing their gloomy tune
Emptyness it brings into the song of my heart

O friend you pleased a sunless soul
Unspeakable dear, let me sleep in your arms

3. Snowcrowned

I thrive in my frozen garden
The fullmoon is mine to caress
To kiss and embrace
And in deep delight, I roam the night

The careless father's words of "love"
Even dead people talk
I caress not beds of roses
For I know them not, love is dead
All forgot

Pleasure to the swine
No, pleasure is mine
For old swine they die
I wish them not goodbye

4. To Mourn is a Virtue

Be still brave child
Lay pale skins before me
Undress them, let white castles shine
(Then please forgive my name...Death)

Brushing scythe through soft crops that bend and fall in multitudes
(For no reason, for all time, for eternity)

(My) Loving embrace lasts forever
Yet I'm alone in immemorial sadness
As few are those who welcomes me
To reign from their skeleton throne

It eludes me how I could ever hesitate at the sight of those tearful eyes
I know that I'm the one you want to set you free
Ending all, leaving all

Die for me
Come in my arms
Father of all elegies

Ill-fated sentinel of an idle God's ethos
Leave all behind and drown in my vast lake of sorrow

Loom from within
Illness begin
A story of ineffable sadness

5. Your Pain is Mine

The birds have flown
They hear the weeping
They know the grief
When rain is waking up

Only you really know
Where the thorns do burn
In hollow heart
How the heart is in distress

I touched the burden
Grinding me the pain, surely did
Grief was in the silver-mirrors of your heart
I caressed it
I suffered too

Death cut you into marrow and bone
The bleeding was unending

Distant is the blackest veil
Yet it surely touched
Where the pain is great

Piteous heart sore diseased
Woeful pain please be eased
Never again a heavenly bliss
As midsummers flowers you longed to kiss

Your pain is mine


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