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Forgotten Past

"Forgotten Past" (2006)

1. Maelstrom
2. Frozen Heart
3. Prison
4. Self Annihilation
5. Wasted Life
6. Eclipse Of Hope
7. Soul Slaughter
8. Forgotten Past
9. Frozen Eternity

1. Maelstrom

Prepare death will greet you now

This is the begining

of an eternity in hell

Darkness overcomes, Doomsday has begun

The final hour has come

The path has become

A storm has arised

The hammer has been raised

Now its time to die


Here it comes, we'll pull you six feet under

Scream outloud, well tear you and the world asunder

We are the pale horse

Bearer of plauge

bringer of pain

The hatred consumes you all

The void into wich you fall

Annihilaiton of every nation

2. Frozen Heart

Through time and pain

Sorrow loss and gain

I find in the winters heart

I bear these scars, I'll make my mark

Shards of Ice my souls dead in the dark


Winter inside my heart

Forever lost in the dark

Evil my surpassed art

Eternity I search

To find my soul lost forevermore

The frozen sky ever bearing

Forever I remain still breathing

The sun arives im still greaving

Sands of time through my life

Angels still weaping

In the stars I find

Eternity undivine

With wraith in my eyes hear my deafining cry

3. Prison

To die is to be free

From a World of Pain

A life of misery

This is the end the of my life

The swipe of a scythe

I scream my last breath

To begin an eternity in death

As my blood ceases to flow

No signs of life to show

Left to rot only i know

For me show no sorrow

And on to the realm of never ending night

For me my best gift

A funeral plight

4. Self Annihilation

Extermination instincts kick in

Suicidal mutilation begins

Failure to co-exist for me

An eclipse of death starts with no end

Insanity a diversion of mentality

A poison laced razor a factor of reality

Self annihilation the only peacful way to exist

Resistance to all but myself

The pain runs down my arms

Life my worst enemy

Love for life is killing me

You tell me theres lots of things to live for

Well all life ever offerd me was a shot of corrupt mortality

Killing myself day by day

Living to sleep in a grave

All life lost forever

To death enslaved....

5. Wasted Life

Time - the poision that slowly kills us all

Death - in the end to which we all fall

In the years slowly spent in regret

Painful the days as absent as present

Darkness consumes and blackness is the clearest light

Every day lived as seen in endless night

My solace of pain

Happiness dissolves

Like flesh in acid rain

Time spent forever lost

Black days and pleasant memories

All fade to grey

Death - to which one day i wish to fall

6. Eclipse Of Hope

7. Soul Slaughter

Torn apart, Scarred inside

The pain is there although I deny

Oblivoration of the human soul

Lost inside no self controll

My blackend heart now numb inside

I've come to realise

The truth is here

This pain instantly real

The blade against my throat

I kiss death with cold sharp steel


My life built on a broken foundation

I build higher with no sense of salvation

To watch it all fall

And burn to the groun

Burn it to the ground....

I feel it run

Warm, sweet and wet

My life running through my fingers

My blood flows out

And slowly comes the feeling of regress

The last ties I make

Are a noose for my own sake

I painted this picture

A form of art i never understand

The colors fade to grey

Now ive become

The one thing that I hate

No reason to look back

This is the reason I exist

A bullet in the chamber

Its too late to resist

I leave a blood stain on the wall

To oblivion we all fall

8. Forgotten Past

Darkness Descends

Cold Feild of Ghosts

Decay of life

The rotting stench

Only calm now

The fallen amend

Placated war

This is the end

Death - Was the last stride

Victory - For Vallhalla they fight


Howling winds blow

Blood covers the snow

The darkend twighlight

Back to north we go


The Falling sun

Into the night

Darkness burns bright

Winter ascends across the sky

Evil are the eyes Through Fire and Pain

9. Frozen Eternity


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