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Crystal Empire

"Crystal Empire" (2001)

1. Intro
2. Freedom Call
3. Rise Up
4. Farewell
5. Pharao
6. Call of Fame
7. Heart of the Rainbow
8. The Quest
9. Ocean
10. Palace of Fantasy
11. The Wanderer

1. Intro

Here I am,
Rhamzezh, Son of Sethor
King of the crystal empire

2. Freedom Call

An island lies in the sea of stars
So far from time
The wisemen came foretelling my heart
I'll reach for the sun

Deep inside my eyes you see the tears of long ago
Telling tales of loneliness before

Standing by my side you feel the fears of once before
Telling tales of emptiness and more

Strangers in the night
Rising up to fight
They're rising up to bust the demon's spell

Freedom Call, the cry of barren souls
The surveillance of mankind will fall
Freedom Call, the cry of barren souls
Under surveillance we never will fall

I spent all my life to get salvation from afar
I've seen stairs, arisen from below

Strangers in the night
Rising up to fight
They're rising up to bust the demon's spell

Once upon a time, our world was in decline
On a storytellers night, I felt the breeze of life
And I saw the rays of light, across the burning sky
When the master sent the sign, reflecting all devine

3. Rise Up

Who wants to live forever
Here in a world of shame
Living under pressure
Hearts are filled with pain

It's time
Time to break free
Time for a jouney through dimensions
A neverending ride
Rays of hope from somewhere
Come from deep inside

Over and over I'm lost in bad dreams
And into the void I stare

Rise up to heaven, where eden lies
A lost asylum, somewhere beyond
Rise up forever, out of the dark
Pain and sorrow, left in the past

I'll carry on to safe my life
I'll ride on the wings of storm
I'm still alive, free inside
My heart and soul reborn

Over and over I'm counting my tears
I'm alone with all my fears


Over and over I'm lost in bad dreams
And I'm counting all my tears


4. Farewell

Together we march in time
Forever for the kingdom
Farewell to everyone
Brothers we are wild on the run

Riding high the final race
We've never done before
Challenging our destiny
Brothers we are wild on the run

We carry on to make our way
Make our dreams come true
Gliding into another day
The world is our home

Welcome to the dome of pleasure
Welcome to the hall of fame
Farewell to everyone
Farewell again

Fly to survive, right to the sky
Believe in the spell of the dawing day
Fly to survive, right to the sky
High on the wings of insanity

Living in our winderland
We never had before
We return to fantasy
Touch the heavens door


5. Pharao

Ramses - Pharao
Wiseman - Giant in the sky
Ramses - Pharao
God of wisdom - King of paradise

You're the king and the priest
Creator of life
Of a nation strong and tight
Your word is the law
All knowing, all wise
With mercy in your eyes

The god of deliverance sends a sign
He's the god of deliverance

A love that's stronger than hate
A will that's stronger than fate
Chosen to rule the land from the nile
Born to sacrifice your life


Without you, we feel alone and sad
Without you, we feel the void inside


I'm the river, the giver of life
I'm the one, your will to survive
I'm the sun, the source of light
I'm the moon, diamond in the night
I'm the air, the wind and the breeze
I'm the one, the bringer of ease
I'm the breath of eternity
I'm the hand of destiny

I'm the air, the wind and the breeze
I'm the one, the bringer of ease
I lead your soul to eternity
I set your spirit free

6. Call of Fame

We're lost on the run
Without any fears we are gliding
Into the sun
Ready to follow the call of fame

We aren't the ones to die
Far from home we are strangers
We aren't the ones who cry
We are lost in the universe

Riding on the wings of time
Glorious, sartorious
Wandering the rest of life
Glorious, victorious

Lead us to wonderland
Take us all over the seas
It lies there in heavens hand
We follow our destiny

On through the night
Into the distance we're flying
Ready to fight for a world that's never dying


7. Heart of the Rainbow

Somewhere in the desert land
The valley of the graves
All you have to find there is
The gate within the cave

The garden of your darkest fears
A place of no return
You're bound to face your destiny
Fires of hope still burn

Arise - God can't you hear my cry
I'm alive - calling your mighty name
Save me from sadness

A flight to the heart of the rainbow
I'm searching the eyes of the world
Deep in the land of the shadows
I'm awaiting the end of the game

Whispers in the moonlight
I can hear their shadows crawl
Rising up from down below
The ghosts of Phantagor
Creatures of the underworld
The try to catch my soul
And try to seal my fate
The lord of the darkness is trying to poison my mind

Belive in your heart and you will see
It's not the place to die
Don't hesitate, no time to wait
The days are passing by

Arise - God can you hear my cry
I'm alive - calling your mighty name
I'm reaching for glory


8. The Quest

My world around me
Lies down so cold and bare
I'm a stranger in this emptiness
Close to deep despair
Where are the sun rays
That light my barren soul
Hear my silent cry

At the end of the sunset
The night is closing in
I'm praying to the queen of the moon
Send me an angel
On my way through the sea of tears
Be the path of my destiny
And if the quest lasts forever
Out there in the void
I'll bring the eyes of creation
Back to my world

I'm your master, master of the night
Evil pastor, devil in disguise
Save us, save us, guardian of the light
Save us, save us, lead us home tonight
I'm the master, master of the night
An evil laughter, death personified
Save us, save us, be our guiding light
Save us, save us, bring us back to paradise

Will my quest last forever?
Out there in the void
I'm searching the eyes of the world
And I pray for salvation
I can hear the children cry
Bring back paradise
Back to my world

Until your quest is finally over
I'm waiting in the night
And in the end your soul will be my price
I'll take you far away from time, straight into my world
You will stay forevermore, here in chains

Through the crystal I see, my tears
I see human life, a world in harmony
Hear the children crying, so clear
They are calling from the sky

9. Ocean

The time has come
And the spell, has broken forever
It's time, I'm longing for home again

And I fly, from the eye of the storm I come
I see that shine, whereever I roam the land
I'm alive, alive I'm riding back to the sun

Distant places, different traces far away from here
Distant places, different traces so far away

Over the mountains, over seven seas
I'm diving into an ocean
Gliding with the stream
Over the mountains, high over seven seas
I'm flying on emotions
Soaring on the breeze

A cry, the sound of my tragedy
Hear the sigh, with relief in my heart again
Peace in my mind, and I'm riding on the wind
Tell me why, tell my why I have tears in my eyes

10. Palace of Fantasy

Lost in the shadows
Where the claws of evil are waiting
Shades of treason
In a land of coldness - forever

I'm the one who defends the world
One step closer to the end
I'm the one who prevents the curse
One step closer to the end

When I come to my land of fantasy
Where I fly on wings of harmony
All my passions inflame
When I come to my land of fantasy
Fly away from the shades of misery
Hope and passion remain

Back into reality
I'm facing greed and hate
In touch with danger all the time
It's hiding everywhere
Searching for a mystery
Somewhere in the night
A journey to my history
I'm standing up to fight


Fighting for honour
I'm praying for survival
I'm facing the end of the world

Fathers in heaven
Are steering my future
And telling me tales from the past

Almighty kingdom
I'll never surrender
That fires of passion remain

11. The Wanderer

Here I'm a wandering man
I'm walking through a barren land
I lost my way, I lost my home
In deep despair, I'm riding on

Guardian, where are you now
Ease my heart and fill my soul

Carry on, dream your dreams
Your lust for life is the reason to live
Carry on, hold your ground
Alive and free, you'll never go down

I call upon the holy sun
A million miles away from home
My will is gone, my deeds are done
A dusty road, I'm draging along

Guardian - talk to me now
Ease my heart and fill my soul


In moments of silence when you are alone
You feel the desire is burning still strong
Open your heart and remember the day
When I sent you out on your way

I'm a wandering man, the heir of the crown
A lonely knight, I'm roaming around
I'll never rest, I'll never give in
Until my quest, has come to the end



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