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"Sociopata" (2006 Demo)

1. Intro
2. ...And Storm Has Come
3. Forever Lost
4. Cruel Dephst of Past
5. Times of Mayhem

1. Intro

2. ...And Storm Has Come

(music : Forgotten Past, text : £ukasz Cegie³ka)

Deadly, grinding fist of sorrow
slaughter holy peace
Armed with fury, hate and filth
killing for realase
Black woods from the underground
will wake insanity
Madness in my minds won’t stop
here on the killing fields

And storm has come
to take us all
old as death
Revenge on those on nameless vermin
eliminating one by one
Crawling evil cold like ice
blinding destiny
refusing all of stupidity
it’s time for the arise

Restless death which is everywhere
Feeling winter’s blow in other sphere
Surrounded by stars like in all of flames
Keep my hands till I see the haze

Bloodstain in my bed of death
I can see my body in the coffin
Cadaverous face is sigh of pain
Released from eternal glory
True I see I’m agonized
Screams in heart forever haunted
Wake me from this denial life
Released from agony by knife

3. Forever Lost

(music : Forgotten Past, text :£ukasz Cegie³ka)

Degradation, rotting and sickness
when the sun will die, I came back to live
Our souls are damned and nothing can save us
Our souls are forever lost

My soul back to hell, to my care
to the place where all demons are slaved
Deep in hell is my home
Deep in hell I will leave my soul

Death has taken toll, because of
human ignorance
Everyone will go to hell, because no one
take a chance

War created by humanity, is the
sign of evil paths
without the difference who is borned
is cursed and under lust

Now I know what means the war, the famous
song of violence
I forever forgot the taste of love, peace
pleasure and silence…

4. Cruel Dephst of Past

(music : Forgotten Past, text : £ukasz Cegie³ka)

Is that true that the way through
the pain was accepted in the visions of sickness
when he came alive again,
the end of the world will be completed
slaughtered for nothing, slaughtered by blade
with the fear and power of silence
brutal solution baptized by blood
hearing screams which are burning to ashes

…and like Rome
burned under the Barbarian wrath,
the blood has been spilled again
…and never will be
the end of the madness because
everything will come here again

Through the ashes
and through the blood,
devilish fire again and again.
From the depths of past I will rise
From the depths of time I will came.

5. Times of Mayhem


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