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Beholding the Covenant Stone

"Beholding the Covenant Stone" (2002 Demo)

1. Beholding the Covenant Stone

1. Beholding the Covenant Stone

For once
I wanted my spoils rest
on the throne of sublimest death
to listen a ghastly requiem
in this dark hour of bitterness

The jaws of time...
They fill with immemorial plagues
this forgotten temple
where I preserve the Satan's jewels
from the profaning eyes of mankind

Full of fire... I've returned to the depths
where I've received the Satan bless

And his court of sarcastic and pale
fallen angels they intoned
divine letanies and belligerant grimories

Haunted place of solemn silence
lifeless ruins beyond light
forbidden walls of this decrepit castle
teach me the signs deeply carved in your stone

Miserable me!
This spiritual void makes me yearn
for lost bitter wisdom

in the tower
a malicious speech was told
omen of great upcoming terror
wich becomes real this night
of furious winds!!!

From the skies
the course of fire,
send by the entity of hate
to the last men on earth
total destruction
to build the new order
by the rules of death

The flames are flowing
through this throne of flesh
in this vault of darkness
all these signs I've seen
in a touturous vision

I've heard in this unholy place
the hungry wolves of time
stalking the mournful fate
of this doomed and lost mankind
marked since birth
by suffering, slavery, and death

Written by Daalberith


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